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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap, Lavender, 16 Oz

Here’s something you simply can’t live without. Our Dish Soap is rich, thick and makes grease disappear like nobody’s business. We even added Soap Bark Extract, another ingredient from nature and one of its best degreasers. All you need is a squirt or two and you’re on your way.

Key features

  • Concentrated – just a squirt or two cuts grease
  • All you need is a squirt or two and you’re on your way
  • Our dish soap is rich, thick and makes grease disappear like nobody’s business
  • Concentrated – just a squirt or two cuts grease

Honest reviews


Can’t do without this wonderful product!!!

This is one of those products that I just can’t do without! It smells so heavenly that I don’t mind doing dishes. It smells of roses and geraniums. I am extremely sensitive to scents as I have allergies but although this scent is ‘obvious’ (I dont want to say anything too strong to deter someone from trying it) I have absolutely no problems with it – as does the rest of my family. My 5yr old also has allergies and when I clean the counters with this scent, he’ll ‘sniff’ the table 🙂 and sigh.As an added bonus, it cuts grease wonderfully but the BIGGEST benefit in my opinion is that it MUST have that special vegetable ingredient like in her Counter Top Spray that cuts odors (try cooking something stinky in your microwave or spilling tuna water from the can on your counter…use her Geranium Counter spray, wipe it down and sniff it out…nothing but heavenly geraniums to please your sniffer.) I SWEAR, I have an extremely sensitive sniffer and can’t keep ‘smelly’ items in my garbage can in the kitchen even for a little bit, I have to take them to the outside trash (tuna cans, overly ripe veggies, etc). With one teeny drop in a tuna can, swirled around with some water – no scrubbing on my part, it cuts the odor so well that I can toss it in the trash and not think of it again. I can wash a cookie sheet of fish sticks with no odor and so many others. Did I say that I can’t be without this product?? :-)I just wish that Amazon sold a package of her various products or in single bottles…I can’t very well keep 30 bottles of several of her items in my home…that would be insane.

Isabel Beaver Dam, KY

Scent is overpowering

Very disappointed in this soap. The scent is not “lemony”…it stinks of “old lady powdered perfume”. If you know what I mean by an old powdered scent…you’ll know what I mean. You get this on your hands and you will have to smell it for hours. It’s horrible raising food to your mouth with this “perfume” on your hands. You can’t wash it off either.Besides that, after washing a few cups during the day, I noticed my hands were now chapped and burning. The detergents in this soap opened the cuticle of my skin on my hands so horribly that they felt like someone had taken sandpaper to them.Absolutely horrible stuff. Oh, your dishes will smell of this perfume too. I raised a cup to my mouth to drink coffee and smelled the powdery perfume smell in the cup. Had to rinse and rinse and rinse. Never buy again.

Cornelia Clemons, NY

Leaves a bad perfumey reside…that you can taste!!

I should have known better than to purchase a dish soap that had a high fragrance, I thought this would be a nice change and allow me to actually enjoy washing dishes (no dishwasher) yes it smells great but leaves a bad residue, which you can taste on everything!! It’s especially bad with plastic, it soaks up this soap like no other and even when you rinse it a million times, you can still taste it. Awful!! And yeah they’re not green, this stuff gots chemicals too, just look it up on

Nadia Hoyt, OK

Scent of soap remains on dishes

I wanted to like this soap. The fragrance was wonderful until it stayed on everything I washed with it. I rinsed and rinsed, and tried using less with no avail. I bought the Seventh Generation Free and Clear dish soap instead and didn’t have the same peobelm.

Rosie Gravel Switch, KY

Lovely Lavender

Smells exacty like natural lavender, which is spicy and herbal, versus the overly powerful and too-sweet synthetic/artificial lavender most often used in soaps and perfumes.And that’s a good thing.Degreases well, for a mostly natural product, and sudses well, too. Yeah, yeah, I know. Ionic surfactants can clean without suds, but let’s face it–tons of suds are cool, I like them, I want them, and any product I use to wash my dishes (along with my hands at the same time) needs to have them. Simply put, I won’t buy a dish-cleaning product that lacks them.Decently priced for how much you get and how long it lasts, this is also available priced similarly at my local GE Markt Distr store and at my Tarjay.

Celia Alden, MN

Honeysuckle? Really?

Like most of Mrs. Meyer’s stuff the scent name and actual scent don’t match. This one smells like bug spray and honestly I can’t wait to go through it so I can have a different smell in my kitchen. I bought the Parsley hand soap and it smells more like honeysuckle than this does. Too bad I bought 2 bottles of this stuff. Maybe I will find someone with no sense of smell, or someone who likes the smell of bug spray to give it too. Pee Eww!

Noemi Edison, NE

Smells great and gets the job done

I like many of the cleaning products form Mrs. Meyer’s, but my family doesn’t always agree on which scents are good. This dish soap is the one we all agree on. It really is a SOAP and not a detergent. Soaps clean a little bit differently in their action than detergents. They also don’t suds up as hugely as liquid dish detergents. I have never had a problem rinsing this dish soap, and i wonder if other reviewers used way too much because they are used to detergent bubbles.The dish soap smells nice when I am washing dishes, and does a good job of getting the dishes clean. I like filling up the sink of hot soapy water and a small squirt of this soap and using that water to clean my kitchen. The lingering smell is pleasant and not overpowering.I have put a squirt of this soap into my laundry as well. I have an ionic laundry ball so I do not have to use much soap or detergent. This leaves my clothes smelling fresh and not too strong. It also works well on hand washable clothing.

Keri Marion, NC

“Soap” from the Middle Ages

I’ve used this product for several years now, but it isn’t working very well lately. The main problem is that there’s very few bubbles and I found I was having to use more and more product to get my dishes and pans clean. The consistency appears to be the same, but it just doesn’t clean. In fact, this is my main complaint with most all of the Mrs. Meyers products I’ve used. They smell nice but don’t do much beyond that. I feel like I’m using a product that was devised for a reniassance home – lots of perfume to cover the bad smells, but no cleaning power. What a let down.Update: Thanks Christopher Davis for the confirmation that the formula was changed by the manufacturer. It was pretty good prior to the change. Not so much so now. I still stand by my review!

Deirdre West Point, PA

Great for my skin, the environment, and the dishes!

My hands are very sensitive to soap. For some reason this dish soap doesn’t cause me any trouble? I love it! My father-in-law, also has sensitive hands, and he took a bottle home with him the last time he visited. I would recommend this to anyone, who has sensitive skin or is just watching out for the environment. On top of that, I think it works great!

Natalia Rock Port, MO

Easy on hands and the environment

This soap smells amazing and it works great. Doesn’t take much and its not greasy like some of the concentrated dish soaps. All natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about tricylsan or petrochemicals.

Ethel Birch Tree, MO

I Love it!!

Even if you exclude the benefits to our environment this is a great product line. I love it. It smells good, easy on my hands, cleans and degreases as well as more harsh products. I happen to like this fragrance so I have the counter cleaner and the hand soap in my kitchen.

Jenifer Pendleton, SC

Five Stars

Love the scent of this dish soap! Good quality product.

Simone Mullan, ID

Nice smell! great price!

As my title says, it smells really nice and can’t beat the price so I’m really happy with my purchase and will recommend to others.

Theresa White Plains, NY

smells so good

love this stuff. smells great, cleans well. It will streak if you do not rinse thoroughly, but no qualms other than that. i feel better using this over other dish soap due to the ingredients.

Millie Shelbina, MO

Not 100% natural

I thought this was supposed to be a natural product but it has artificial fragrances and it really bothered my hands since I have mild eczema. Very disappointed since the labeling was misleading.

Anne Whitestown, IN


A tiny bit of this stuff goes a long way, and it smells great. Comes packed in a very compact case, making it easy to store, as well. Definitely worthwhile to buy a case and not worry about it for a very long time.

Ila Platte City, MO

Great smelling dish soap ever!!

I recently purchased this at a store nearby for almost twice the price. I’m so glad Amazon sells it. The cheapest way is to buy it in bulk which isn’t a big deal because you’re never going to NOT need dish soap. It cuts grease really well. Some people have complained about the residual smell but a little goes a long way and you need to rinse well, as with all soap.

May Brookeland, TX

Clean Days!

Love the Geranium scent, which is more like a rose, to me. Sure helps everyone in the house to clean up more often. Effective, reasonably priced, low impact on environment, and recyclable.

Dolly Collinsville, TX

My favorite cleaning brand

I’ve been using Mrs Meyers Clean Day products for over a year now and love them all.The dishsoap is gentle on my hands. I’ve tried all of the scents but basil has been my favorite so far.This soap is not a big sudser. I suggest to refrain from adding more than necessary to get more suds. A little goes a long way. I made this error when I first tried the brand and even though I rinsed my dishes well, I could taste the soap in some of the cups. I do not recommend tasting it! However, for cleaning, I give it 5-stars.

Ophelia Lone, KY

Love this stuff

love this stuff smells wonderful I have it in every thing they make. Toilet bowl cleaner household dish liquid and hand soap

Bernice Walloon Lake, MI

Average soap wearing a pretty, clean label.

I love the clean look of the product labels, and I thought this stuff would be more “natural” than other brands.I really like the smell of lavender, and I use the essential oil sometimes, but…this stuff smells VERY strong. I know it says aromatherapy, but this smells like a chemical, not like essential oil.Also, the ingredient list is pretty disappointing… I don’t see SLS, BUT there is Sodium Coco Sulfate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Fragrance, and a bunch of unpronounceables; not really what I was expecting from something that looks so environmentally friendly on the front.I won’t buy this again, because the “Fragrance” is just too strong for me.Also, I’ve been using just the tiniest drop on dishes that I wash, and although it gets the job done, I think this probably functions about as well as regular dish soap. So, I should probably just use a little more and come to terms with the fact that I was duped by a pretty package.(But, what should I buy next time? Preferably something without SLS…)

Allison Ozona, TX

Great scent, good performance, a luxury in the kitchen

So let’s face it, the advantage of this product is the scent, pure and simple. There are many less expensive dish detergents that do the same or even better job but don’t have this wonderful lavender aroma that envelops you as you do the dishes. It takes a chore and makes it just a little bit more pleasant, as the gentle scent of lavender wafts upwards while you scrub dishes. And then it rinses away, cleanly… 100% gone. No residue in my experience.If you want a little luxury in your kitchen, try a bottle of this. Often it’s on sale at Marshalls in the home section if you just want to try one bottle before you commit to a case of 6. But I’m hooked on this stuff!

Polly Concord, MA

great soap

I love Mrs. Meyer’s products, as they are all-natural and cruelty-free, and this is no exception. Excellent lather and grease-cutting capabilities. The only downfall is the scent. It doesn’t really smell like basil; it smells more floral and sweet, but it’s not that bad. I’ve found that the other scents are a bit stronger and I don’t like them as much.

Tonya Hindsville, AR

Great Scent, Little Suds

I love this soap because it smells very good and it’s a little bit of luxury in your kitchen. However, I do find that you have to use a lot of soap to be able to wash more than 5 things. The 16oz bottle is big and will last a long time. I just wish I didn’t have to use as much soap as I do to wash my dishes.

Leona Oak Park, MI

Cuts grease, smells great.

Good stuff. I want to try out other scents as well.

Doretha Union, MI

Smell is overpowering.

Way too much fragrance in this soap. It makes the dishes smell like ‘honeysuckle’ even way after washing. Not ideal. Will stick with the basic soap from trader joe’s.

Jackie Sun City, CA

Love this stuff!

Mrs. Meyers is the only dish soap I can use that doesn’t dry my hands — this winter is the first since I started doing dishes that I don’t have cracked, bleeding hands! I have tried plenty of natural dish soaps, but only Mrs. Meyers is this “skin-friendly”. The lovely, sweet scent is an added bonus (usually, I have to use unscented products).

Gena Emma, MO

Best dish soap around

It smells wonderful and cleans my stainless steel and granite well. I like that it is natural for my kids/dogs etc.

Pamela Minden, NV

Smells wonderful, but doesn’t lather well

Like all Mrs. Meyer’s products, which make doing chores a little less onerous with their lovely essential oil scents, the dish soap smells great. Basil and radish are my personal faves, though it’s hard to pick just one. The dish soap, however, doesn’t work up any suds….making it difficult to do the dishes manually without using a ton. And this stuff isn’t cheap. So I’ll just be sticking to regular Dawn for the dishes, and leave Mrs. Meyer’s for the countertop spray and the abrasive cleaner for my bathroom.

Johanna Niagara, WI

Smells Good. Works Well.

This is the dishwashing soap I used most of the time, because the company gets good marks on the Good Guide website for health and environment. There have apparently been some social controversies around the corporate governance and marketing practices, but the company is still in the top 15% of all companies surveyed. The lavender scent smells good, and the product gets my dishes clean without killing my hands. There are a couple of concerning ingredients that can cause contact allergies, but I didn’t have issues with them. There’s also a small amount of 1,2-BENZISOTHIAZOLIN-3-ONE, but it’s below the threshold believed to cause problems.

Marva Maquoketa, IA