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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap, Lemon Verbena, 12.5 Fluid Ounce Bottles

Hands have never had it so good. Our Liquid Hand Soap contains Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Oil, Glycerine and a unique blend of essential oils to create a hard-working, yet softening cleanser for your busy hands. They deserve it.

Key features

  • Great for the kitchen and the bathroom

Honest reviews


Very Hard on the Hands

I bought the lemon verbena fragrance in this hand soap. Although it cleans well, I found the product to be very irritating, causing itching, dryness and redness of my hands. If you’re searching for a natural hand soap, I recommend Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. It’s SLS free, great for your skin and the environment, and a little goes a long way.

Harriet Hamilton, MI

Tiny bit lasts forever!

Not only is this the best smelling and best cleaning hand soap around, it is also the most economical. I have on case of 6 delivered every 3 months for both my home and office and I ALWAYS have at least one extra when the new order comes in. This stuff is so great…just a small amount in your hands and clean, clean, clean! Really, I am a massage therapist working in a Chiropractic setting…we wash our hands ALL OF THE TIME and this is by far the best product out there. I don’t need moisturizer every 10 minutes because I wash my hands so often like I did with so many other products. I am so glad to have found Mrs. Meyer’s and to have found it at such a great price.

Ashleigh Holmes City, MN

Fantastic Hand Soap

*****I have tried all three of these Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soaps, and love them all. The lavender and lemon verbena are great; geranium is my favorite though, because it’s so different—not many things have this fragrance and I like it. All of the hand soaps smell very natural and make your hands feel clean without drying them out. Also very important to me is that the bottle is super sturdy from beginning to end and pumps nicely; you can even add water at the end to use up every last little bit of soap (which we do).Highly recommended.*****

Zelda Coal Township, PA

Good scents, cleans well, but dries out your hands

I wash my hands a million times a day. I have a toddler (which means diaper changes), i garden, and i prepare food, all of which require hand washing either before or after.At first i was a big fan of this soap. The scents are pleasant and not too strong, and it made quick work of cleaning my hands.Over time, though, my hands started getting really dry. Really really dry. After about three weeks of having Mrs. Meyers soap at my kitchen and bathroom sink, my the skin on my knuckles started to crack and bleed.So the Mrs. Meyers soap is in the guest bathroom now, since using it a few times shouldn’t hurt anyone’s skin, and i’m back to using Kiss My Face Organic Self-Foaming Liquid Soap, even if the new pump design is hard to use.If you never have any trouble with dry skin, or have the time and energy to put lotion on your hands every time you wash them, this soap should work well for you. If not, stay far, far away.

Leonor Valley Mills, TX

It smells divine!

The scent is marvelous! Really refreshing. They make it in the US – yay! One minor point – I wish it were a little more liquid and a little less gel-like. Sometimes a pump of soap will just slide off in a big lump when I’m trying to squish it onto my hands. Adding water to the bottle solves the issue, but it would be nice if they fixed the consistency. Still – I don’t use anything else! 🙂

Jeanette Pultneyville, NY

Love it..

I wish they can improve the packaging to make it a little bit more elegant. Other than that, the product is fantastic..

Sasha New Haven, IN

great soap; geranium scent is uplifting

Mrs. Meyer’s hand soaps give me a little lift every time I wash my hands — they smell so delightful, and they’re not at all drying. I personally LOVE the geranium scent — it’s a lovely, springy not-too-sweet floral with an unusual geranium aroma that’s hard for others to pinpoint. I love the dish soap and counter spray, also, but they’re priced at a slight premium over other cleaning products; I think the most bang for the buck comes with the hand soap.The geranium is an unusual love-it-or-hate-it scent. Given the five star rating, you know where I stand. I don’t know that the floral scent would appeal equally to most men or younger children and some may find it overpowering.Mrs. Meyer’s offered a seasonal peppermint-vanilla scent over the holidays that was out of this world. It’s not available year-round, but I’m trying to make what I have last till next year (and hope it’s offered again).

Ophelia Bogota, NJ

good soap, but doesn’t smell like Lemon Verbena (still nice, though…)

We were looking for a hand soap for the kitchen that would be strong enough to kill offensive scents (onions, garlic, etc.) but still be gentle on the hands since we probably do way too much washing with antibacterial soap as it is.I’m a gardener and one of my favorite plants to grow, propagate, and use for different things around the house/kitchen is Lemon Verbena. So I’m cutting the actual plant and leaves a lot, and smelling it every day out in my garden. This soap smells NOTHING like Lemon Verbena. However, it still smells lovely- sort of grassy and forest-y, almost a little bit like one of those green tree-shaped car air fresheners and a fresh wreath during the holidays.Anyway, the scent is fine, the soap seems to be doing a good job and is kind on both my crazy-dry hands and my daughter’s sensitive skin (she suffers from both eczema and allergies). It’s a nice addition to the sink. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other scents, as well.

Julia Salmon, ID

Lemon Verbena

I prefer the Honeysuckle, but this is nice. I like how clean it makes you feel and rinses clean right away. Nice soap.

Hilda Canton, SD

Smells Great, Lathers Nicely, Doesn’t Dry Skin

My household recently decided to switch our hand soap from Kiss My Face Lemon-Ginger to Mrs. Meyer’s after reading some very positive reviews. We’ve been using this soap for about a week already like it better than we ever liked our previous soap.The fragrance of the Lemon Verbena is interesting. I would almost compare it to the smell of clean laundry (detergent plus fabric softener) more than lemon. Despite the lack of lemon fragrance I really like the smell. It just reminds me of clean. I would caution anyone with sensitive noses that the smell is definitely on the strong side.Our previous hand soap was decent but I consistently disliked the lack of a strong lather. That is not the case here. This soap lathers extremely well even with just a small amount. I never dispense a full pump of soap into my hands because it’s simply not needed here.At. $.31/oz. this soap is also considerably less expensive than our previous hand soap, however, slightly more expensive than brands like Softsoap.Recommended.

Taylor Hillman, MN