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Mr. Bubble Original Bath – 36 oz

Mr. Bubble makes getting clean almost as much fun as getting dirty! A hypo-allergenic formula with a fun, original fragrance.

Key features

  • Dermatologist Tested & Pediatrician Approved
  • Mr. Bubble makes getting clean almost as much fun as getting dirty!
  • A hypo-allergenic formula with a fun, original fragrance.
  • Mr. Bubble makes bath time fun with tons of bubbles.
  • Made in the USA. Not tested on animals and does not use animal-derived ingredients.

Honest reviews


very watered down

the bubbles work fine, but you have to use so much of the liquid and it’s so watery. I’d say save your money and get a different brand, water it down yourself and consider a standard 12 oz bottle of less expensive bubble bath as 36 oz.

Lindsey Colton, NY

Best bubbles!

I love Mr.Bubbles bubble bath. Its always nice to come home and take a relaxing bubble bath and I love the smell and feel of these bubbles. It definetly makes the perfect bath.

Colleen Dows, IA

Great Bubble StandBy

Have always loved these bubbles, now my 6 year old loves them. I bought them here they were a great price. These bubbles smell good and are for everyone.

Rocio Worthville, PA


When it comes to bubble baths you cannot go wrong with Mr. Bubble. As an adult I was trying to find the adult bubble bath stuff and they all just suck. Mr. Bubble still is the best there is and the price is way better than anything else you can buy!

Angelina Riverside, PA

Love this stuff

I just plain love this stuff. Smells great, helps get you clean. Absolutely love this product. Great fun. I was pleased to find this in a larger package size, also. No one wants to get ready to bathe and find that they’re out of Mr. Bubble!!!

Benita Cottonwood, AL

Watery, not many bubbles at all

I dont know what happened I used to love this stuff as a kid it smelled stronger too, I went to the store to get BB last night this is all they had, my only choice, so I got it. I ran it under the water and put a ton in but there were very few bubbles, I dont have hard water so I can’t fiqure out what went wrong here, I added more 3x but no real bubbles to write home about. I wanted big bubbles and to get lost in them but it wasn’t happening.

Maryanne Butte, NE

Is this Bubble Bath?

The idea of bubble bath is that it makes bubbles. This product barely does that and the bubbles it makes fade away very quickly. Cute bottle and it’s gentle enough for a child, but my experience was that it doesn’t fill it’s primary purpose which is to make bathing fun and bubbly!

Olga Hewett, WV


To this day, I cannot live without my Mr.Bubble bubble bath. No matter what anyone says, this is the best bubble bath EVER (hands down)! I love everything, from the smell, to how soft it makes my skin feels after the bath to all the bubbles. Every time I take a bath with Mr.Bubble, I feel like a kid again. This product really makes me enjoy taking bathes! Yipppppy!

Jade Hunt, NY

Great for kids

Unless your kid decides to dump the whole jug into the tub at once (personal experience) this should last for a good long time! It doesn’t take much liquid to get a good bubble bath going. (Just FYI, the whole jug at once makes for a tough – but sort of fun – mess to clean up)

Cathryn Bay Port, MI