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Nabi Magnetic Nail Polish – 01 Black .5 oz. by Nabi

Whether is for a Salon/Business or Personal use, these amazing products will blow you away! Each NEW bottle contains 0.50 fl.oz/ 15ml WE CARRY OTHER COLLECTIONS LIKE MATTE, METALLICS, COLORS/GLITTER AND AFFORDABLE LOTS, WHETHER IS 2,4,24 OR 145 PCS/WHOLESALE LOT, WE GUARRANTEE YOU THE BEST PRICE, EMAIL US FOR DETAILS

Key features

  • 1 bottle of Nabi Magnetic Nail Polish
  • Dries quickly, 3D Art, beautiful fashion color
  • Other pack/ lot deals available, check our store for more details, the more you buy, the more you save!
  • An inexpensive price with a expensive LOOK!
  • Questions? email us through our messages system

Honest reviews


Pretty good for the price

I am kind of picky about nail polish, I own lots of professional nail polish and rarely buy pharmacy/bargain store brands unless I am using them for stamping and I am looking for a real thick consistency you usually find in the cheaper brands but I tried this because one of my nail friends uses it and I was sick of the stuff that was over $15 a bottle and the lack of color choices available so I tried this, I have a few bottles actually and I wouldn’t mind buying more they are the only brand that offers more than just shades of gold, purple, and silver/gray/black, I’ve used the most expensive magnetic polishes, I paid over $20 for one with shipping and the cheapest, Nabi is probably the cheapest and its pretty good there’s only a few things I don’t like about it, that’s why it got 4 stars rather than 5, it’s kind of thick, I haven’t tried nail polish thinner in it because I don’t know if it will affect the performance plus its kind of good that its thick, it only needed 2 coats, almost just a single coat. I used a different magnet with it the one from the cover of my Nails Inc lacquer you could use other brands though or use a second bottle of Nabi for the magnet top to make it easier and to do it quickly without constantly having to twist the cap back on for each finger, that’s one reason I don’t really like the magnets because they are attached to the top of each bottle and also with the weight of the bottle I get clumsy, some other brands have detachable magnets or a separate magnet that does not come with the polish at all like china glaze, I also love when the magnet has a finger rest, this one does not, it makes a good guide so you don’t press the magnet into the polish. When I did the magnet painted one nail and used the magnet and moved on. Used the magnet on each coat. I’ve heard you don’t have to do it on the bottom one but I tried both and I like it better when you do it on each coat also it keeps me busy between coats and it has a little time to dry better for the second coat. I used seche vite top coat on topSeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat High Shine Professional Kit 1/2oz & 4oz Refill(you can buy it in smaller quantities too but I go through a lot so its cheaper for me to buy this kit) to top it off and it has such a beautiful glassy finish. My only other complaint is if you stamp over it if you use konad stamps or similar stampers and cover with a top coat it bleeds into your polish even when you put clear coat between the polish, I did it with the purple and I stamped hibiscuses in the corner and the white turned this kind of neat imperfect lilac, if you want it to stay white or whatever color you stamp over it with just don’t cover it with a top coat.

Georgina Waterford, WI

Good value all things considered

This polish worked well for me after some trial and error. Here’s what I discovered.First of all, it worked best when I applied one fairly liberal coat, and then used the magnet RIGHT AWAY. It dries quickly, so there’s a short window of time to make it work. I recommend doing one nail at a time. The more polish I used, the less distinct the design was. If you don’t like how the design comes out, you can paint over it and try again, but after a certain point the magnetic effect stops working. You’re better off taking it off and starting over at that point.The magnet in the cap is serviceable, but I had trouble not touching the cap to my wet polish. I found the China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish Magnet much easier to work with. It has a ridge that helps center the design, and not wreck the polish. You get three designs to work with instead of just the one you get with the polish. Sadly, trying to overlap designs doesn’t work.I don’t know if this is true for all the colors of this brand, I only bought the purple, but I found using a top coat made the color of the polish more vibrant. It didn’t mess up the magnetic design at all.For some reason, this polish smells worse than traditional nail polish. The smell remained a good twelve hours after I applied it.All and all, I’d say if you haven’t tried magnetic polish before, this is a good brand to start with. The price is terrific. The next cheapest I saw was around $8. Just expect a somewhat stinky polish and a slight learning curve.

Althea Reads Landing, MN

it’s polish

It’s great polish to stay on, but the magnets do not work as well as I would like. Not sure if they aren’t strong enough or I just haven’t worked them in.

Claudia Spalding, ID


This product arrived very quickly. Is as advertised. I am having a little trouble getting it to work all the time, but after reading reviews on other websites I find I am not the only one. So if anyone has any tips on this brand please let me know.

Sandy Brinson, GA

cool polish

The magnet does work bit after i figures out that i has to take off the sticker on top of the magnet. Works pretty well. Will recommend this to a friend.

Kristina Rhinecliff, NY

It just came!!!

It came today and I decided to try it out on my nails and it works very nice even though some poeple said it wasn’t worth the money to get this it was great!!! Also was a great buy!!!

Christie Bendersville, PA


I saw this on someones nails, and fell in love. Recovering nail biter myself, polish is my little treat. THIS POLISH IS CHEAP. The magnet doesnt pull well and its hard to get an even design. Does not look like the pictures. I will try a national brand before I give up.

Kimberly Shelly, MN