Murad Environmental Shield Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum, 1.0 fl oz

Fades unwanted discoloration and improves skin’s clarity by infusing powerful skin lightening agents and exfoliating damaged cells. 2.0% Hydroquinone skin lighter. Treats and targets pigmentation and damage caused by environmental exposure. Patented, scientifically proven formula lightens unwanted discoloration. Hydroquinone fades dark spots, age spots and freckles. AHAs exfoliate to restore clarity and tone. Licorice and Allantoin alleviate irritation and inflammation. As a leader in research and development, Murad has long been at the forefront of skincare science. Applying insights from my skin research center, dermatology practice and the Murad Medical Spa, we continue this tradition. Ours is an inclusive health philosophy, based on the water principle, a comprehensive inside and out approach to optimal skin health and total wellness. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. My commitment is to provide you with the most advanced formulations and pharmaceutical grade ingredients to restore and strengthen your skin, allowing your healthy radiance to shine through. Scientifically proven. Dermatologist developed and tested. Murad does not test on animals. Made in the USA.

Key features

  • Treats and targets pigmentation and damage
  • Fades unwanted discoloration and improves skin’s clarity
  • Infuses powerful skin lightening agents
  • Exfoliates damaged cells
  • Licorice and Allantoin alleviate irritation and inflammation

Honest reviews


Not worth it!

I ordered and used two bottles of this…I used it and followed directions completely, and wore a spf 30 sunscreen everyday. Did absolutely nothing for my hyperpigmentation. I finally broke down and bought Hydroquinone 4%, my pigmentation that had plagued me for 3 years had almost vanished. Please don’t waste your money on this hype, if you have hyperpigmentation, just go for the hydroquinone 4 %, that cost me only $18.00 for a tube and had plenty left over, compared to $80.00 for this worthless item! I used murad for 6 months, hydroquinone for two months. I have an olive complexion, just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better!

Jo Garden Valley, ID

SPOTS be gone! NOT so much.

I tried the MURAD AGE SPOT AND PIGMENT LIGHTENING GEL for a full three months (entire bottle), following the directions each night…although I did NOT add the ESSENTIAL C NIGHT MOISTURIZER as it suggests on the packaging. Perhaps is is the second product that makes a difference in the outcome, but using this product alone did nothing to fade my dark spots.I am a caucasian woman in my forties and have combination skin with dark spots across the cheeks that are probably a result of years of sun damage. I faithfully wear sunscreen and have for years now, so the process seemed to have stopped. I wanted to reverse the discoloration that I was left with and hoped that a targeted “age spot and pigment lightening gel” would be just what I needed.I have had no success myself with using the Murad lightener and can’t recommend it to those with middle-age pigmented skin. I did not see any difference at all.As above, it did suggest that it be used with a second product, and perhaps that would make a difference, but I am not going to waste any more money myself trying to find out. Too bad, since I had high hopes after seeing other success stories.

Mari Glen, MT

Immediate Results!

Amazon offers theee best prices for Murad products even though I believe it is still high. However, after the many cautions concerning extended timeframe to see results, I was truly amazed after only 1 or 2 applications. I am just now seeing the first undesirable effects of “having the best tan on the block” back in the day and wanted to find something that had proven results. This product also had a secondary positive effect by enhancing skin smoothness, and reducing pore size. Get alot of compliments on my skin and give alot of credit to this product.

Alexis Bovina, TX

Good product

Not sure if this product is truly working but seems like it is. I have hard sun spots that I’ve tried everything from expensive Shiseido product to cheap Ambi… I can’t tell but after I finish the bottle, I can review better.

Marjorie Farmingdale, ME

Even tone

Absorbs well, improves my skin tone, and you only need a little amount to cover all your face area.I would not recommend this to a person with dry/sensitive skin. Also the smell is very very strong…(similar to vodka) I have a combination skin with oily T-zone and this serum improved my skin tone when used with Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Renewal Complex. 2 for better moisturization. Little bit pricey… 🙁

Cherie Coleman, MI


I have sensitive skin, and this works for me fine. It does fade scars, and lighten some discolorations. However, does not do a lot for freckles….

Patricia Reserve, MT

nothing happened

If i could return this i would . absolutely nothing, zero, nil , nada happened, not even a tiny tingle. I think this was a complete waste of money and certainly cannot recommend it

Tia Mindenmines, MO


The esthetician who gave me a facial recommended this serum for my skin. Should’ve known she was just pushing products but I’ve used other Murad products before and they’re pretty decent. This serum on the other hand, was a huge waste of money.

Deborah Chavies, KY

Dark Spots Removal

I am a fair skinned African American, who has been using the product for two to three weeks. The reason I use the product is to lighten dark areas around my chin due to facial hair removal. This product appears to be working, but it’s not an overnight process.

Jana Cassville, NY

Not great for under your eyes.

I bought this for under my eyes, but I found it really dries that area out. I’m going to start using it on some other age spots and see if I can find a use for this. I’ve heard good reviews, but I think if I put this all over my face it would dry me out and make me raw.

Rosie Lamar, CO

Mixed results

I have some age spots which just showed up in the past year and discoloration due to pimples. The discoloration tends to fade after a long time, but I wanted something faster. The Murad is … just okay. After one month, the age spots are still there. The discoloration is still there. I do like the way my skin looks at night after I’ve applied it. But so far, no discernible results. I’ll continue using for as long as I have product left. If my skin improves by then, I’ll update.

Amelia Bennington, KS

Didn’t Notice a Difference

I am fair skinned with a few tan spots on one cheek. I used this faithfully for a month and saw no difference. For the price, I was really disappointed.

Rosalinda Gans, OK

Scary good stuff….worked super quick (but how??)

I originally bought this for my hands, as they have really bad dark spots all over. I’m 45 and have years of sun damage. But after the price was so much, I decided to try just my cheekbones, where I have the most problems with spots. I am too cheap to use it all over!Anyway, I saw results after two nights (!!!). It is sort of scary that it works this good, as I wonder what the chemicals are that can create this change. I also wonder if it’s just a surface change or is actually helping in the lower layers of skin (???). As in, is this just in effect dying the spots temporarily? I guess I won’t know that yet, but from this experience, I’m going to continue with just the cheekbones and enjoy the change. I did NOT use the moisturizer they recommend, I prefer Origins products, specifically Night-a-Mins and the Ginseng Day cream.Also, there was no peeling or burn, like I got with Retinol and some other products.. Also, I didn’t notice a problem around my eyes which usually plagues me: eye cream or moisturizer that migrates into my eyes when I sleep and ends up stinging them. This didn’t do that, even though my cheekbones are very close to my eyes.If the results continue, I may splurge and use it on my hands. Highly recommend!

Alexis Takoma Park, MD

Impressive Results!

Initially concerned about the hydroquinone presence but was very impressed with the results.Dark brown patches began to fade to pink very quickly. Fully intended to purchase the full size but was diverted by another product on Amazon that apparently worked particularly well with my skin coloring (dark olive)Have to say that the ‘Porcelaina’ is also working very well so far and contains other ‘skin lightening’ ingredients, slightly less expensive.

Lizzie Chanhassen, MN


Works wonders!!! My deep acne marks were totally gone in a month! Definitely recommend to anyone who has trouble with marks

Patrice Hamburg, IA


My opinion is hard to give at this time. I have had the product for weeks now. I had been using it daily but I have very sensitive skin and it made me itchy. So, now I use it every other day. Some days I look and think it helped and other days I am not sure if it lightened any of my sun induced freckles.

Trina Mongmong, GU

lightening serum

the only thing it lightened was my wallet.. I wanted it to work, but like so many other products, it did not.

Jasmin Copper Center, AK


I have been using fairly regularly for two months and do not notice any improvement at all. I am going to see if I can return it.

Brittany Minerva, NY

Waiting. Still Waiting.

Another product that seems to be all hype. Maybe I should keep waiting. Waiting. And waiting. For it to maybe work!

Rowena Evart, MI

Murad got my vote!

My face look 100% better than it did three weeks ago.I’m sold on the products and plan to stick with it for a year.My face look so much better. I even look pretty without makeup.Now that in it self is a reason to try it.

Nellie Beaverton, AL

Horrible smell

Since November 2010, I’ve been using Murad’s Post acne gel, which is pretty much the same as this product (give or take a little ingredients here and there).After my first time using Murad Environmental Shield Age Spot, I discovered a horrible stench that the post acne gel didn’t have. I regret buying it but will use it till I get the post acne gel which I will go back to. 🙁

Lawanda Rudyard, MI

used this to lighten pigmentation/sun damage

I’m white/fair skinned, 34, have lived in CO my whole life and have gotten LOTS of sun and burns. I went to Whole Foods and they had a Visia complexion analysis there that showed me my scores compared to other women my age and in sun spots and IV damage, my scores were BAD!! I freaked out and have since been using every product I can find that will help me. I periodically go back and do find my scores have been getting better. I used the whole Murad environmental defense line – every product they have. And it did help my scores. So did the Clinique even better dark spot corrector when used in conjunction with their repair ware laser focus UV damage correcting serum. Another line I like for lightening/brightening is MyChelle- apple brightening cleanser, apple brightening mist, serum, cream and peel along with their perfect c serum (applied under the apple brightening serum) also made my scores better on the sun damage and uv damage. So as far as Murad, liked, loved it, but I’m always on to try the next thing so I would recommend it to anyone – try it!

Sondra West Clarksville, NY

made me break out in hives!

I’ve always had sensitive skin, I hoped this would work okay for me, but instead of just a break out like I normally get if a product doesn’t agree with me – this stuff actually made me break out in hives!

Georgina Mountain Home, TX


I had a sunspot on my upper eyelid that is now completely gone and cheek spots are clearly lighter and continuing to fade. I use this twice a day – after cleansing and before putting on a moisturizer with sunscreen.I am very impressed and recommend this highly. I’m thinking of trying other Murad products. Yes, more expensive than some, but this is the first one of this type that actually delivered.I’ve had spontaneous compliments on my complexion too.

Kerry Riverside, AL