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My Beauty Diary Mask – Apple Polyphenol 10pcs

Contains removes dead cells of skin, improves and prevents enlarged pores Hyaluronic acid – stimulates synthesis of collagen, improves skin’s firmness and resilience Gentle nano – AHAs prolong pore-contracting effects

Key features

  • Moisturizing, smoothing, firming for use on normal skin
  • Especially recommended for skin with enlarged pores

Honest reviews


not their best

this is not as good as the natto mask or the black pearl one, it does smell nice but i recommend trying one of the others first

Christine Clio, CA

Fake knock off

These are not My Beauty Diary masks. It is very obvious by the pixilated photo on the front, no embossing on the packaging, and uneven seals on each mask package. I am very disappointed I didn’t realize sooner. Who knows what I have been putting on my face.

Virginia Dorchester, NJ

I like it.

Makes my face very glowy and hydrated. Nice refreshing mask. Only con is that you might have to customize it. I usually cut near the mouth area because the mouth area covers my lips and the holes for the eyes get product in my eyeball so i just make cuts here and there. overall, i like them and would probably repurchase

Ora Newton Highlands, MA


This stuff works really well. Its not that expensive, and I didn’t see anything ridiculously harmful in the ingredients, it actually seems mostly natural. I really like the cooling feeling of the masque especially when it first goes on. Because it sits on your face for 20-30 mins the serum really has a chance to absorb and work the most efficiently. Don’t rinse the excess off afterwards! I sometimes use any extra on my arms and elbows where the sun has gotten a little too familiar, although I’m not sure if its really meant for brightening. A great purchase, I’ve never noticed any irritation, there is a scent, but it’s not overwhelming. I use it almost every night just because my skin can take it, but the package recommends 2-3x per week. It’s very gentle, yet effective, and I’ve never had problems.Uses:- Tones- Cleanses- Minimizes oil production/prevents & treats acne- Minimizes pores- Evens skin-tone in generalI use it at night before bed, but I think you can use it in the morning and under makeup/moisturizers as well.

Juliana Springville, AL


This mask doesn’t really work for me. It is not as good as others, a little sticky after apply, don’t see the effect of minimize visiable pores.

Vickie Natural Bridge, AL

Great Masks!

I enjoy all My Beauty Diary Masks in general. It feels nice and cooling on the skin, and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. I don’t notice having any excellent long-term results on my skin, but they are a nice pick-me-up.

Leticia Gateway, AR