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Nabi Nail Polish Purple Jumbo Glitter 161 – 15mL

nail polish bottle brand New. 15ml, 0.53 fl Oz

Key features

  • Nabi Polish is loved for its rich colors and Fast drying qualities.

Honest reviews


Just a question?

I am a big fan of holographic, glitter,and kaleidoscope nail polishes. China Glaze is my favorite, but they have discontinued their lines of those and now what is left of them are outrageously priced.. not that I haven’t indulged and bought them anyway 😉 But what I like about China Glaze’s kaleidoscope nail polishes is that the finish is smooth, not gritty or rough. I have bought others (even China Glaze)that are gritty like sand, and I ended up putting coat after coat of clear polish to try to smooth it out but then it is too thick and just smudges, then I have to start all over. Unless I want to sit still for over an hour without moving. And it is very time consuming to remove. Any suggestions out there? Recommendations? I tried Color Club, but it took a long time to dry and smudged too. Kleancolor seems to work, but it also takes many coats, and sometimes it looks matte, so it needs clear coat too. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’d like to order this product here but I’m afraid it won’t be what I’m looking for. Help please! Thank you!

Ophelia Port Carbon, PA

Fast shipping

I couldn’t wait to get my polish. It came super fast & was exactly as described. It looks great over many different colors.

Alfreda Wileyville, WV


Although this product was Late on delivery. Its still as promised. Looks just lke the picture and the the Glitter in the polish is BEAUTIFUL!!! I contacted the seller about the product being late and they got back to me right away. Awesome Customer service and i will be ordering from them again! Thank you

Edwina Portsmouth, RI

Holo Glitter Polish

This is a very pretty polish but in no way is it a Purple Jumbo Glitter. It is a pinkish orange colored gel polish with different sizes of glitter. It iwill look nice for a top coat over a pink or peach color or it would lok good over black or navy blue or any dark color.

Ann Newport Center, VT

Prettiest color ever!!

While the polish does have a pretty strong odor, it is a really beautiful glitter polish. Glitter spreads really evenly and the micro glitter elements of this polish are so fine that it looks like a holo. I just love this.

Francisca Ullin, IL

Wonderful layering polish!

Adds interest over lots of other colors. Colored hologram glitter adds interest without being harshly metallic. I’ve been going thru this bottle faster than any other I have lol.

Naomi Shirland, IL

Very Pretty

This is a very pretty glitter to use over other polish. Love it the different size glitter chunks, it really creates a sense of depth.

Robert Emerson, NE


I wouldn’t call this a polish, it definitely needs to be layered over other colors. I tried a few different colors but dark blue, purple, and black were my favorites. It is duochrome and gives off colors from a coppery reddish color to gold to orange. There are also some holographic glitters in there that glow blue and purple. It is full of awesomeness!!!!!

Marcella Folkston, GA

Stunning over black.

Looks adorable pink and iridescent in the bottle, slap this on over a pitch black, and BLAM it’s like a crazy colorshift rainbow. If you like intense color shift effects and a unique, eye catching look, this is great!

Barbra Mount Eden, KY


I really liked this nail polish. It’s not very sheer, I mean, you need to apply a few layers to have an intense coverage, but the look is awesome!

Tamra Chugwater, WY