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My Beauty Diary Facial Mask – Caviar Mask

My Beauty Diary Caviar Mask contains sturgeon roe essence, luxury repair elements and nourished essence. It can activate the energy of skin, accelerate the regeneration and repair,improve the power of defense, and rebuild the skin texture and density. Combined with a variety of plant extracts, such as Fucus Extract(bladder-wrack), Pure m pithy extract and ginkgo extract. It can provide the both lift and stretch functions.

Key features

  • My Beauty Diary Caviar Mask contains rich of precious caviar essence and give a refined, elastic and luminous skin.

Honest reviews


Still fabulous to me

When you are 25 years old or more, you should care more about the loosing of facial muscles. That`s why I chose this one.

Yesenia Rathdrum, ID

Fancy Caviar!

I love doing face masks and love all things skincare in general! I enjoyed this mask, as it fell cool on the skin and did not irritate it. This mask fit my face fine. It also has A LOT of serum in it… I actually take the pack before I open it and kind of squeeze down gently almost like you would a tube of toothpaste and and then open and apply mask. It will still be PLENTY moist with serum… (ugh, the word, moist! eek!) What is left in the packet I save and apply to my neck and decollete. You can also transfer the extra to a container and save up for later use.

Brooke Reserve, MT


best product in the market for beauty mask, highly recommend!! I have purchased 5 different kinds and have been satisfied.

Vera Wendell, MN

The Best Mask Ever!

I love facial care product in general and masks in particular. I have tried dozens of brands, including some quite expensive ones. However, no facial mask can compete with My Beauty Diary line of products. The moisturize skin beautifully and leave it radiant, soft as a baby peach, and beautiful.All of the varieties of the mask are very good but they all are a little different from each other. The Caviar Mask, in my experience, carries a lot more moisture. The pad itself is much wetter than the pads of other varieties of the mask. I recommend using it whenever your skin needs a really major boost of moisture. There will be quite a bit of excess moisture in the foil packet. Don’t discard it! Just apply all the excess product to your hands and neck.Overall, this is a phenomenal product that is incredibly cheap for the value it delivers.

Nadia Moro, AR

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I like this stuff…a lot.

One word: opulence. Yep. You’ll feel absolutely spoiled by this mask!! My skin is super supple and soft after just one use. The mask is a fabric type mask that you wear for about 20 minutes (or until most of the moist product has dried on your skin a bit). It’s not overly complicated. I just use warm water to rinse dry, pat and apply a decent facial oil or moisturizer afterward. I notice my skin is better hydrated, has a glow and looks healthier in general after using this. I’ll be buying more and trying other MBD items. Love it.

Maribel Staley, NC