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Muscle Soak Bath Salts in 2 Lbs luxury gift bag, soak away your aches and pains

Our Muscle Soak Signature Bath Salts packaged in a 2lb premium luxury retail bag with peek-a-boo window and aroma valve. Salt Color: Natural white Grain Size: Standard

Key features

  • Muscle Soak Signature Bath Salts 2 Pounds Bulk By San Francisco Bath Salt Company
  • Soothe tired and achy muscles
  • Great for athletes and those with physically demanding jobs
  • Made with Epsom Salt infused with Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oils
  • All-Natural Ingredients

Honest reviews


Perfect Relaxation Technique!

The other night after a very tough week and a working Saturday, I couldn’t sleep and I was sore all over. I put a cup of Muscle Soak Salts in a hot tub and soaked for twenty minutes or so. The salts completely dissolved. It was better than drugs! I completely relaxed and was able to do some minor stretching, crack my toes and knuckles and totally fade away. I also massaged my feet and a few achy muscles.The aroma is not perfumed, but earthy and mellow (eucalyptus and peppermint); not pungent or overwhelming. After the bath, I just lay on my bed and felt my skin and muscles actually pulsate. Needless to say, I had a great night’s sleep. I think this is going to be a regular ritual. There is also an aroma plug on the back so you can test the smell before using. I plan on using this on the evenings after I work out. The package is very attractive and makes for a perfect gift type item. Product generously supplied by San Francisco Bath Salt Company.

Valarie Timberville, VA

Lifts the Spirit, Heals the Aches

San Francisco Salt Company’s “Muscle Soak” is a many wondrous thing. These old bones of mine get weary sometimes, and I often over-do the exercise. A lengthy soak in these wonderful salts lifts the tiredness, relieves the aching, and leaves my skin silky smooth (you can also mix a small amount into you shower gel, or sprinkle a little on a soapy wash cloth if you just want the exfoliating benefits of these salts).If you should have a cold or flu, these salts are extremely beneficial. They will draw out the toxins and the aromatic combination of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils will clear the air and your clogged up head…you find yourself breathing again! It’s a simply delicious, fresh aroma.San Francisco Salt Company bath salts are of amazing high quality for an affordable price. We deserve to feel the best and be the healthiest we can, and a soak in “Muscle Soak” is a very special treat in achieving this goal.

Margret Chickasaw, OH


My back felt tight after twenty minutes of stretching and still had some aches and pains so I decided to use my muscle soak. WOW, it really works! Felt great after soaking in it for twenty minutes and for the rest of the day! Would recommend this to everyone.

Ericka West Glacier, MT

A Fantastic Product

Ok, I will admit that I was very skeptical about the San Francisco Salts Epson Soak baths. At first I was going to decline the opportunity to review these salt baths, but I mentioned them to my wife and she wanted to give them a try. I happy to say, that for (about) the millionth time I am happy that I listened to my wife and accepted this product for review.The San Francisco Salt Muscle Soak is a fantastic additional to any bath. It has a great (and all natural) scent of mint and eucalyptus – that is both sweet and very smooth. The only negative is that my three-year old daughter wanted to DRINK her bath water. Other than that – the Muscle Soak bath actually does everything that it claims and more it provides a super relaxing bath and it leaves your skin feeling super soft.Notes– After a bath we found that our skin was super soft… in fact it was softer than using the Muscle Soak baths than after using a moisturizing lotion.- Dissolves quickly in both cool and warm water.- Does not leave any residue in the tub- Does help relax your muscles while in the bath tub.- Helps to soften any callouses that you may have on the bottoms of your feet.- The mint fragrance fills the entire room and lingers for about an hour after pulling the plug on your bath.Final Verdict – What a great product – and while I did receive it for reviewing purposes we will be buying more of the Muscle Soak both for ourselves and as gifts for our friends. If you enjoy baths, and especially is you enjoy Epsom baths the San Francisco Salts Muscle Soak bath is a very easy recommendation.5 StarsPlease Note – I received this product for reviewing purposes

Lila Lowell, MA

A highly relaxing product

I’ve been making my own bath salts for my husband for some time using sea salt and essential oils, and the peppermint and eucalyptus blend has been his favorite for years. What I found interesting about this product is that it’s not actually that much more expensive than making your own, and the added vitamin E and aloe vera definitely gave him slightly softer skin then just plain sea salt and essential oils.I love how easily this dissolves, how smooth and highly fragranced the water is, and the fact that it uses real essential oils and not any artificial chemicals or perfumes. It’s packaged in such a way that it looks like a real luxury product, and it has a square base so it fits perfectly inside our medicine cabinet.And I’m excited about using sea salt in the bath because it contains additional minerals which can be absorbed through the skin. If you’re interested in reading about the benefits of using sea salt or essential oil in your bath, do a quick internet search for “Mark’s Daily Apple” and “how to take a better bath” for links to some scientific studies that show the benefits of bathing with this type of product.Overall, this is a great product and would make a wonderful gift for an athlete or any hard-working person in your life who might enjoy a muscle soak.

Tammie Lawsonville, NC

Relaxing and pampering

This is my favorite bath salt to soak after a long day of aching muscles and strenous activity. Just grab a handful, throw it in the tub and relax. The salts dissolves easily in a matter of seconds. What I love about the Muscle Soak is its distinct aromatic smell. It maybe a little strong if you put your nose in the bag, but once you throw it on the water it is just magnificent. I also love to sprinkle some on me while lying in that hot water. Afterwards, when I am done, it still feels great; I feel a minty sensation deep into my muscles.The salt comes in a classy recloseable bag. It is square with a flat bottom that I just lay it at the window sill beside my tub.I was provided a sample of this product, so I could use it and write my unbiased review.

Jenifer Delmar, DE

Nose opening scent, great for feet!

This is a great foot soak product. I tried this version, and it smells great, with a sinus opening and invigorating eucalyptus scent with a touch of mint.My feet are all now relaxed and tingly, which may be a contradiction but it’s true. The salts also worked great on callouses , dead skin, etc, so now my feet are soft.Great scent and it works, what more can you ask?I was sent a sample for review.

Jenifer United, PA

I didn’t want to get out of the tub!

I was recently offered a small sample of the Muscle Soak Bath Salts from the San Francisco Salt Company. Since I enjoy various bath salts, I was happy to accept. I actually enjoyed them so much I ordered the 10 pounds to have on hand – one of the risks of free samples, I like them TOO much!These salts are a combination of Epsom Salts, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint essential oils. The Eucalyptus portion is very mild, and mixes gently with the peppermint. Because I enjoy a bubble bath with my bath salts, I wanted to find a mildly scented bubble that would work well – and I did. I mixed this with a mildly orange bubble bath. I’m not sure exactly what to say it combined into, but the image in my mind was a dark chocolate peppermint orange candy mint.I use the Epsom salts on a regular basis for allergies (and hives), so I keep them on hand. Having this soak, with the delicious flavor to leave me resting in the tub is an even better soak. I never wanted to get out of the tub, I just wanted to stay there all evening.This is the time of year when we all get out and garden – so these are especially nice. The word that I would use in my case is the scent is rejuvenating. It is not overpowering in the tub or on my skin afterwards, it is more of a hint of a memory … Oh yeah, I’m loving it.If you decide to purchase this, I want to point out that the bulk amounts come out much less expensive here on Amazon than purchasing the smaller amount, AND they ship prime. 🙂

Jody Karval, CO

Hot soak helps my bad back

I have a bad back and after a couple of back surgeries I learned a number strategies that help my back feel better. One of them is a 10 minute hot bath every night really helps feel and sleep better. Recently I included Muscle Soak Bath Salts from San Francisco Bath Salt Company into my routine. The salts make the bath smell minty. Even though I don’t like mint taste, I found the bath smelling slightly minty rather pleasant. I don’t like strong scents and this one was just right for me – not too strong yet noticeable. It made my soak more luxurious and pleasant.If you prefer Lavender scent to Mint scent San Francisco Bath Salt Company sells salts with different scents, for example Lavender Bath SaltsI am attaching a collage of two photos (you can locate it by following ‘customer photos’ link under the main photo). The first photo shows salt in my hand, you can see the size and texture of the salt grains. The second photo shows the bag the salts came in, the salt has a white color. It comes in a resealable plastic bag.I find that the hot soak reduces pain and relieve muscle cramps in my back. I also found that if I have a migraine a hot soak help as well.I usually use one or two hand fulls of salt per bath, so one 2 pound bag lasts quite a long time.I received an evaluation bag of Muscle Soak Bath Salts for evaluation and an honest review. I have been using salt soaks for a couple of weeks now. In addition to making my bath soaks more pleasant I noticed another other benefit. I noticed that the calluses on my feet are easier to treat after the soak in the bath with salts (as opposed to a hot bath without salts). It takes fewer strokes with a pumice sponge to get my feet totally smooth.In addition to the use in the tub, I also tried using a bit of salt as skin exfoliator. It works nicely providing a gentle scrub and massage.Overall, I like the effects of adding salts to my bath and will continue to use them, but I personally prefer the Lavender scented salt to the Mint scented one.Ali Julia review

Herminia Selinsgrove, PA

It’s made a big difference.

My daughter has really bad eczema, ranging from mild red bumps on her skin to looking like she had a run-in with poison oak at times. We’ve used different types of Epsom salts over the years, and while they’ve all worked well for the most part, this kind from San Francisco Bath Salt Company has helped it clear up to the nth degree. I couldn’t believe the difference it made after just two baths using two small handfuls of salt.There’s only so much I can tell you about this product, as it’s something you really need to try for yourself. I was supplied with a 2 pound bag, which is easy to store and has a little bread tie-esque closure to help keep it closed when you’re done. The smell of eucalyptus and peppermint is amazing, and you can even smell it when the bag is closed. As for the salt itself, it’s fine while not being too powdery. I let my daughter take two handfuls to mix around in the bath before she got in, and she said everything felt fine. That night, she had a fairly big red patch on her arm (eczema), and the next day is had cleared up almost entirely. After the next bath, it was gone. We’ll definitely be using this regularly instead of other brands.I’m more of a shower person, mainly because our bathtub is so small, but I even tried this stuff out for myself a few days ago to see how it felt. My shoulders and triceps had been a little sore from kettlebell routines, and I always hear people talking about using Epsom salt baths to help with sore muscles. Sure enough, it helped and I think I recovered a little faster as a result. ‘could just be in my head though.I’m grateful that San Francisco Bath Salt Company contacted me and let me try this out. I look forward to trying their other products soon, and buying more of this! Get a small bag first just to sample it, but if you’re happy, go ahead and order a big one. You won’t be disappointed.

Frieda Rancho Mirage, CA

If you workout or sometimes simply overdo it, this muscle soak is a winner!

For most of last year I concentrated on moving, life changes, and everything other than myself.It was what was needed at the time, but getting back into shape and working out daily and pushing myself hard to put even more on my plate that I had dropped means reviving tired aching muscles some of the time as well.First of all, this isn’t just a salt soak but it also uses essential oils to double duty what works. Essential oils have been shown to hit centers of your brain to actually cause reactions in your brain or block things. In this case, it uses essential oils that are utilized as pain blockers so you get the benefit of epsom salts to sooth muscles, but delicious smells and positive results as well from eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils at a high level that truly, I found, work wonders.Bubble baths give you a warm bath. This gives you true results in beating tired muscles but with an even better smell than bubble baths anyway and one that is soothing to your mind and body and aches and pains. Espsom salts are always used for muscle pain, but this goes a step furtherWhether you spent the day playing sports, working out, or just chasing kids, it is the ultimate “treat yourself” and a great gift for the busy person. The smell is yummy but not floral so it’s also a great unisex treat.This product was sent to me by the manufacturer with the request to provide honest, not positive, feedback. I found it both rejuvenating and therapeutic. Just pour a large handful in and enjoy the feel and smell.

Dale Sweet, ID


This arrived at a fortuitous time since I was sore from not only the usual spots (back) but also had a muscle pull in my arm. Why I can’t say that I’m now healed, I do feel much better.The salts dissolve easily in hot water so you don’t get that gritty feel that can occur when using bath salts. What really appealed to me was the scent – enough so that it’s noticeable; not so much that you feel you’re steeping in a vat-o-perfume. A nice, pleasant scent that also helps with the relaxation aspect of the salts. I’m usually not much for baths, but this was just wonderful – I didn’t want to get out of the tub!This is also something that I’ll keep in mind as a gift – who doesn’t need a relaxation soak? It also comes nicely packaged in an attractive, sturdy plastic pouch that has an interesting feature: an aroma valve. It’s similar to the “buttons” that you see on coffee pouches, but this allows you to sniff the scent before opening the bag. Nice touch!Highly recommend.[Manufacturer provided sample for review]

Eula Norfolk, MA

A Bag of Relaxation

San Francisco Salt Company muscle soak is like laying down in peppermint, eucalyptus, and wintergreen heaven. This is one of the most relaxing bath salts I have ever used.The package is absolutely gorgeous – the blue is very similar to Tiffany blue. There is a nice clear plastic window to see the pretty salt crystals. They used a one way valve technology similar to soft sided coffee packages. If I squeeze the package ever so slightly, there is a nice whiff of peppermint aroma. The essential thing about this package, unless the package is squeezed, there is absolutely no aroma. That means San Francisco Salt Company has chosen a nearly perfect plastic package that keeps all the oils in with the salts until it is time to use them. If I can smell peppermint from the package, the oils are evaporating and won’t keep well.The instructions say to use two large handfuls in a bath. I can’t imagine using that much. I used around a quarter cup of salt and the smell was exactly right, strong. The oils are a nice balance of eucalyptus and menthol or a wintergreen type smell, with a heavy emphasis on peppermint. This blend takes the salts from being in a Christmas candy cane to something spa-like and ultra-relaxing.The salt dissolved instantly in hot water. It leaves no residue. There are no surfactants or soapy products in this, so the bath doesn’t bubble. Being salts and oils means the bath water doesn’t get slimy (a lot of bath salts do this), or leave a residue on my skin. The bath was tingly. It felt great on my skin. I got way too relaxed in this bath.This is a bag of relaxation. Now give me a nice glass of Scotch, and I could spend way too much time in the tub.I was provided a review sample.

Kaitlyn Casey, IA

A Handful of Heaven

I live in a great big Victorian house that, like many in New England, has been divided into a number of smaller apartments. Like many of those apartments, mine didn’t come with a bathtub, only a shower. My youngest daughter, however, lives just around the corner and she is lucky enough to have a huge old claw foot, big enough and deep enough to drown in, so every now and again when I really want a good soak I zip around to visit and spend some time in her tub.Not long ago the San Francisco Salt Company sent me a bag of theirMuscle Soak Bath Salts. I hauled it over to the big claw foot at the very first opportunity and we’ve been enjoying it ever since. (Of course I shared!)The smell is absolutely divine, but these bath salts come with a bonus. They are made of Epsom salts, which is mostly magnesium sulfate. If you’re an athlete or just suffer with muscle aches like so many do, you may be interested to learn that magnesium helps to relieve those muscle aches and can be absorbed through your skin. A good hot bath with a couple of handfuls of this really can help.TheMuscle Soak Bath Saltscome in a very attractive, resealable package. Made with all natural ingredients and scented with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, these bath salts are fine grained and dissolve readily in the tub.Grandma’s $0.02 – These just might make a new man or woman of you. Highly recommended.

Molly Crookston, NE

A welcome addition to a hot bath

These salts have a wonderful aroma both in the bag and once mixed with water. If you’re used to receiving ‘cheaper’ salts in gift bags, one of the key things you’ll notice is the quantity needed to make any difference in a bathtub – you really don’t need to use more than a small handful here to really transform a bath into a spa, so these packages go a long way. There’s a generous quantity of salt in the 2lb bag for the price but the larger bag is a real deal and will keep you "salted" for months.The packaging is ideal for keeping moisture out of the salt if you keep it in the bathroom but it’s also attractive enough for a gift. The SF Salt Company has created an attractive gift pack so the whole thing looks really unique. Both my wife and I have really enjoyed testing this package and will definitely buy some more once we’re out!Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample from the vendor in exchange for an unbiased review.

Eva Stehekin, WA

Indulge Yourself; Pamper Guests

I do enjoy using bath salts from time to time. San Francisco Salt Company sells this product scented with eucalyptus and peppermint essence and the result is agreeably herbal-minty. Stirred into hot water, the product dissolves in a reasonably short period of time (but not instantly.) Assuming there is any therapeutic value to Epsom salts, they have to be used liberally–about 3 cups of salt for a soaking tub of water. Ten pounds is about enough for 22 twelve-gallon tub soaks. An effective soak will take twelve minutes, plenty of time to relax as well! Alternatively, one can make a warm footbath that offers relief to tired feet and also provides ‘aroma-therapy’ while you soak. The product will go a lot farther that way and, in my case, the relaxing foot treatment provides the bulk of the benefit of soaking. Magnesium tetra hydrate has anti-fungal properties and so a paste of salts and water can be applied to deal with smelly feet and foot fungus.People who enjoy bath salts will very likely enjoy this clean, pleasantly smelling and nicely packed product.

Henrietta Eau Claire, PA

Makes a hot shower a bit more enjoyable

I’m more of a shower person than a bath person, but the muscle soak bath salts are a nice product for showering as well as for tub baths. For my nighttime shower, I use a body wash that has about the consistency of shaving cream. To a handful of the body wash, I added about a teaspoon of the muscle soak bath salts and worked them together for a few seconds, then scrubbed up. Until the bath salts dissolved, they had a mild exfoliating effect, and the peppermint scent was very pleasant, almost exactly like the smell when you open a tin of Altoids mints.The bath salts package suggested several ways to use the salts, and one of them was to sprinkle the salts over wet feet and rub the feet together for a massage and foot refresher. I tried this, and it felt great, plus the effects of the peppermint aroma wafting up.A long, steamy hot shower before going to bed is one of those little luxuries that I love, and the bath salts added a nice touch to the enjoyment.A product sample was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation and review.

Robert North Judson, IN

A Refreshing, Relaxing Muscle Soak Product…

Muscle Soak by San Francisco Salt Companyadds a refreshing eucalyptus and peppermint scent to otherwise typical Epsom salts. I often use Epsom salts for soaking sore and tired muscles, and Muscle Soak product lives up to my expectations. It dissolves quickly in a warm bath, and has worked well for relaxing my tired, aching muscles.The invigorating eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils smell great, and I find them complementary to a comforting bath experience, rather than overpowering. Muscle Soak would also be perfect for a foot bath; the essential oils left my feet both soft and relaxed.Muscle Soak by San Francisco Salt Companyis great to have for those days when your body could really use relaxation. The luxury bag packaging the 2-pound product comes in, makes this product perfect for gifting. Pop a bow on, and you have the gift of luxurious bathing for that special friend or family member.Disclosure: I received a sample product from the manufacturer for the purposes of providing this review. A review in exchange for the review sample was not promised. The views and opinions expressed in this review are my own, and in no way represent the views or opinions of the manufacturer or vendor.

Brittany Dimmitt, TX

Soaking My Muscles

I would have to say that this product is super excellent for someone who works out, such as myself. It had been a long while since I worked out and getting back into it was somewhat difficult. However, using this product not only helped me to soak my muscles, but I felt completely relaxed and I did not want to do anything but get a good night’s rest, which is something that I lack since starting my business. San Francisco Salt Company, you guys rock!

Diane Portland, NY

Relax tired, sore muscles, and enjoy mint and eucalyptus fragrance

I received a sample of Muscle Soak Bath Salt in exchange for writing a review of the product. We have four kids and live on a farm, so most days I go to bed exhausted and sore. But there’s nothing I love better at the end of the day than taking a long soak with bath salts and a good book. I had to wait several weeks to have a free evening, but it was worth the anticipation and waiting.Epsom salts have been used for hundreds of years as an aid to muscle aches, sprains, and to draw the toxinsfrom our bodies. The magnesium found in it is absorbed through the skin, benefiting us by fighting osteoporosis and high blood pressure. I’ve used plain epsom salts for decades, although usually just the plain, unfragranced ones.The package for this product is beautiful – nice enough to give as a gift to someone who needs a little pampering. I sniffed the mint and eucalyptus scent through the little valve on the package and decided that I couldn’t put it off another night.I ran a full bath of almost-hot water and added about a cup of the salts. It dissolved nicely and the minty fragrance filled the bathroom. Making sure all the kids were in bed, I got in the bath and almost melted with the decadence. The salts made the water soft and silky, and the mint and eucalyptus in the steam gently opened my sinuses and lungs. I soaked until the water got cold, and felt so relaxed. All the aches and pains of the day were gone!I look forward to the next time I can slip away and indulge in this wonderful treat!

Mindy Chula Vista, CA

Great Aroma, Great Stress Relief

I love making bath salts and have a wide range of aromas on hand to play with. I’ve always loved the combination of mint and eucalyptus. My boyfriend adores it as well, which of course is an added bonus. I definitely am quite impressed with the San Francisco Salt Company version. Somehow they get just the right combination of aroma balance.First, the packaging. They did a great job there. The plastic fold-over bag doesn’t mind being in a wet bathroom environment, and is easy to open and close. The aroma valve lets you test out the scent before opening it, and encourages house visitors to give it a sniff. Then they want some of their own :).The bath salts work just the way they should. They dissolves quickly, creates a pleasant scent that’s noticeable without being overwhelming, and the result is just so nice on sore muscles. You don’t have to dedicate two hours to the process, either (although you can if you want!). Even a short soak at the end of the day can nicely relax you for sleep. So you get a double bonus – a body that feels better and a healthy sleep cycle.I also have their lavender product, and they both are equally good for different frames of mind. It all depends on what fragrances you’re personally drawn to and what mood you want to be in when you’re done. I alternate between these and enjoy both.Well recommended.I was sent a review copy of this muscle soak salt by the San Francisco Salt Company, and will definitely buy more when I’m finished with this bag.

Shannon Deaver, WY

Eucalyptus & Mint Bath Soak

If you like to soak in a hot tub regularly or occasionally, these fresh minty eucalyptus bath salts are a refreshing treat. The subtle scent pervades the bath and is a natural, clean scent. We have hard well water and the salts seem to soften the bath water. It is a pampering treat.You can also use these scented muscle soak salts in a warm foot spa to massage and rejuvenate your feet. My sons bought me a foot spa for Christmas, so can use a small handful in the foot spa water when I’ve been on my feet or finished a five mile walk. The aromatherapy power of these is very relaxing. You feel like you are being pampered, and that is relaxing in itself. The minty scent appeals to both the male and female members of our family. We own rental properties, so when we are doing physical labor, it’s great to come home and soak in these.Love the aqua packaging that water can’t soak through. It’s easy to get hooked on these bath salts as they feel good and are good for you. The company uses natural ingredients and is environmentally protective which enhances the pleasure of using these.* received a complimentary package in exchange for an honest review.

Cathy Marrowbone, KY

Really great as a scrub or a soak

Epsom salts are wonderful for achy muscles, and this one makes it even better by adding eucalyptus and peppermint. I have a bad back and have issues with muscle spasms, so my first try with this was after a busy day when my back was problematic.The scent in the bag is very strong which I do like, but it can be reminiscent of cough drops for some people because of the eucalyptus. However, once you add it to a warm bath, the scent is very mild and the peppermint doesn’t cause any tingling. Epsom salts act as a topical anti-inflammatory and the faint scent is very clean and relaxing. I didn’t want to get out of the bath at all. It was just marvelous.I also mixed it with liquid soap and used it as a scrub. Because the salts are so soluble, it was a very gentle, massaging scrub. It didn’t feel at all like washing with a sandpaper washcloth the way some scrubs can. The eucalyptus/peppermint scent is a lot stronger this way. Mixing it with Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap made for a very invigorating scrub that wasn’t harsh at all.I love this, and have recommended it to people.[The product reviewed was provided to me at no cost for the purposes of review. I received no other compensation, and my review is my honest opinion of the product.]

Lucile Bethlehem, NH

Good for aching muscles

While epsom salt has been around for decades, this company has creatively stylized it by adding various essential oils to its various products. The Muscle Soak contains eucalyptus and peppermint oils, which are lightly scented and not at all overpowering. The company sent me this product at no cost in exchange for writing a review.I am a serious runner and put this to the test recently after I had logged 17 miles plus a gym workout in a 24 hour period. My knees and leg muscles were a little achy. I filled a 9 oz plastic cup with this product and poured it in my bathtub under a faucet of running warm water to easily dissolve it. (Note: This comes with no directions, but according to my internet research, epsom salts work best in warm, rather than hot, water, and you need only a cup or two depending on your preference and how much bath water you have).I soaked for 15 minutes, and could feel the difference as soon as I got out of the bathtub. Most of the muscle aches were gone. So for me this worked really well.The company was a pleasure to deal with; all my emails were answered within 24 hours. The order was delivered promptly, and the product was packaged well without any leakage. It comes in a clear sturdy plastic bag with a ziplock closure so that it is very easy to scoop it out with a plastic cup and then reseal the plastic bag.Note: The company sells a 20lb bag of a product called Epsoak for $29.99 that does not contain any essential oils. The cost of a 20lb bag of Muscle Soak is nearly double that price. So until I compare this product to plain epsom salt, I won’t know if it is worth the extra expense to obtain the essential oils.

Gina Orlando, FL

Epsom salts scented with eucalyptus and peppermint oils – pure relaxation

I use bath salts frequently for a good, long soak, and my wife does so even more frequently. We found the San Francisco Salt Company’s bath salts, including these epsom salts lightly scented with eucalyptus and peppermint oils, to be among the best we have used. We got them in a sampler box provided by the company for review purposes. The samples worked their magic on us and we plan to use them in the future as well.These epsom salts appear to be nearly identical to the company’s unscented version,Epsoak. They dissolve very easily, and I found the bath very relaxing. The eucalyptus and peppermint scent is clearly noticeable, and I could even distinctly smell each. But the scent is not overpowering. It really is very well dosed to give just the right scent for deep relaxation.My wife reports that her headaches went away after bathing with these epsom salts — including with the unscented version. She also reports neck stiffness and pain reduced, and softer skin. I think even I have to admit that the thick calluses on my feet seemed to soften a bit for a few days after bathing with these salts.This is a winning product for bath salt users, as were all bath salt products we have tried from this company.

Desiree Triadelphia, WV

Fragrant but not too over the top

Nice and subtle even though it’s eucalyptus and peppermint–if it was stronger I wouldn’t love it as I’m very aware of fragrance in things. Reminiscent of the eucalyptus room at the gym. The peppermint is less obvious (which is perfect!). Soaking in this for 25 minutes helped my sore calf muscles. The granules almost instantly mix with the hot water so there is no residue left in the tub after emptying. I was provided a sample from San Francisco Bath Salt Company.

Cora Forest, OH