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Murad Radiant Renewal Kit

This complete and powerful kit from Murad includes everything you need to renew your skin. It includes the Essential-C Cleanser, the Active Radiance Serum featuring Resilient-C Complex, the Age Spot and Pigment Lightening gel, and the Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30.

Key features

  • Professional quality
  • Made in the US
  • Incredibly powerful

Honest reviews


Excellent Value!!!

I am 53 with coloring similar to Halle Berry’s (that’s were the likeness end’s) and I’ve suffered with hyperpigmentation for about fifteen years. I believe this is largly due to the fact that I foolishly underestimated the British sunshine and did not wear sunblock on my face even whilst gardening, big mistake!!!….Have spent thousand’s over the years trying to get rid of the unattractive brown patches, but nothing has worked until now!!!!After seeing an impressive presentation on T.V I checked out reviews on Amazon before buying (as I didn’t want to make yet another expensive mistake) and was surprised to find that the reviews were mostly very good!Here’s what I found:The 4 samples lasted from about 2 weeks – 2 Months.1. Essential-C Cleanser *** Was good but since we (my husband too) used this twice a day it was impractical and expensive to keep purchasing on line.Fortunately I found a great substitute at my local CVs, which is Jason’s Ester-C Super-C Cleanser, much cheaper too!2. Advanced Active Radiance, great product***** Just purchased the full size which was pretty expensive but I think it’s worth it. Absorbed quickly into the skin after cleansing in the morning, I think it protects/shields the skin before applying moisturizer/sunblock. Also appears to minimize pores.3. Rapid Age Spot & Pigment Lightening****. Very impressed with this product, dark brown patches began to fade to pink very quickly. Fully intended to purchase the full size but was diverted by another product on Amazon that apparently worked particularly well with my skin coloring 🙂 Have to say it is also working very well so far and is slightly less expensive.4. Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30*****. This is very good, love the rosy healthy glow! Morning application kept me hydrated all day. No longer need the heavy foundation & powder, just concealer, a real bonus!!!. Will purchase the full size with a higher SPF if poss.This has turned out to be a much longer review, but it is for 4 products!!! I hope it’s helped someone out there.

Dixie Carthage, MO

broke out

Used it two times and a huge blind pimple, I never break out , so going back, plus my skin looks shiny

Louise Perry, IA

Murad Radiant Skin Renewal Kit

I heard rave reviews about this product, but I was not impressed. I think I will stick with Resurgance by Murad.

Tracie Vinton, CA

Needs Directions

I was disappointed in the product itself because it did not come with any directions. I was left to figure out how to use each product on my own.

Bernadette Douglas, AL

Not sure…

I have used this for a while, and I have to say that I haven’t noticed much change. May be, I have to use it longer, not sure. The quality of cosmetics is very high, but I am not sure if this brightening treatment works.

Anne Goodfellow Afb, TX

Too Expensive For What You Get

At first, the price seemed like a deal but when you see you get so little product, it’s just not worth it. And the products themselves are just "meh".

Amie Hatboro, PA

Was recommended

I also ordered other items in this line which was recommended by a spa where I received a facial. It was a little pricey at the spa. It was the same item on Amazon and a lot less. The tubes are a bit to small to know whether or not it works. Would have to buy larger quantity to know. Would recommend to buy from Amazon verses a Spa.

Matilda Comanche, OK