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Motions Therapy Hair & Scalp Oil, Marula Natural 8 oz

Give your scalp an extra moisturizing boost using motions marula natural therapy hair and scalp oil. The emollient blend is infused with anti-oxidant-rich, naturally-derived marula oil that replenishes moisture and restores pliability. A blend of chamomile and lavender extracts add vibrant shine. Formulated for any hair type.

Key features

  • One 8-ounce pump bottle of Motions Salon Haircare Marula Natural Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil
  • Marula oil replenishes moisture and restores your scalp
  • Natural therapy hair and scalp oil
  • For all hair types
  • Motions At Home: maintain a salon-fresh look between salon visits

Honest reviews


Natural Greasy Look

There is actually nothing natural about this oil except for the fact that if you use it you naturally will look like a greaseball. Regardless of the quantity that you apply to your hair you will be able to achieve the look of a genuine greaser. Obviously, some people like the greasy look so this is an ideal product for them and worthy of 5 stars. However, it has been my experience that most people with whom I come in contact with do not relish the lubricated look. I tried to squirt just a tiny amount on my hair to see if there was any benefit to be derived. The odor was a bit on the strong side but not really offensive, IMHO. When my wife spotted me after I had oiled myself she strongly suggested that I hit the shower and handed me my shampoo. I can take a hint.

Luann Malone, WA

For a dear friend

The Motions line is well respected amongst product users. I picked this up for a dear friend who is very fond of the Motions line , and she was happy to receive the gift.For me , just shampoo and a little gel takes care of my hair care. I’ve never understood the need for all the extras , but my friend says that the full Motions line is essential. And who am I to disagree , her hair always looks great !

Corine Rollin, MI

No Bull

I’ve heard it all before: Emollient blend, infused with anti-oxidant-rich, naturally-derived oils that replenish moisture and restore pliability. Well, this time it’s true. No bull. I’m an active older guy with an itchy old scalp and dry, thinning hair, which I typically wash daily with an anti-dandruff shampoo. After just three squirts of Motions Salon Haircare, my hair had a nice sheen and it felt fuller, more pliable, easier to comb. And my wife says I look ten years younger. What could be better? Although it has not helped my dandruff, it’s still a damn good product.

Glenda Skygusty, WV


I sprayed a little on my dry hair ends and I looked like I put a pound of lard on my hair! I had to wash my hair, it was a mess.I suspect this product could work on African American hair, I have a fine hair and the product is just way to heavy for me.

Angelita Rousseau, KY

Very Oily

Despite the word “Natural” being in the title of this product, it is far from “natural” considering it has a few synthetic preservatives in it. That’s my first objection.Secondly, it is so oily that you just can’t help getting this everywhere! Once on your hair it just migrates to your face, neck, back, shoulders, etc. It caused me a major breakout!Definitely not for me.

Gladys Trenton, KY

Motions Hair and Scalp Oil

As many have already stated, despite the company’s claims, this product is not for all hair types.It is an oil therapy and as such it does just that, it adds oil to your hair and scalp. I could never use this product and leave it in my hair for the day. The only way I could do that would be if I wanted a wet look. But, I cannot stand the oily feel. It might be suitable to spray in your hair and leave for several hours as a treatment before then washing your hair and styling…I don’t know.The other issue I have against this product is the scent. It just about made me sick to my stomach. I could smell it even after washing my hair.So, I cannot rate this product better than 3 stars. I would rate it lower, but I recognize that it may be beneficial for other hair types and those with extremely dry scalps. The scent is simply a matter of preference.

Jacquelyn Thonotosassa, FL

Ten stars!! Smells great and works!

Love this companies products. Not only does this Marula Natural Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil smell wonderful, but its not heavy, and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Take so little and makes my hair feel luscious and looks healthy and shiny.Since I work out I tend to at least rinse my hair afterwards and then use this spray to re hydrate my hair. Have gotten nice compliments on my hair. This is NOT a hair spray. But a light oil spray.

Earlene Elberfeld, IN

Another Good Product from Motions

Just a few squirts and your hair will be softer and easier to manage. This is good for curly heads like me who need that extra manageability. Highly recommended.

Tonia Cumberland, NC

Not exactly what I want to absorb into my body…

I always look at the first several ingredients in cosmetics since they are listed in order of predominance, with the ingredients used in the greatest amount first, followed in descending order by those in smaller amounts. I want to know what I’m using on my body (and absorbing into my body).Also, the ingredients I always look for are methylparaben and propylparaben.These parabens are anti-fungal agents that are often used in hair-care products. These parabens are readily absorbed through the skin and scalp, they are estrogenic, and build up in breast tissue. I truly believe we should not be using these in cosmetics and they have a direct correlation to the increase of breast cancer throughout our world. As a estrogen-positive breast cancer survivor I am particularly focused on eliminating all products from my beauty regime that include parabens. This product contains methylparaben as the 6th ingredient (high amounts since it’s early in the list of ingredients).So, here’s the first several ingredients:I’m not real thrilled with the first two ingredients:1st ingredient is corn oil. Do I really want to use this on my hair? Maybe in a small amount to help with shine, but as the first ingredient, I’m leery.2nd ingredient is isododecane which is hydrocarbon/solvent that helps prevent evaporation of liquid from the hair. I don’t think hydrocarbons are all that good for the human body.The next 2 ingredients look promising and after some googling around I think these are actually safe. They are: Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil and Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil (also known as Marula Oil). Both are from Africa and extremely moisturizing for your hairThe next ingredient is fragrance. All of the Motions haircare products are quite fragrant, pleasant to me, but a little on the heavy side. They all smell fairly similar, flowery, sweet, but somewhat artificial. EWG’s Skin Deep Database (which you can google and find on-line) lists Motions fragrances in the High Hazard range. Quote: Ecotoxicology, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Miscellaneous, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)So, overall I’m not all that thrilled with this product just based on ingredients. They are focused on dark-skinned, kinky hair men and women, work on my blond curly hair too. For health reasons I would never use this product on a daily basis, but a nice options every once in a while.My rating: I initially was rating this as a 3-star since it is a good price and average product, but reconsidered to a 2-star. On the front of the bottle they list "with 100% Pure Marula Oil" which I think is a little misleading. The main ingredient is Corn Oil, not Marula Oil and the product really isn’t all that pure since it has a high level of fragrance and parbens.

Angelita Ojai, CA

Motions Salon Haircare Marula Natural Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil

No wonder this leaves the hair shiny…it is terribly greasy. I got my Motions Salon Haircare for hair and scalp from Amazon and was hopeful for healthier hair and scalp from using this product. Unfortunately, I found the product too greasy and messy to use more than a few time so cannot truthfully recommend this to anyone else. Although it may be jsut what someone else is looking for. I do not like that slick feel to my hair from products. I decided to use it on my dry skin and love the product on my legs and arms this winter.Motions Salon Haircare Marula Natural Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil, 8 Ounce

Trisha Gridley, CA

Helps with super thick hair

I wanted to try Motions Salon Haircare Marula Natural Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil on my daughter and granddaughter’s hair. While my hair is dark blonde, very fine and silky, and dad’s is medium thickness, dark brown with some curl, theirs is completely different! (I should add that I am adopted.) One is a redhead, one is a blonde, but both have massively thick and heavy, completely straight hair. Thick to the point of never having found a hairtie that is big enough to make a single ponytail. Seriously.We lightly spritzed their hair with this product, after washed and air dried. It looked greasy but was rapidly absorbed. For the first time, their hair looked shiny and felt silky smooth! They were thrilled!While this product would never work on my hair, it is absolutely fabulous on theirs!

Terri Okolona, OH

Nice clean scent hair oil. Works great on short mens hair.

this oil smells nice. It works great on my sons short hair. Works really well on the elderly gentlemen, like my father in law, who like to oil their short dry hair. Be careful and only use a little. Best to squirt a small amount (1 squirt) on hands and rub together and then distribute throught out hair.

Brandy Fowler, IN

Lovely scent, makes hair shiny and skin soft

After being initially pleased that this Motions product arrived intact (not spilled, like other products I’d ordered, and also secure in a closed plastic bag), I was thrilled the the scent of the oil. It has one of the “calmer” lavendar scents, not sharp, as some lavendars are. Perhaps the chamomile scent cuts the lavendar a bit, but the result is very luscious and pleasing without being overdone, flowery, or too sweet.If I keep the oil (it really is mostly vegetable oil) away from my roots, it brings a nice shine and final polish to my hair. It also keeps down the frizzies.I have dark brown, wavy-straight, caucasian hair of normal thickness. If i put the oil on my scalp, it pretty much looks like I need to wash my hair. So I reserve the use on the hair shaft and tips. For people with more coarse hair, using the oil on the scalp might be perfect. If you have very thin hair, then this product might work well only on the ends of the hair.One bonus use of this Motions product is to use it as a skin lotion. The oil soaks in readily to my olive skin type, and feels/smells really good. I feel like I am giving my skin vitamins. There is no greasy sensation with my skin type. This is my favorite Motions product so far, and plan to buy more when this bottle is used up.

Kate Ford, VA

Be very careful not to use too much.

A little goes a long way when using the Motions Marula hair and scalp oil. I have dry, color-treated hair and I need something to be able to brush out my hair after shampooing. The first time I used this hair oil, I used too much and my hair looked sort of greasy and like I hadn’t shampooed it at all. Too much was maybe 5 spritzes. One spritze is more than enough. Since then I find that one spritze before brushing out wet hair is plenty to allow the brush through my unruly hair and minimize the hair breakage while leaving the hair feeling clean and shampooed.4 stars because I feel the product is too strong for me, although I have thinning hair and color-treated hair. However, the scent of the oil is heavenly. The smell makes me want to use more. But I don’t dare. Can’t wash my hair two times in a row.

Judith Stoneboro, PA

Works for thick, straight hair

The product description in Vine said this product was designed for all hair types. It is not. It is designed primarily for African American women. I don’t have issues with a dry scalp. My problem is that my hair is so long (all the way down my back) and heavy that it gets brittle on the ends and breaks. Having used a lot of different hair treatments and none of them working, I figured there was nothing to lose trying this one even if it wasn’t primarily designed for white women.It works. I first used it as a mist on dry hair while getting ready for work in the morning. I was initially concerned because after brushing my hair it looked oily and I was afraid I would have to jump in the shower and wash it out. But after about fifteen minutes it had absorbed in and my hair looked healthy and shiny, not oily, and no obvious frizzing. The second time I used it after washing my hair and used a heavier mist concentration. When I woke up in the morning, I was surprised at how soft my hair felt.Recommendations: I don’t use this daily, but every other day. Once a week I use it after washing my hair and letting it absorb overnight. But the rest of the time I use it as a very light mist in the morning before leaving for work. This seems to be a good balance for my hair type (thick, long, straight). I also don’t use it on my scalp, but instead focus on the lower end of my hair where the most damage seems to occur.This is a product that works, but you may have to adjust the usage based on your own hair’s needs and not necessarily follow the instructions on the packaging.

Lina Freeburg, PA

it makes you hair look good…

it took awhile for me to write this review because i wanted to give it a fair amount of time to work but it doesnt workProsits not really greasy(well it is when you first put it on but then it drys up)its a dry oil that means oil isnt running all down you neck and faceits really good for sealing the ends of you hairConsit says its suppose to hydrate your hair and scalp, it hydrates my hair but my scalp is dry or rather yet it makes my hair look dosent make your hair softer. ive use this on flat ironed hair and unflat ironed hair and both times my hair was hard or dry feelingmost of motions products really suck for me atleast there’s only a couple that are really good and this is not one of them i thought since this was marula oil and everybody was talking about how good it was i figured this would be good to…its not, save your money

Carole Butte, NE


Unfortunately this hair & scalp oil didn’t work well for me. My hair is color treated and rather dry and frizzy especially during the winter months. This oil left my hair looking like I hadn’t washed it for days.The smell is a pleasant clean scent, hence the 2 stars.I’m usingSuave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Moroccan Argan Styling Oil, 3 Ounceand absolutely love it. It conditions my hair without leaving it greasy or oily.

Marion Liberty Lake, WA

Any hair type? Not really.

I got this for my daughters long, thick, dry hair. I was hoping it was be a nice and easy final step to make her hair manageable. It smelled really nice, so I sprayed what I thought was a conservative amount. Less than I would normally use, but apparently too much, her hair was shiny, slick and greasy. Short on time I combed it back into a ponytail to ‘hide’ the fact that her hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in a month and sent her to school. When she arrived home it was still looking a like I slicked her hair with straight petrolium jelly. Another hair wash later, I tried again with much much less product, I combed it through, which was difficult because her hair still felt dry. And lo and behold, her hair still looked unwashed and greasy. Sadly this is a total pass. Seeing as her hair type seemed ideal for this product, I’m not sure who it would work for.

Carey Kennedale, TX

Gives Hair a Greasy Look

I wanted to try this scalp oil in order to make my hair look and feel softer. I’m not sure I’d call my scalp dry, but there’s definitely room for improvement in that regard. With this Motions Oil, I don’t think I got what I was looking for.What you do get is a sort of greasy like feel that isn’t very pleasant at all. You’re not advised to put much in, but that doesn’t really seem to matter as the oil doesn’t really do its job. I can’t really say that my hair looks or feels better after using this product.I suppose some people with coarser hair might feel differently. But this scalp oil really didn’t do it for me. If you’re looking for scalp oil. you should probably look elsewhere.

Marilyn Brooks, ME

Caused Acnegeddon on my scalp, face, neck; not 100% oil

I had a previous bad reaction to the Motions gloss, so I waited until the eruptions from that cleared before I tried the Marula oil product. Reading the ingredients list, I was surprised to see just how ‘unnatural’ this stuff really is. It should not be called “natural hair therapy” unless they mean it is for natural hair, because the product itself is mostly chemicals. “Marula” is down the list of ingredients, in between oil and silicones.I used this just on the outer 3/4 of my hair, because I do have oily scalp and don’t need more oil on it. If you have whitey-girl hair (even dry and thick and curly like mine) you won’t want to use a lot of this because it’s very concentrated. If you have porous hair type, it will probably love this like a parched desert.I would like to have given a review that tells you how my hair did on this, but like the glossing oil this caused my scalp to break out into juicy zits. Then I got them along my hairline and down the back of my neck where my hair sits. I’ve used other Motions products and liked them, I just don’t understand what it is about the gloss and the Marula oil that gave me such a horrible reaction.

Lynne Medford, NJ

Not for my hair 🙁

I have tried several different amounts but my hair still looks greasy…. My hair is very thin so reading that this is hair therapy I thought why not…. ummmm the answer is because it looks greasy 🙁

Antionette Earlington, PA

So far so good on this one. It is worth a try…

I used this product on my daughter who is African American/White mix. Her hair gets really dried out and so does her scalp. This worked well to spray on her hair between washings to give it some moisture. It’s not a perfect product, but It’s not too bad. I would say it is worth a try.

Tasha Geddes, SD

Very Nice

The Marula Natural Therapy Hair works wonders on my hair. I have a never-ending problem with frizz and split ends. This isn’t a miracle in a bottle, but it keeps the split ends together until a haircut, keeps the ends from splitting afterward, leaves a gorgeous shine without looking oily, and smells amazing.I did have one problem, and it happens to be a problem I have with about 90% of hair products: it irritates my scalp. I’m allergic to nearly everything. Many products with natural oils or extracts give me hives, scalp irritation, or dandruff (to be fair, most products without these ingredients cause issues, too.) This in particular causes a (thankfully) sparse, gritty type of buildup. Nothing hurts or itches, but if I go through the roots in the mirror, I’m able to see it. If I don’t use this product for a few days, it goes away.Because of the scalp issue, I use this product 1 – 2 times a week. This helps with the split ends, frizz, and dryness.I would recommend this product to people with dry hair. If your hair is naturally oily, or if you’ve had problems with any of the ingredients in the product, I would steer clear.

Leta Jenkinjones, WV

Great on skin

I do not use this oil on my scalp, but I do use it as an after bath/shower body spray.The texture of the oil is very light and sinks in quickly– so you don’t feel all oily after use. I live in a climate that has about 10% humidity, so this oil sinks in fast and I can use it every day.Before I used this I used a homemade spray of sweet almond oil, castor, & Hungarian Lavender. It sat on the surface of my skin a lot longer and had to be frequently shaken, so this oil does have those advantages.The smell of this product is FANTASTIC! It is, however, pretty strong, so that might be an issue to people who prefer something less scented. I have noticed that the scent mellows after about an hour.I have noticed that if you put too much on you will have a residue that sticks to your sheets or clothing. My sheets seemed to launder fine and come out without stains, but it does contain oil, so if you were to use this as a massage oil or to use it really heavily, I would recommend using sheets you were not concerned about staining.

Billie Murphy, OR

Didn’t Work For Me, But It Might For You

I got this for my girlfriend to use. Here is her review.I have very long, fine, formerly bleached hair. Basically, this means that the ends, from my ears down, get really dry and snarl very easily. I have been looking for some oils to help treat this, thus why I decided to try this Hair and Scalp Oil.The first thing I notice was there was a spray at the top of this bottle. Most of the oils that I have used have a pump which helps control where you place the oil. It was a little challenging to determine how much to use. One or two sprays doesn’t seem like enough but three to four seems like way too much.I tried this on my dry hair and found that my fine hair felt full of goo and looked like I had not washed it in a couple days. I tried it on my wet hair, thinking to lock in the moisture, and found that my hair felt full of glue while I tried to work it in. Then when my hair dried it looked like I poured regular oil all over it.In the end, I won’t use this oil. I think the problem lies in my fine, bleached hair. My scalp is fine so I can’t say how this oil works for that. But my fine hair just doesn’t like this oil. It looks so greasy. Someone else that has dry scalp and maybe thicker hair could find this is the best oil for them. But I have to say that I wouldn’t be buying it again.Shawn KovacichAuthor and Creator of numerous books and DVD’s.

Letha Amorita, OK

Not for fine hair

I have fine straight hair. When I sprayed it on, it was a fine mist, not heavy and has a nice scent. After a few minutes of air drying, my head looks like a huge wet oil pack. I tried blow drying it and styling, and it still looks extremely oily. I had to wash it out. It says for all hair types, but I googled it and found out that it is recommended for black women. Maybe if you have very thick and dry hair, you’ll like it. I was hoping to use this to improve hair growth, but it is way too oily.

Lessie Ontario, OR

Modified Use for Caucasian Hair

I have extremely thick, very coarse, long and wavy/curly Caucasian hair that tends to get very frizzy. It is also colored and highlighted. I realized this product’s target market is for people with African hair, but figured I’d give it a try since I’ve never had a problem with products being too heavy–quite the opposite.The first time I used this product, I sprayed three light sprays (each side and the back), and my hair became an instant grease ball. Not good. So the second time I used it, I sprayed it a couple times into the palm of my hand and ran my hands lightly through my hair from about 1/3 from the scalp to the ends, with a concentration on the ends. This time it gave just the right amount of shine and defrizzing. My hair is not greasy and has plenty of body.A great and unexpected perk of using this oil is that my flat iron works better. In addition to having naturally straighening-resistant hair, my natural hair color is now about 70% gray, which is even more difficult to defrizz/straighten. Nearly impossible, actually. I bought a top-of the line straighter some months back (GHD) and still it didn’t work that great. After using ths product, my hair is easier to straighten, gets straighter, and stays straight longer. That alone is worth the purchase price. I would caution you to be sure to put on a heat protecting product before the oil if you plan to straighten your hair. Otherwise it’s like frying your hair in hot grease–highly damaging.I absolutely would not recommend this product for anyone with fine or thin hair, but it worked great for me. And only using about two pumps per shampoo, this product will last me a very long time.

Virginia Greensboro, GA

Great for easy styling when in a rush!

Sometimes, during the morning rush, I haven’t got time to properly style my waist-length hair. In these situations, this hair oil has proven to be incredibly handy. A few quick spritzes – focused away from the roots, of course – down the length of my hair, and then I run my fingers through a few times to help distribute the oil a little more evenly. That’s it! The oil coats the hair and makes it soft. It weighs down the frizzier hairs, so that the overall appearance is smoother. It also dries fairly quickly, so my hair doesn’t feel greasy all day. I think that over the past few weeks, when I’ve used the oil every other day, my hair has gotten softer. The ends definitely don’t look as prone to split ends as before, and they don’t feel as scratchy and worn out against my skin.While this isn’t the only hair product I would use – it’s absolutely useless for obtaining volume, for example, although once I’ve achieved volume with mousse and a diffuser a little oil on the tips doesn’t weigh it down – it’s a solid, decent product, and I will continue to buy it in the future.

Nelly Davis Creek, CA

No Thanks

As other reviewers have noted, this product makes the hair take on a rather greasy look. I personally dislike that and it really doesn’t make me want to use it.

Brenda Bergenfield, NJ

OK, update.

My original review follows but after reading some of my fellow Vine reviewers comments I decided to take another look at this product.Please someone correct me if you would, the label says ” With 100% Pure Marula Oil” I would like someone to show me where there is any Marula Oil in this blend.My previous comments stand but after reading the label that was covered by a Vine sticker I checked out the ingredients and I personally cannot find anything that comes close to Marula Oil. It has many fragrance oils and some anti cancer products but what I do not understand is why the Honey and Sorbitol? I do not think I want to spread sweeteners on my hair and attract bees… also since it says it is 100% Marula oil I am upset that they lied.My original take on this product before I realized they lied.I applied this in a soft spray all over my hair, it made it shine and smell nice. I rubbed it in and if I were the kind to like that greasy wet look this would be perfect.In fact the next time I cut my hair short I will use it to give it the wet look that I like in the summer. So there is not need for hairspray. It shampoos out clean and leaves a nice soft effect to my hair.I would buy this again as it does do what it promises.

Isabel Franklin, NC