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Murad Redness Therapy Soothing Gel Cleanser, Step 1 Cleanse/Tone, 6.75 fl oz

Calms and soothes red, irritated skin. Cleanses Away Impurities While Reducing Irritation By: Conditioning skin to alleviate redness. Relieving tightness, stinging, and sensitivity. Patented gel comforts skin, reducing heat and irritation. Goji Berry Extract provides maximum protection against irritated skin. Moisture-enriched beads soften rough, dry skin. Dermatologist developed and tested. Murad does not test on animals. Made in the USA.

Key features

  • Comforts skin and reduces heat and irritation
  • Goji berry extract provides maximum protection
  • Enhanced with moisture-enriched beads
  • Softens rough and dry skin
  • Conditions skin to alleviate redness

Honest reviews


More cleansing, less soothing

I use a number of Murad products from the Redness Therapy line daily. I have red, sensitive, 40+ and (usually) oily skin. I like this cleanser for many reasons: removes all make-up, sunblock, oil, “residue”, gentle fresh scent, lathers nicely, rinses well. It is definitely not a moisturizing cleanser – however, my skin always feels still oily and maybe dirty after using moisturizing cleansers. For extra, but still gentle, cleaning I use a cotton pad to rub oily areas. I can see how some might find it drying as *right after* cleansing/drying I need to use my other products or else my face may feel a little taught.

Freda Marlow, NH

Wonderful cleanser

I have cystic acne and will have occasional really bad breakouts. I use this as a daily cleanser and its amazing! I have been seeing an asthetician for a year now and using murad products. While they can be pricy, they are totally worth it. Amazon seems to have the best deals on them, so I highly recommend getting them on Amazon for the best price. You don’t need to use a lot of this cleanser so it lasts me a good month or two with daily use. And it definatly calms the reddness!

Tamra Memphis, NY


I preferred the creamy wash from the resurgence line better. The redness wash was good but I like the feeling of the cream wash better. Also I’m not sure it does anything for my type of redness which is I have a red tome to my skin not a true redness issue.

Christian Kaneohe, HI

This Product Didn’t Help Reduce My Redness

Okay, I’m not impressed with this products lack in ability to help rid my face of its redness! I have mild rosacea and thought this product would help reduce the redness, but it did get rid of the redness at all. This product is expensive and it didn’t work for me. I thought it was pretty drying and stripped my skin of oils. I’m just happy it didn’t irritate my skin by making more red.

Edwina Farner, TN

This is not your traditional cleanser

I should have realized by a few of the reviews. I have adult acne and I do need that soapy feeling in my cleanser. This is literally a non foaming gel cleanser. It felt sticky and slick on my face when I tried to wash with it. It doesn’t lather at all. It actually made my acne worse. I didn’t notice if it calmed my redness. I stopped using it after a week. Waste of money! I’m disappointed because I love all the Murad products.

Sylvia Monkton, MD

I love this.

This works really well with my facial brush. I have rosa era and this does a great job of cleaning my face without making it feel raw.

Cindy Woodburn, IN