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Absolutely not helpful

I stopped to use it because: first, it does not help at all. second, When I woke up in the morning I noticed that on the same place where I put a creme some new acnes appeared. Cannot return as I did not save an original package. Waste of money

Bernadine Owls Head, ME

Works for whiteheads, not nodular acne

Do yourself a favor and read up on the different forms of acne before treating yourself. For so long I’ve been using Murad and being frustrated because some blemishes were persistent and Murad did nothing for it. The problem areas for me are nodular acne (not whiteheads or blackheads). I’ve noticed that this spot treatment does moderately work overnight on whiteheads, but that’s the extent. I’m going to try a specialized treatment for cystic pimples that may work on the nodular acne.This product is sufficient, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Do your research!

Noelle Staffordsville, VA

Active Ingredient Sulphur makes the difference

Let’s face it: most high-end products are worthless, they have the same ingredients that middle-range products at the drugstore have. Don’t believe me? Check out thebeautybrains dot com. Cosmetic scientists tell us what we’ve known all along: high end products are no different than mid-range ones.That said, sulphur is a new component of acne care that’s just coming into the mainstream now. While benzoyl peroxide is far better at clearing up acne than salicylic acid is, neither have the spot treatment or weekly mask abilities that sulphur has. Murad is the only spot treatment I’ve found with sulphur; I also often use Proactiv’s refining mask, which also has sulphur in it. Murad’s spot treatment works like a dream. If you get it on the skin around the acne, it won’t burn and peel, like using 10% benzoyl peroxide spot treatment would. It shrinks the pimple without sucking it dry, either. Be sure you shop around for the best price, too – I got mine for $9, with shipping, on ebay. It looks like it’s a lotta money, but the spot treatment is runny – this will last me years, or until it goes rancid.

Bianca Elliottville, KY

Surprising Results!

I picked this up in a store without having read any reviews, I just needed something for on-the-spot treatment. With a little bit of commitment this stuff can change your acne outlook! It says you can use it 1-3 times a day, and I have been. What’s most effective is using it at night before you go to bed. It’s a sulfur-based product (which complements the salycic acid wash and pore therapy I use [Obagi]) and doesn’t cause the skin to dry out for me. I use it in the early afternoon, evening, and then right before bed. Before bed I always pile it on on zits instead of rubbing it in. In the morning you might have some crusty stuff but it washes or peels off (and doesn’t stain sheets and pillowcases like I’ve read with some benzoyl peroxide solutions). It doesn’t make them disappear overnight but greatly reduces them, and helps them disappear in a day or two. This works well for zits that are under the skin and whiteheads. Not sure how it would work on blackheads.I have normal to oily skin and am experiencing nasty breakouts since stopping birth control a few months ago.Another tip, I always wash my hair and pull it back before bed to keep it off my face.I rated 4 stars because of the high price. I think it’s worth the investment and will last a long time though.

Nola Goffstown, NH

I’m not sold

FOR ME this doesn’t do anything special over a store brand. I do have a lot of faith in Murad though and just ordered the all over acne gel. Keeping my fingers crossed that it performs the way I want it too.

Lynne Defuniak Springs, FL

Less noticable pimples.

This product works and makes your pimples look less noticalble the next morning but it’s messy so I suggest putting a towel over your pillow.

Minerva Blanks, LA

Works great for acne spot treatment.

I’ve been using the Murad spot treatment for several years know and it works great on drying out the nasty pimples that come out particularly before my period. I also use the acne gel for more my forehead, where I tend to get most pimples. Beside Murad, I also use Peter Thomas Roth, which I alternate. Like with any acne creme/gel, it does make my skin quite dry. To balance out, I also us the Vitaville Argan oil. For centuries, Moroccan and India women have used Argan oil to keep their skin and hair hydrated. It’s anti-aging and healing properties of that oil is truly amazing, no wonder so many celebrities swear by it.

Delia Kennedy, AL

Amazing product

I used to get frequent breakouts across my chin area. It was the bane of my life, and I’ve spent thousands of dollars on various cleansers and acne treatments with disappointing results.Then I found this. I originally picked it up at Sephora, then reordered again from Amazon. This is the only treatment that has gotten my breakouts under control. I actually have clear skin! It’s amazing! I couldn’t be happier, thousands of dollars on trial and error and I finally found my holy grail of acne treatments.

Ila Phenix, VA

Fast Fix for Pimples

I started using this product about a month ago. I have combination skin, and because this has sulfur, I was worried it would dry my skin out. I used it as a spot treatment, but then began to spread a tiny bit all over my face at night (then putting lotion on to avoid over drying/flaking). It’s worked pretty well. I make sure to keep my skin moisturized when I use it b/c of the sulfur, but I was pleasantly surprised that it worked.It doesn’t really do anything for my blackheads (and I have to be careful not to over dry my skin b/c that’ll just cause more. But whenever I feel a pimple coming up (I dont have cystic acne but sometimes ill get some deep pimples) I put it on for a few days and it’s gone. I’ll admit that I sometimes pick at my skin, and obviously the sulfur will burn a little on any open parts, but I feel that it does actually speed up the healing process. $18 is pricey but I’m usually open to trying something new to see if it will help my acne. I also use it on any breakouts that occur on my chest or back area and it works there, too.I should mention that I was using this product for about a month and then starting using it along with theDDF Glycolic 10% Toning Complex, 8.45-Ounce Bottle. The Murad solution still works the same as it had before I started using the toner.

Helene Edgerton, OH