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My Beauty Diary 7 Top Sellers Masks

Flavors come in Black Pearl, Pearl Powder, Q10, Aloe, Red Wine, Bird’s Nest, and Natto.

Key features

  • Brightening and Hydrating Mask
  • Comes with 7 Masks
  • 7 Different Flavors

Honest reviews


serum masks

These masks are the paper kind that you leave on your skin for a while to add ingredients to penetrate the skin. theyre not the kind that dry on or deep cleanse. i can usually reuse it once since its really just a serum that soaks into the skin. They do seem similar, and are probably best as a good pick me up before going out. they are one of the top sellers in japan.My Beauty Diary 7 Top Sellers Masks (7 pcs)

Hattie Beverly, WA

OMG – where has this been all my life?!

I’m gonna sound like a parrot here along with most other reviewers. This stuff is terrific!I’m using a different flavor every night as a test run before stocking up on what I like. Gonna be broke. So far the wine one and the collagen mask are my favorites but the others are not far behind. The selection is different from the Amazon listing but I’m not complaining.My 50+ skin looks so good that I actually don’t mind glancing in a mirror during the day. Clear, refreshed and healthy is what I see. My lines are less noticeable and my face doesn’t have that dryness I’ve been use to seeing at the end of the day.I totally clean my face and then place it on for about 40-45 minutes while I watch t.v. There is so much serum on the paper backing & the mask that I just use the rest on my neck and chest. They are a very generous size from under my chin to all the way to my hairline. My husband says I look like Hannibel Lector when it’s on, but he also loves the results.Please, please, please give this sampler a try. You’re gonna love the way you look & feel.

Nell Holgate, OH

so freaking awesome!

I wanted to sample MBD’s masks. I have used some of their masks before, but I was curious about the other types and I didn’t want to spend $10+ on one type of mask, especially if I ended up not liking it. This is a very good starter kit to see if you’re interested in using MBD’s masks in your beauty routine.The masks themselves are a bit too big for me, but I have a really tiny head apparently, cause it fits my friend’s faces just fine :(These masks are loaded with serum, so much serum that you’ll have enough left over to use on your neck, arms, and legs if you want. When you take the masks off, your face will still be wet, BUT DON’T RINSE THE SERUM OFF. Instead, using your index and middle finger, tap the serum until your face is dry. It seems like a chore, but it doesn’t take long (most long it’s ever taken for me is like two minutes) and you will thank me later. This is how Asian girls put lotion, toner, and serum on their faces, they pat until the skin absorbs it. After you are done tapping, your face will feel silky smooth all day long.MBD are really awesome masks that are cheap to boot. I have been using masks for a couple of months now (2 times a week) and my skin has vastly improved. Before using the masks, I had severe dry skin, now it’s so soft and smooth, I have had several people compliment how nice my skin looks.

Sharon Lagrange, WY

It does moisturize

It moisturizes my face, but I have combination oily skin and it tends to break out. These didn’t exacerbate my break outs, but they sure didn’t help. Unfortunately the product doesn’t say whether one mask is better for break outs, they do say skin type, but that’s not really helpful for me.

Rosa Fairfield, MT


These facials are nice, even if a bit expensive. I would say that they are moisturizing, but I didn’t notice many long-term effects. They do make your face look nice and moisturized that day. They’re clean, since they are mask style, which is nice. Some smell nice, while others hardly smell at all (across the board, I would call them lightly scented or less… definitely not aromatherapy-type masks). I found the Natto one to be the most moisturizing, and I also liked the Pearl ones. I’ll order again as an occasional facial treat.

Ava Caryville, FL

good masks, different from amazon descriptions

I just got these today and have used only two out of the seven: the aloe mask for myself and Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing on my boyfriend. I had to cut the mask apart by their sections for my bf- it is too small for a guy. Some people complain that these masks are big for their face but they are definitely designed for a female face. Make sure to squeeze the bag since there tends to be some liquid product left inside. I apply any excess products on my neck and face after 20 minutes (in layers, with drying time in between). Very moisturizing and refreshing. Will do an update after I’ve used all of them.Just like another reviewer here mentioned, the variety box does not come with the same variety that are listed in amazon description. The set includes: Red Vine, Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing, Arbutin Whitening, Black Pearl, Bird’s Nest, and Collagen Firming. My box is pink stripes with a fence design. This is NOT a big problem for me at all since I got the variety pack just to try. If you want specific ones, you might want to contact the seller beforehand. My seller (CP Cosmetics) gave me fast & free shipping. Box came still in shrink wrap and everything is new condition.

Ingrid Hoodsport, WA