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Murad Resurgence Youthful Skin Renewal Kit

Combats the effects of hormonal aging with Renewing Cleansing Cream to gently exfoliate, Age-Diffusing Serum to firm, tone and minimize wrinkles and Age-Balancing Night Cream to deeply hydrate and encourage cell renewal. Skin is retextured and renewed, restored with the glow of younger skin.

Key features

  • Combats the visible signs of hormonal aging to restore elasticity and a healthy, youthful glow
  • Increases skin firmness up to 42% in 10 minutes
  • Reduces the appearance of medium to deep wrinkles
  • 30 Day Introductory Kit

Honest reviews


Murad rules

This is really a great product I was beginning to see some signs of aging/dullness and this really made a difference in my complexion, nothing is going to bring back the glow of an 18 year old but Murad does deliver an excellent result, and this is a convenient and affordable alternative to joining a club or purchasing the full size products.

Kristen Flora, MS

Good, but not all great, or what I expected!

I’ve used this system over a month, and didn’t see any major changes in my skin. Yes, when I use all the tubes that come in the kit before going to bed, – I feel my skin cleaned, but the next morning, – it’s the same. I could achieve the same result with facial mask or any other cleansing masks, etc. Still, since I like their cleanse, I’m giving it 4 stars, other than that – it’s not great at all, and doesn’t erase any tiny wrinkles, like those that are starting to show by the eyes.I’ll be looking for another system, if I find a good one!

Louisa Grafton, NH

Poor value

I started using this line when in my mid-30’s I started to notice severe dryness of my skin. It worked great; it cleansed gently, preserved and enhanced the moisture; I had to buy an off-brand toner to get the hydration right. But it’s too many tubes, and costs quite a bit … I was able to find some drugstore brands that actually did better at hydration and lessened the number of products I needed. I’ve been using Aveeno cleanser, Aveeno Vit C Day/Oil Of Olay day moisturizer/serum, and Oil Of Olay night moisturizer. No toner needed anymore, the day light moisturizers are very hydrating. I get the same effect for a fraction of the price.

Georgette New Augusta, MS

good for prevention

this product is targeted at hormonal aging due to menopause/perimnopause. Its meant to be used at night. I started it two weeks ago and my skin feels softer and brighter. I use a cleansing brush three nights a week.My fine lines are just about gone.Ive tried alot of things but this system seems to work for me. i have combination oily skin with a few fine lines well not anymore 🙂

Ginger Johnston, RI

I love it

I love all the Murad products. My face is glowing and smooth. Very fast service also. Thanks and keep up the work Murad.

Roslyn Norwalk, IA