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My Beauty Diary Facial Mask – Natto

Isoflavones – postpones aging, restores skin’s firmness and resilience Natto extract – stimulates and activates cells for hydration Extract of seaweed from deep ocean – offers skin adequate moisture content

Key features

  • Highly-effective in moisture retention; offers nourishment and radiance to skin
  • For use on normal skin, especially recommended for dull skin lacking elasticity and moisture

Honest reviews


worked really well 😀

this was the first “My Beauty Diary” facial mask i bought & is the reason i am eager to try out others! it makes my skin so soft i can hardly believe it, even though it wares off after 2-3 days the way it feels on the first day is so amazing. i cant stop touching my face!

Essie Art, TX

Love it !

This facial mask is awesome. It does provide enough moisturizer. I feel very comfortable after apply. My skin was like refreshed. Definitely recommend this product !

Sheri Lyons, MI

I like Pearl better

I have Natto, Pearl, Mexican cactus. They do almost the same thing to the texture of my skin, but I like pearl the best bc it does more, great for calming your skin overnight. Mexican cactus seems to make my skin plumper, so does Pearl. Natto makes my skin pale, as in the blood vessels shrink or something. Not as attractive I think.

Vilma Noxapater, MS

Bitter scent

This mask offers good moisture, which is what I am expecting. However, the scent was not pleasant to me. it’s like some bitter chinese herb. I know this might be due to the Natto, and I understand that this scent is far better than those artificial parfume which is widely used in cosmetics. I’m trying to like it~

Beverley Huron, SD

Just like that….

Well, I think I do not have any special feeling about it…Just like any other masks in the same brand.

Marsha Westhampton Beach, NY

so totally worth it

I was surprised !I thought at most it was going to moisturize my skin.But it shrunk the pores on my nose and my cheeks.It has a slight brightening effect.It helped rejuvenate and calm my face, because I had some slight redness before.After you use it and the serum is fully absorbed in your skin, you can feel it’s effects for 3 days afterwards.I use it just once a week.And I love that it’s a paper mask, none of the gloppy mess of American masks.It comes with a lot of essence, smells fresh and feels cooling.I will be trying more My Beauty Diary in the future.5 stars no question, what a bang for your buck!

Randi Edenton, NC

My New beauty mask

I love it! But i wish there is a translation cannot understand tho:) first time using this kind i hope is okey.

Tanya Rush Valley, UT

One of the best masks I’ve used

I’m in fact using this right now as I’m writing this review. The mask itself is not the usual white cotton kind of mask but it’s a transparent material so it sticks to your face easily. Especially now that it’s getting colder I need to keep my face hydrated, and this makes my face feel so good afterwards! Plus, it says it’s made from natto, but it certainly doesn’t smell like natto, so don’t worry.

Lee Noma, FL


I don’t know if its my imagination but I really thought my skin looked firmer after using this mask. At the very least, it was soooo much softer. This one is definitely one of my top 5 fav MBD masks.Do watch out for fakes though! All the negative reviews on this mask had to be from buyers who got fakes. There are a lot of blog posts out there showing the difference between real and fake MBD mask, so if you’re not sure, please go do some research first. God knows what’s in those fake masks. You definitely don’t want those on your skin.The only thing I don’t like about these masks is that they contain so many parabens. I wish they’d change the formula a little bit to get rid of toxins.

Yvonne Columbia City, IN

Natto for my face?!?

I had to try this out. I like to eat natto even though it is pretty disgusting (fermented soy beans?). When I saw this mask I was intrigued. I love all those freaky Asian things, so I thought I’d give it a try. It is actually quite refreshing. It is a paper mask so you pull out this goopy gel paper that has face cut-outs and you apply it for about 30-45 minutes. It is a bit slimey but feels feels cool and nice. When you remove it, you simply rub the rest of the gel into your face and neck. I’m not sure if lightened or tightened, but it was strange enough to be fun and I will definitely repeat the process.

Trisha Kersey, CO

Love it forever.

This the second time I bought it.I love the smell, and my skin feel soft and smooth next morning.

Lottie Asher, OK