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Murad Time Release Retinol Concentrate For Deep Wrinkles, 5 Ounce

This anti-aging triple-action wrinkle-fighting formula softens and smooths on contact, reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles, supports natural cell turnover and helps boost natural resilience.

Key features

  • Tames serious wrinkles
  • Triple-action wrinkle-fighting formula features a precision control tip to focus the power of concentrated retinol and micro-target deep creases and crow’s feet
  • Apply directly to wrinkles, follow with a Murad step 2 treatment and step 3 moisturizer, if skin is sensitive, apply only at night

Honest reviews


Say goodbye to expression lines!

This product should have 10 stars because in just 2 days of use, this product has nearly banished the ill expression line across my forehead. Plusss those parenthesis around my mouth are plumped up and I know with continued use I’ll have great results, this is a product worth purchasing. This product is creamy, but it is lightweight and it drys immediately after you rub it into your skin. All you need is about a pea size for your whole face, I use my index and middle finger on both hands and I evenly dot the product on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin to get a good distribution. I have not experienced any break outs and the product has not burned my skin, I have oily skin and it does not seem to irritate my oil glands.

Meghan Albright, WV

Still waiting

I guess my wrinkles are too deep for the “Deep Wrinkle” concentrate. Or, perhaps I haven’t given the Time Release Retinol enough “time”. I think I have been using it for about 3 weeks now. Unfortunately, I have not noticed any difference in my wrinkles around my lips. I will continue to use it and hope for the best. I do think I will need some dermatologist help in order to diminish the look of the lip lines! :(I usually love Murad products, but this is like most other products that claim results but do not materialize.

Mina Stinson Lake, NH

murad time release retinol

I was using ROC for deep wrinkles, and had been using it for awhile with out any significant results. I saw this product in a magazine. I already used murad skin care and loved it,so I decided to try it. I love this product! The moment I used it, it actually looked like I had used an eraser on the parenthesis,” around my mouth! The other wrinkles on my forehead have decreased also. I really am glad that I tried this product!

Caryn Hacienda Heights, CA

No results

I’ve used this concentrate for over 6 weeks, twice daily and I have experienced absolutely NO results. Generally, I like Murad products as I have used the Age Reform line for several years and am satisfied with what it does. This product however, seems to do nothing at all, except cost a lot of money. I have used it on my forehead and on the “11” in between my eyes. I can tell no difference in the appearance of those areas comparing now to 6 weeks ago. I won’t buy this again.

Tracie Portage, OH

My future secret weapon.

I got a full size bottle of this in a gift basket and tossed it aside initially since I’m 21 and not really having a problem with “deep wrinkles” as the product describes. I tried it recently before I tossed it out, and I’m happy I did. I’ve noticed smile lines from the sides of my nose to past the edge of my lips ( as most people do) and decided that this would be the perfect place to try the serum. After only 5-10 minutes of household chores (after i cleaned my makeup bag and sampled this) the areas I put the serum on were slightly tingly. This felt reminiscent of lip plumping gloss tingle but no pain or stinging whatsoever, and the usual smile crease all but vanished until I smiled! Anyways I’m happy I tried this and I still keep it around for under-eyes in the morning or bright days at the beach when I want an all-day creaseless look for sure.

Abbie Piercefield, NY

new retinol

i have just gotten started with Murad regimen for my skin. the time release retinol is great and easy to use.

Hope Spring City, UT

I liked it

I liked it but my sister loves it so i gifted to her. She is real happy with her results. Fast service also.

Ashlee Knoxville, PA

Smooths wrinkles

I had this one wrinkle on my forehead that I couldn’t get rid off. I tried many products without any results. I am on my first tube of the Murad Age Reform Time Release Concentrate and my one wrinkle is almost invisible. I am happy and will continue using this product.

Terri Carey, ID

Wasted my money…..

Not for me I guess. I love Murad eye cream but was dissapointed with this product. Oh well, I had to try it.

Gloria Poplar, MT

Hides wrinkles

Works great! A little pricy for what you get..but does exactly what it says it does. Be sure to follow with moisturizer.

Helga Bondurant, WY