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N.4 High Performance Hair Care – Lumiere d’hiver

A deep cleansing treatment. Unique formula doesnt strip moisture or color. Nutritive to hair and scalp.

Key features

  • Lumiere d�hiver – Essentials Collection 8.5 oz
  • oz
  • Shampoo
  • No4 High Performance Hair Care for Unisex

Honest reviews


Won’t purchase again…

Overall, the product is great, but I was mislead by my hairdresser to buy it… she works at Aveda and told me this was a great ‘all natural’ shampoo. It’s not ‘all natural’. I especially don’t like that there is ‘fragrance’ in it. It has a great lather, and my hair did okay with it, but it’s just not for me. My hairdresser told me it was the greatest shampoo she has ever used and calls it ‘liquid gold’. I can certainly see why others like it, but it’s not for me. And it didn’t do anything special for my hair; same results that I’ve had with similar priced shampoos. I used it for about a month, until I found something else that I liked better. Giving it 4 stars, as it is a nice shampoo.

Sheryl Idaho Falls, ID


Pricey, yes. Does a small amount work like a miracle on my coarse frizz-i-fied aging hair? YES!!! I have been using Wen cleansing conditioner on my hair for a while now but do need the occasional shampoo to really give it a solid give-me-some-shine cleansing… but I was afraid that shampooing would ruin all the repairing work Wen has done so far.. Not so! N.4 Luminere d’hiver clarifying shampoo seriously does not strip hair of those essential oils that keep healthy hair healthy – and I’ve tried numerous drugstore ‘repair’ shampoos and none of them come even close… and the scent? Gorgeous!!! Not cloying, but lovely and sophisticated. I love the shampoo so much I will be getting the Leau de Mer Hydrating Conditioner for those days when I want a little extra conditioning (and lovely scent) than I get from a Wen treatment (sorry serious Wen people, I do stray from the rules)!!! Highly recommend you drop the extra bucks and try this stuff… it’s like Champagne vs. Schlitz! Seriously!

Mara Mitchell, IN

Hope for the worst hair on the planet.

My hair is limp and baby fine. At the same time, it holds every drop of oil or treatment residue that strays near it. This shampoo smells divine. It has the best dispenser ever. The shampoo comes out In just the right dollop so you are not standing in the shower watching expensive extra product wash down the drain. The shampoo leaves my hair free of all those "extras", but it is not scalded to fly away dryness. It dries beautifully, and I couldn’t be more pleased. This was a gift, but I will buy my own when this runs out.

Colette Camp Douglas, WI

Great Clarifying Shampoo

This is an expensive shampoo, yes, but it works wonders… I was struggling with really dry top layers and started trying new products to help soothe and tame them. I use this shampoo weekly to clarify before doing a heat treatment/masque because I have well water and I like to get rid of buildup weekly. This shampoo helps clear my hair up beautifully in preparation for the masque. It smells amazing. Even better, it’s natural. I have tried it even without a masque and no conditioner, and my normally fine oily hair tried voluminous and soft. It lasts me a while as a weekly clarifying shampoo and functions beautifully without causing fragrance reactions, irritation or stripping my hair…. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Kate Blounts Creek, NC

Fantastic Product!

Originally I received a generous sample of this shampoo in a gift box. I wasn’t expecting any special results.Also, I was skeptical because the shampoo does not foam up like the regular commercial brands. I use hairspray, styling products, and go several days between shampoos. I was so happy with the results that I purchasedthis full-size version. The shampoo cleans every bit of hair spray or any other residue from my hair. It does notstrip out the natural oil and leaves my hair almost tangle-free and easy to manage. My hair is highlighted, so ittends to be dry, yet this product works perfectly for me.

Caroline Harts, WV