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MyChelle Firming Serum, Serious Hyaluronic, 1-Ounce Bottle

An unsurpassed botanical firming serum with proven hyaluronic acid, marine oligopeptides, L-proline, resveratrol, copper peptides, and superoxide dismutase to support the connective tissue and visibly firm your skin. Hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin (from starch) adds to the firming effect by smoothing the skin and providing a protective moisture barrier without clogging skin pores.

Key features

  • *Always free of phthalates parabens propylene glycol ureas EDTA fragrance and artificial colors
  • Improves firmness of skin
  • Delivers potent antioxidants
  • Supports healthy collagen

Honest reviews


works awesome

Alright so I’ve used firming serums 3 times the price of this stuff and WOW this stuff is absolutely amazing!! I have fine lines around my eyes and around my mouth and I notice a difference and I’ve only been using it for a few months now. Its a lot more at my local Whole Foods so I’m glad I can get it for so cheap on Amazon. It’s $60 there so its obviously a pretty good deal, I paid only $29 here! I always make sure to have this stuff on hand especially at this price.

Ida New Straitsville, OH

Love it!

I love this serum! I don’t usually use serums because I have acne prone skin and serums usually are oily and break me out. This serum is not oily and does NOT break me out! I put this on after getting out of the shower and it sinks into my skin and firms up my face. I put this on mixed with my SPF face lotion in the morning. It mixes well with my other moisterizers as well. Love it!

Tammie Penhook, VA

Great serum!

This serum has anti aging ingredients that would cost you more with expensive companies! It’s a lightweight serum that benefits the skin. No heavy perfumes. Very organic! I have been using this product for years. You can purchase this product at a great price! I recommend MyChelle Firming Serum…

Andrea Naples, NY

Does Exactly What It Says

"Firms and tones facial contours while deep hydration smooths, plumps and retexturizes the skin." Its rare to find a product that does exactly what it claims to do. Since discovering the MyChelle brand, I have been blown away by the fact that every product I’ve tried has done exactly that. The Firming Serum is one of my faves.I am in my late 20s, so I’m not really concerned with anti-aging just yet. I do some preventative things, but my main concern is dealing with my oily, problem skin. Finding a good moisturizer is tough for me. I heard all the glowing claims about Hyaluronic acid and I figured I would try it out. I discovered this product after it was recommended by my favorite makeup artist. I can get puffy at certain times throughout the year and tend to have problems with puffy eyes if I don’t sleep well or sleep in a weird position. I figured this would be a good thing to try – MyChelle is also a cruelty free/all natural brand that has a great reputation. Plus, I believe their products are made in the US.Either way, I was amazed because the first time I used this serum I could actually feel my skin firming up! After about 5 minutes I could visually see a difference in the tightness and texture of my skin. It hydrates extremely well but it feels like there is absolutely nothing sitting on my skin. If I have a long night or notice my skin is extra dry, I pop this on and it revitalizes my skin in just a few minutes and comfortably hydrates my skin all day. A little goes a long way – you only need two pumps to see the benefits. Its really an incredible product.It smells like wildflowers, which is nice but the scent tends to linger a little. I find this a tad annoying because I usually hate fragrance in any product, but the scent doesn’t smell artificial at all and after a few hours its usually gone.I was so impressed by this product that I’ve gone on to try other products from this brand and have yet to be disappointed. I highly recommend this product.

Beatriz Everson, PA

Good moisturizer but no effect on fine forehead lines

I bought this hoping to replace my very expensive Genifique serum from Lancome. Alas, while this feel similarly light and disappears into the skin right after application, it does not seem to offer any anti-wrinkle benefits. I am 32 and have fine lines on the forehead that are good "indicators" for me as they begin to fade within a week of using Genifique at night and then return when I stop using it (which is lame itself, no product seems to offer a permanent solution). The MyChelle I’ve used for well over a month, once to twice a day, and while it does moisturize and leave my skin feeling silky soft, it does not fade my indicator lines. Now I mostly put it on my neck as I hate the feeling of anything else on my neck, even the lightest lotion or cream feels too heavy except for this. So I’m still going to use it up but I doubt I would buy it again.

Helena Rock Tavern, NY