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Motions Straight Finish Cleanser, 8 Ounce

Motions Straight Finish Cleanser, 8 Fluid Ounces Prep naturally textured hair for heat styling with Motions Straight Finish Cleanser. This shampoo rehydrates and conditions, loosening curls and making hair more manageable. Motions Straight Finish Cleanser is part of the Motions Straight Finish Heat Styling System, which prepares, protects, and seals hair for temporary straightening with heat appliances. Motions Straight Finish Cleanser gently cleanses, softens and conditions to help with ease of detangling, while elongating curls. Conditioning Shampoo for Heat Straightening The first step in the Motions Straight Finish System, this rehydrating shampoo with keratin and a nourishing blend of shea butter and soy bean oil cleanses, softens, and conditions hair. The formula also elongates curls and eases detangling. Structured Liquid Formula for Manageable Hair This cleanser features a structured liquid formula, which provides optimal conditioning for more manageable hair. A structured liquid supports high concentrations of nourishing oil and water to deliver greater conditioning to the hair than a traditional shampoo formula. About Motions Straight Finish Heat Styling System One in four African American women would like to straight style her hair, but only if her natural curl pattern would not be compromised*. Motions three-step system provides women with natural curls the option to straighten their hair temporarily. The Motions system is designed to let hair bounce back and return to its naturally curly texture after one wash. *2013 Motions Hair Care Survey conducted by Kelton. Directions for Use Wet hair thoroughly Massage cleanser into hair to create a generous lather Rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed Follow with Motions Straight Finish Leave-in Conditioner and Motions Straight Finish Straight Finish Sealer Short/Fine Hair: Apply a quarter size amount Medium Length/Texture: Apply one half dollar size amount Especially Long/Thick Hair: Apply one half dollar size amount A Brand for Women in Motion Since 1993, Motions has become synonymous with salon-quality products for modern women of color. Motions is committed to rigorous product research, cutting-edge hair care solutions, and salon-quality, results-driven products. Celebrating the rich and unique beauty of women of color is at the heart of the Motions philosophy. Straight Finish Cleanser At a Glance: Prepares naturally textured hair for heat straightening Gently cleanses, softens, and conditions Makes hair more manageable Curls bounce back after one wash Use with Motions Straight Finish Heat Styling System

Key features

  • With shea butter and keratin
  • Cleanses and helps replenish moisturization
  • A perfect prep step to smooth and strengthen curls before heat styling

Honest reviews


Little or No Lather

I prefer a more deep cleaning shampoo.It doesn’t seem to work for my particular hair type.I find I get no lather and not enough cleaning. The cleanser is thinner than shampoo in consistency and has a faint but pleasant scent.This provides a delicate shampooing whereas I like a more thorough shampoo.

Joann Miller, SD

Left My Hair Feeling Dirty and Oily Feeling the Next Day

With thick, straight, Asian hair (aka, porous hair), I’ve found that many products from the Motions line helps my “sometimes unruly” hair. Unfortunately, the Motions Straight Finish Cleanser was not one of those products. This particular product did not do anything for my hair besides make it feel heavy and greasy the next day (I like to take evening showers as opposed to morning – I also blow dry my hair). I tried the cleanser in the morning just to see if it would make a difference after blow drying and flat ironing, and while it did make my hair exceptionally smooth and sleek, it again felt heavy and not quite clean after a few hours. Not recommended for thick porous hair.

Katie Mount Jewett, PA

helps tame daughter’s hair…

We have tried many MOTIONS products over the years, as we have tried many other brands and home remedies and just about anything to get a grip on our daughters hair. My wife absolutely dreds hair nights but MOTIONS products seem to work the best or close to the best. When using before using a hot iron or straightener on the hair this is a good product. It smells good and leaves the hair with a clean finish.

Shelby Brunswick, OH


I think I have probably tried every Motions product that Amazon offers. And that’s been at least 15. I can say that only one, a wash out conditioner, left my hair caked with product and dry as ever. I think its time to give up on Motions and realize that it not for MY hair and try to find something else that works.

Keisha Stambaugh, KY

smells good, washes hair well

This good smelling product feel like it wraps moisture around your hair. After using it, my hair feels light, unburdened by heavy creme as is sometimes the case with other foamy cleansers.It’s reasonably priced and works reasonably well.I’ve seen it at the local Target too — if anyone’s looking for it on the store shelves.

Germaine Riddleton, TN

gentle cleansing

The Motions Straight Finish Cleanser gave a very gentle cleansing to my hair. It did not strip all of the product out of my hair, and that has pros and cons. I would use this cleanser as a regular cleanser but would need to use a more clarifying cleanser to really deep clean my hair.

Dayna Crete, IL

Motions Straight Finisher Cleanser

Motions Straight Finisher Cleanser.This is good shampoo. It cleansed my hair. It didn’t take much shampoo. It left it with a good feel.After the shampooing, I used the conditioner and the styling liquid. I will tell you about those in the next reviews. I then styled my hair, after using all three products. I will tell you about that, also, in the review of the last product.Good shampoo.

Tammy Edgewood, TX


This hair product is actually very effective, especially on African-American hair. It left the hair tamed, flowing, and wonderful! I highly recommend it.

Eloise Huxford, AL

Works great

We’ve been using this product (along with the conditioner) for the last several weeks and hair is noticeably smoother, smells great with no adverse affects. Works as promised. 4 stars because of the cost. It’s pretty expensive compared to other products that seem to work just as well that you can get at any retailer.

Monica Lowell, NC

Left my hair too tangled and dry.

This cleanser is quite thick and smells pleasant. It didn’t lather much, but I felt that it did a good job cleaning my hair. My hair felt very clean after use, but it was also quite tangled afterward. I felt like it didn’t leave my hair as moisturized as I would have liked. I have color treated natural hair (the relaxer is growing out).

Ruthie Meriden, NH

It’s shampoo

It’s shampooIt is a gentle, nonfoamy, mild shampooTo me it is indistinguishable from John Frieda productsIt’s the conditioner that is really important

Rachel Wolcott, CO

Good Hair Cleanser, Recommend using it with other Motions Heat Styled!

I love this new line from “Motions for Natural Textures Heat Styled Straight Finish”: Cleanser, Leave-in Conditioner, and Sealer.It helps “tame” my dry, frizzy, dark hair. My hair is now smooth, easy to comb, shiny, and healthier. The cleaner has a creamy texture and smells really nice. This cleaner is definitely my newest favorite hair product along with Motions Leave-in Conditioner and Sealer.I now have softer hair and less frizzy, which is awesome! I highly recommend this product if you have dry, frizzy hair like me. I am sure it will work well with other types of hair as well. It works for me! My old damaged hair is now healthier looking and feels softer and smoother. This product is amazing!

Delores Ford, KS

Motions Straight Finish Cleanser

A really nice cleanser that cleanses without drying. Good for dry, damaged hair or hair that just needs extra moisture. Highly recommended.

Vonda Saint Landry, LA

Oh Absolutely

My niece has curly, coarse blond hair. This product works like a miracle cleanser to help control the frizz. This whole line seems to be excellent for coarse, curly hair! Definite recommend.

Fran Lincroft, NJ

Great value for the hair

Helps me detangle my wet, knotty hair in the shower. I like to run a comb through while I’m in the shower and this certainly helped with that. In fact, there was little effort involved with the comb through after using this product.As I’ve mentioned in other reviews of Motions products, the fragrance is amazing. This cleanser, in combination with the conditioner, makes my hair almost (almost) not need the flatiron. My hair comes out shiny and manageable and ready to be styled with relative ease and little to no tangles. This is an especially good product if you use a flatiron a lot. The result is, again, very soft, very fragrant, manageable hair.The price is outstanding for the amount of product you get. The tubes are fairly large.Recommend.

Carolyn Clarcona, FL

Good shampoo, but too watered down.

The first thing I noticed with this shampoo is how runny it is. I expect a thicker product when using a tube type container like the one this comes in. You usually squeeze out products that come in a tube. This product is so runny it literally pours out. If you squeeze, you will quickly have a handful of shampoo in your hand. They should have either made this product thicker or put it in a bottle.Other than that problem, this is a good product. The shampoo cleanses well. It has a very subtle scent.I did not really feel that it moisturized my hair, but at least it did not dry out my hair.

Aimee Tallulah, LA

Useful in multi-step, multiple product process

The Motions Straight Finish Cleanser uses petroleum jelly (first ingredient is petrolatum) mixed with surfactants including sodium laureate sulfate. This gives the product a unique combination of powers, namely that it foams, lowers the surface tension on individual hairs and infuses the hair with a semi solid viscous ointment that will protect against heat and certain chemicals. I think Motions got it right with this finish cleanser.

Danielle Kiefer, OK

Not A Hit

I’ve used several Motions products and they have been hit or miss with me. Some, I have really liked quite well but many of them leave my hair feeling coated, heavy and weighed down.I used the Motions Straight Finish line and tried the cleanser, leave-in conditioner and sealer. I tried all the products individually and also together as a line to really get a feel of what I thought about them.This review is for the cleanser. It once again was a miss for me. It left my hair not feeling clean but heavy and coated. I did not care for it or the conditioner but I did like the sealer. I have written reviews for those products as well.I put this bottle away and did not finish it. Depending on hair types of course but I won’t be using this one again personally.

Nona Adrian, WV

Conditioning Shampoo

Because it is a Conditioning Shampoo I was hesitant to use the product. I was concerned that the keratin protein and shea butter in the shampoo would not leave my hair clean and would weigh it down.The shampoo did a fine job of cleaning my scalp and hair. The Shea and Keratin combination left my hair feeling softer, and not stripped dry as well as clean.I first used “Motions Straight Finish Cleanser” in January 2012 and the product still works as intended for me.

Andrea Tahoka, TX

Works great

This product works great. It also smells great. It is a perfect straight finish cleanser. I really enjoy the whole line of motions.

Leah Beckville, TX

Found a winner!

I have tried quite a few products that make claims but found one that delivers in this product! I was absolutely surprised by the results of this product! The smell is quite pleasant, the texture of the cleanser is creamy and the results I received made me quite happy!I was a little surprised at the texture of the shampoo, I had to make sure it wasn’t a conditioner as it has the same look and feel. I have thick hair that usually requires a good amount for me to get a lather,but this was not the case with this product. I used a smaller amount and worked up a nice rich lather, right then I knew that I was going to like this product. My hair was already soft to the touch and light and my natural hair was not as tangled as usual! I was able to initially comb through my hair with very minor issues which is a first for me! I did use all three products in the line and I love them all! I feel like it has somehow made my hair thicker and have commented that many times to others! I am very pleased with this product and it now what I strictly use on my natural hair! This is also the product that I share and recommend to friends!

Nannie Thorn Hill, TN

Light Cleanser That Works Well With Other Motions Products

The Motions Straight Finish Cleanser is, as its name states, a mild cleanser as opposed to a real shampoo. The scent is light and it has a very low amount of lather. It does leave your hair moisturized since it has petrolatum, oils, and shea butter. Unfortunately it makes my hair look frizzy if I don’t follow up with the other products in the line such the leave in conditioner and the sealer.

Pearlie Palm, PA

Smells great

I was recently given the opportunity to try the Motions Straight finish 3 step line. I am mixed race. My hair is thick,frizzy,dry and curly it also tangles very easily.I do not chemically straighten my hair but I do occasionally use a flat iron.I also color treat my hair.This shampoo(step one in the line) comes in a tube rather than a bottlen.I am not a fan of the tube.If your not careful it can dispense way too much product ( you only need to use a small dollop of this shampoo ) The shampoo and the conditioner ( the second step in this line) share the same exact tube shape and color. I find it annoying to have to stop and check which item I am about to use.The shampoo smells great but not overwhelming.The texture of the shampoo is very creamy.It suds well and you will have to rinse extra well to remove all traces of it. It left my hair soft and mostly tangle free. My hair felt moisturized and not stripped!Overall I loved this shampoo.It works great for natural or straight styling.I plan on making this my regular shampoo.

Gena Ridgeway, OH

For Dry Hair Types

Unless your hair is very dry, this cleanser may not leave your hair feeling as clean and fresh as other shampoos.Motions is an excellent line of hair care. This shampoo works for some and not for others.The cleanser looks and feels more like conditioner. It’s not thick shampoo texture.After several weeks of using it, I realize it doesn’t work for my hair type. My hair felt weighted down and heavy.

Marla Binger, OK

I have seen the light

I originally gave this product 2 stars. But I tried using it differently and it was awesome. I get lots of shampoos and conditioners to try. But I came back and bought this.I use the shampoo and then rinse with cold water. Lots of rinsing. I blot dry with a towel. Then I use the matching leave in conditioner. I wasn’t using anywhere near enough. Now I use a squirt a little bigger than a half dollar. I distribute this through my hair being careful not to get much at the roots. Then I comb my hair straight down. Then magic happens. If I can keep from touching my hair (its so so so soft) my hair dries in gorgeous soft waves and curls. I do nothing. The curls are so healthy and bouncy I can sleep on them and they still look great. My hair is awesome!Original dumb review-I have loved almost all the Motions products I have tried. We use them daily at this house. But this is not my favorite. It smells great like all of the Motions line. It lathered up nicely and felt rich and very moisturizing in my hair but then it didn’t rinse cleanly. It left my hair tacky and a little sticky. That promotes snarls and that is the last thing I want.

Dollie Esperance, NY


Motions Straight Finish Cleanser in this 8 ounce size is a great value at this price and a product that does exactly what you want it to.

Leonor De Kalb, TX

Didn’t like it/has sulfides

This dried out my already stressed-out hair, and using that leave-in conditioner that is supposed to go with this didn’t help at all. Lastly, sulfides are not good for hair, especially if it is color treated like mine or treated with keratin. Nope. Didn’t like it.

Elda Westerville, OH

Great Naturals Conditioning Product

I conditioned my hair with this after shampooing it and it had a decent effect, didn’t straighten it out entirely but helped immensely especially with the frizzing. Followed up with the leave in conditioner and helped my hair look and smell great!

Lourdes Metcalfe, MS

Really makes my hair soft and tangle-free. I love it!

I enjoy my natural hair. For years I went to a salon and had my hair relaxed. But over the years I felt relaxers weakened my hair, especially as I got older. So six years ago I stopped having it relaxed. Since then I’ve been trying to find the best shampoos and conditioners in order to keep my natural hair strong and manageable. The Motions line of products, so far, has been the best and this cleanser is no exception. It’s a great product.

Rosella Rabun Gap, GA

OK product.

This is a good cleanser for your hair. However, I feel that for me, I will only use it intermittently in between using other, regular shampoos. While I do love the results that Motions Straight Finish Cleanser has on my hair, my scalp seems to need a deeper cleansing or it goes really flat the next day. This is definitely not a criticism of the product, but only my personal experience. (I have had the same experiece while using Wen.)

Deirdre Arkansas City, AR