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Motions Naturally You, Radiating Hair Gloss, 5.8 Ounce

Instantly reduce frizz with the Motions Radiating Gloss. This lightweight styling gloss contains a hydrating formula that smooths hair and adds a natural looking shine. Styling Gloss For Natural Hair Textures Whether you wear tightly coiled curls, loose ringlets, or flowing waves, this gloss gives you the freedom to rock your own style. This salon-tested gloss is formulated for all natural hair types to provide consistent shine, and smooth hair without flyaways. Non-Stop Frizz Control For A Radiant Shine This styling gloss provides hair with a radiant, even luster. Infused with shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil, it smooths and transforms dry hair. This advanced formula intensely nourishes the hair fiber. Just two or three pumps applied to your hair during or after styling will add radiant shine and smoothness without flyaways. About Motions: Salon-Inspired Hair Care Since 1993, Motions has become synonymous with creating salon-inspired products. Motions is committed to rigorous product research, cutting-edge hair care solutions, and salon-tested, results-driven products. Celebrating the rich and unique beauty of women is at the heart of Motions’ philosophy. Motions Radiating Gloss At A Glance: Styling gloss for a natural, even finish before or after styling Light formula adds radiant shine Hydrates dry hair and reduces frizz Nourishing formula with shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil For all natural hair textures What’s In The Box Motions Radiating Gloss (5.8 ounces)

Key features

  • One 5.8-ounce bottler of Motions Naturally You, Radiating Hair Gloss
  • Adds instant shine
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and looking healthy
  • For all natural hair types
  • Embrace the incredible beauty of your natural hair with Motions Naturally You

Honest reviews


VERY slippery and silicone-y- feels too slick for me.

Since I LOVEMotions Naturally You, Hydrate My Curls Pudding 8 Ounce, I had high hopes for this product, but it feels very similar to all the other “glosses” out there- and I feel like I’ve tried them all!!! Too slick, feels like straight up silicone, the “gloss” didn’t stay but the chemical texture did. Hard to wash out, and not a product I will continue to use. The Hair Pudding, though, is a miracle – one of my new all time hair product favorites, and one I would choose against much more expensive brands.

Florence Allison, IA

Not worth the agravation to me

I tried this hair gloss because it looked like it had good stuff in it, like Shea butter and coconut oil. My hair has lots of body, so I like to use products that will help with control and frizz, and give it a little shine. This gloss seemed very greasy when I pumped it into my hand, but I tried it anyway. I used one pump, as I don’t want my hair to be greasy. I rubbed it in while my hair was damp, and later noticed a little extra sheen. When I washed my hands I had to re-soap several times in order to get the grease off my hands.

Kayla Havre, MT


Motions Naturally You Radiating Hair Gloss shines up my curly hair without making it all icky and heavy. The curls stay curly and the tangles stay un-tangled. It helps my hair to look more like a Renaissance portrait and less like Little Orphan Annie.

Lakesha Only, TN

A gloppy mess

I found this to be gloppy and messy. It weighed my hair down. The product squirts out in a burst, with the consistency of a slightly beaten, thick raw egg. (I had a less nice analogy that I won’t offer here.) It is sticky and may wind up on your clothing if you don’t know what to expect.YUCK!

Kris Carrollton, VA

good gloss but not a guaranteed ultimate shine

The Motions Naturally You is sold at Target as well, and has affordable hair products that are okay. The radiating gloss is decent, although not as impressive as some of the other over-the-counter brands gloss or some of the other saloon glosses I have tried in the past. For it’s price though, it does make your hair shinier.I have thick dark hair sprinkled with gray and this hair gloss adds a brownish tint / shine to it. It doesn’t radiate, but does create a nice glow.

Savannah Southington, OH

A Little Is All You Need!

The Motions Naturally You Radiating Hair Gloss is just what I needed to maintain my hair in the South Florida Humidity. This hair gloss is nice and will have your hair smoothed out without the frizzies, but be careful because a little goes a long way and if you make the mistake of using too much(I did!) of the Hair gloss then it weighs your hair down and makes it look really greasy.This bottle will last you a long time because you only need a drop and this will help manage the fly-a-ways and the frizzy hair. I like that the Motions Naturally You Radiating Hair Gloss that contains coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado oil has helped my hair from breaking and really minimalized my split ends. I love that this gloss moisturizes and tames my natural hair as well as my hair extentions.

Lolita New Hope, PA

Nice look,feels good at first but…

Has some great ingredients yet likely in very small quantities.I wasn’t thrilled to find a major ingredient to be denatured alcohol.Oily when put on hands but doesn’t stay that way.Great for on the go, but I think for longer term,I want something that’s going to have long-term health effects on my scalp & hair.I think this is OK for a quick touch up at the gym,but like a famous palm oil brand better for deep treatments that last & keep hair strong.

Geraldine Broadview, IL

Contains cyclopentasiloxane

As with most Motions products, Radiating Hair Gloss has a myriad of unpronounceable man-made chemical ingredients. I always check to make certain they are ingredients that won’t aggravate the scalp and face. The first two ingredients in the Radiating Hair Gloss are cyclopentasiloxane and cyclohexasiloxane. Both of these ingredients “evaporate” quickly without leaving a sticky feeling and help to distribute the oils evenly and quickly. The only problem is that some people do have a skin reactions with both of these ingredients.So while this does make hair shiny and smooth, if you have a problem with the two main ingredients, avoid this product or apply it only to the lower portion of your hair.Scent: For some reason this smells like rubbing alcohol. This does not bother me. It is a rather clean scent on initial application and does not linger.

Kerri Ashland, OH

Great for my daughter’s mixed hair.

My wife is black, I am mixed…needless to say, my daughter has some fun hair to deal with. I constantly have to brush it to keep it from tangling into knots, if she takes a nap I have to brush her hair, and when she goes to sleep I brush it to minimize the mess of tangled knots that will be waiting for me in the morning. But, for some reason that I cannot fathom, this product has actually given me a slight break. I wonder if maybe it’s the grease that keeps it from tangling throughout the day…I have no clue why, but the main point is that it is working. Thank you Motions Naturally You, Radiating Hair Gloss.

Mina Wallace, MI

I didn’t like it

I put the hair gloss on my hair and it glisten for about a minute and did like the was it glisten it looked I put to much grease in my hair gross

Sharon Islesford, ME

beautiful gloss, but less is more

If you use a tiny bit, you’ll love this product from Motions. Too much and you’ll have an oil slick.It works well through thick hair, and the shine is incredible. It doesn’t seem to sit on hair as much get absorbed by it. I don’t use it on my roots though so as not to weigh them down. Given how little you use, this will last a long time. I especially like that it helps my swim-damaged hair feel luxurious.No yucky smell to it, and the gel washes off easier than some from your hands. (Better than Biosilk, my previous fave).

Katrina Geuda Springs, KS


Bad choice for haircare.. Even if it was FREE I wouldn’t take it again. Oily, runny and very thin product. I didn’t see it do anything other than make a mess, not only on my hair but other places. Went everywhere, wasn’t easy to open/use, overall not very good. No radiating glosslike effect either.I’m not sure what type of hair this is for or targeted to but it didn’t work on mine or do anything good. I can’t see it being good for anyone really. I’d have to give it 1-2 stars. Not recommended.

Jeanne Scranton, NC

Ingredient caution…

This product is targeted for African American Hair.One of its ingredients is denatured alcohol…very drying.My thoughts are:1. If your hair is oily, you do not want to add more oil.2. If your hair is dry, you don’t want to dry it further.A fine product to try might be Biosilk silk therapy, or for styling with a bit of gloss Garner Furctis Style…no denatured alcohol.

Marva Roxbury, PA

I like it

Motions naturally you hair gloss for me I like it! its lite not heavy and all you need is small amount also love the scent as well, I would recommend this product for all types of hair

Constance Ethridge, TN

Oily and wet

This idea of shiny hair is wonderful. The use of this product to accomplish it is not a way I will use.It comes in a bottle that doesn’t ship well. It was an oily mess when I opened the packaging. It felt like baby oil and was just as hard to wash off.When I used it on my hair, it was a good thing I hadn’t dried my hair as the product makes the hair wet. Maybe I used too much the first time but even when I used a little the next few times, it still made the hair wet enough that I felt the need to blow dry my hair again. I also didn’t notice any significant added shine.This is not a product I will recommend to my friends and family.

Keisha Qulin, MO

Motions Naturally You

This product is not for all hair types. I cannot use it on my straight, fine, hair. My mistake for not investigating further before ordering the product.It is a hair gloss and as such it does just that, it adds a sheen to your hair. I could never use this product and leave it in my hair for the day. The only way I could do that would be if I wanted a wet look. But, I cannot stand the oily feel.The other issue I have against this product is the scent. It just about made me sick to my stomach. I could smell it even after washing my hair.

Andrea Tiller, OR

Not so naturally you….

I’m struck by the name of this product…..”Naturally You”. Here’s the ingredient list:Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyglohexasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone, Alcohol Denat., Cocos Nucifera (Cocout) Oil, Aminopropyl Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Water, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Polysorbate 20, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Panthenol, Biotin Niacinamide.Not too natural to me, seeing as the two primary ingredients are silicones. The rest of the list is only slightly better. To be fair, Cyclopentasiloxane is commonly used in some hair care products, as it is a very thin silicone.The bottle is 5.8 fluid ounces and since you need just a little of the product, that should last quite some time.I would not recommend this if you have fine, thin, or any hair type less than medium to very coarse.The product does add some shine to hair, but I don’t think it really moisturizes. Again it is silicone based, which, if anything, water proofs…..sort of like “Armor All for the hair.”The scent is somewhat chemical, not fragrant at all.I would rate this just OK.

Alexandria Victoria, MN

Smells a little strange but works like a charm

My wife always liked the L’Oreal Paris EverSleek Serum. The cream serum sort of functions as a silk therapy detangler that helps reduce frizziness in the hair. But I get tired of purchasing the serum as it does run a little pricey. I was shopping around on Amazon and found this for her as an alternative. She’s used it a couple of times, and while the smell isn’t as inviting as that from the L’Oreal product, she says it’s just as effective–and it comes in a much larger bottle too. She tends to use it after her showers, rubbing a little into the damp hair and then combing through it. I would recommend this over the pricier silk therapy serums produced by other brands.

Jocelyn Kennard, IN

No More Frizz with Motions Naturally You

I have short, straight hair and in no way do I need any type of hair styling gel, oil, or anything else. But I do live in a house full of women who can use a product to help keep their wavy locks looking beautiful. This hair gloss from motions does exactly that, helping their hair keep the shape and look that they like.Among the hair complaints from the women on my house, having their hair frizz is number one. I often point out that this was the standard back in the 1980’s and they should consider it a fashion statement, but they are not amused. They do not want any frizz and this product from Motions is specially formulated to control this problem. They apply just a small amount and then finish styling their hair. It keeps hair in its present form so that there is no chance for frizzing.This product, as expected, does add some gloss to the hair and that seems to be fine with the ladies in my home. They don’t necessarily love the gloss, but they don’t complain either. From what I gather, the main thing they want is frizz control and that is what they get with this product. They wash their hair, dry like usual, and then apply the gloss. The frizz is gone and doesn’t return for the day.So, in summary, this product appears to be a good one for accomplishing one main goal and it does earn a recommendation for that reason alone. It isn’t the best product of its kind, according to my wife, but it is good enough to recommend.

Della Devol, OK

Nice Product

I applied just a few drops (less than recommended) rubbed into my palms and then rubbed into my hair, and it left my hair with a nice soft finish. I like it and recommend it. Motions products are recommended for women of color. I am not, but I do have very curly, wavy hair, and I really like the finish these products give me. Highly recommended.

Marisol Mekinock, ND

Great product, but don’t purchase on Amazon

First let me say, if you are ordering this online, don’t. By the time I got my package the bottle was half empty. It had spilled all over the packaging. Other than that, it is a great gloss. It’s not sticky or greasy. It goes in smoothly and quickly. There is no smell. I though there would be. The bottle said it is made of coconut and avocado oil. I would’ve loved that smell in my hair. But that’s not a deal breaker. With so many hair products with smells, it’s fine to leave one out. Other than the packaging this is a great product. I will just purchase it in the store from now on.

Kristie Little Rock Air Force Base, AR

Great Shine

This hair gloss has a nice thin consistency, so it doesn’t weigh the hair down. (Just don’t use too much. A little goes a long way!) When you put some on your hands and rub it around you will notice it makes your hands very, very slippery. It provides great shine to your hair. It has kind of a chemical scent but it fades quickly. I did not find the scent to be overpowering. This gloss not only added shine to my hair, but it felt softer to the touch. Overall, this is a great hair product and reasonably priced.

Jeanie Dunbridge, OH

Looks like it doesn’t work for most people. Works great for me

I’ve tried products touted by serious hair gurus. Never works for me. This one does, like crazy. Two dollops, not large ones.This product makes me grateful. Finally, something works. And it’s got a pretty neutral fragrant. I acknowledge it doesn’t work for most others.

Casey Jersey Shore, PA

Frizz Reducer

Very much like any other hair serum on the market such as Frizz-Ease. Honestly I can’t really tell a difference between any of them. I love using them. They are great for reducing frizz and fly-aways. If you like Frizz-Ease and other hair serums then you’ll like this one too.

Neva Lawson, MO

Although I am precisely the target consumer for this – I won’t be switching from my stand-by glosser – too heavy even for me

Daverat’s Wife speaking (please be kind about typos, I have arthritis) As many of us reviewing Motions products before have said, these products CAN be sued by all hair types but in different amounts. The tighter your curls and thicker your hair, the more Motions products will usually work for you. I adore some of their products and buy them faithfully. I have thick, waist length naturall wavy hair that tends towards breakage. I do not chemically straighten my hair nor do I use Brazillian Blow-outs. The only things I use are glossing treatments and hair oils.This new product from Motions is an attempt to formulate a Glossing Serum for what I call “Ethnic Hair” like mine, not necessarily African-American hair but hair that is genetically trending towards waves, forms twists or curls on its own, tends to be fragile and suffers from breakage. In order to compete with Frizz-Ease or Paul Mitchell, they have to resort to the controversial “Cones” – any ingredient ending with the suffixe ‘cone: Things like Dimethicone in its various forms. Just like the other products mentioned, those are what Motions relies upon to help form that frizz taming, hair sfat coating, slippery gloss treament that helps you run a comb through thick or curly hair without frizzing it into an afro. The ‘cones also help lock in what moisture you have and keep out atmospheric moisture. Yes, there are products out there that Gloss without the ‘cones but this is not one of them so I will only compare it to similar products laden with ‘cones. The products like this with ‘Cone ingredients are controversial among haircare professionals because they contain some drying ingredients and they work by coating the hair rather than conditioning it. To me, they are a necessary evil and I choose to use the ones where I can get by with using as little as possible since the more you use, the more drying alcohols you are applying to your hair.Motions Naturally You Radiating Gloss does what it says it will do if applied very lightly. it is a product laden with ‘cones but that is currently the easiest way to gloss hair and lay down frizz quickly. I had no trouble getting it to help tamp down my frizz, smooth my style into place and help seal my ends after a blow-out. Some people use this both before and after heat application but I prefer to use naytral hair oils before heat. The things is, compared to my usual Frizz Serum, the Motions brand was much heavier on my hair, even in smaller amounts and it did not bursh through my hair as well. It tended to stay where it was applied, making it harder for me to get a good even coat of Frizz-control throughout the length of my hair which is essential if you are going to attempt a French Braid, a 4-Strand Braid or my favorite protective styling, the Crown Braid. It’s a french braid in the round that looks like a tiara braided into your hair. You need some length to get this right and your fingers need to be able to glide through your hair. A gloss serum is essential. I couldn’t acchieve any complicated braids with Motions Gloss because even for me, Madam Thirsty hair, the stuff was too heavy.I like the Gloss well enough to use it sparingly if I’m rocking a wrapped pony tail since it does help me tamp down the breakage at my hair line around my head and smooth the Pony but it will never replace my fave Glosser Sereum which is much more expensive but worth every penny since it is lightweight and a tiny amount gets the job done. That would be:Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum Unisex, 8.5 Ounce. I like the bright apple scent of Paul Mitchell’s serum better than the vaguely industrial odor of the Naturally You Gloss and I much prefer the overall performance. Sorry Motions! You know I love you and many of your products but this one needs reformulation. If I can smell the polymers, acetates and alchol based ingredients in the product, I’m already turned off. Then the heaviness of the gloss is about twice that of the original John Frieda Frizz-Ease and that’s saying somethiong since Frizz Ease is heavy indeed.I wanted very much to love this Glosser since I appreciate Motions reaching out to larger groups of women with hair issues that don’t just effect African-Americans. In this case, I simply feel they need to reformulate a little. If you want a reliable Gloss Serum that won’t weigh your hair down and will really help even the frizziest hair, I say go with the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I wait and buy it when it’s buy 2 get 1 free at Ulta or when I find a better price here on Amazon which happens frequently. 1 Bottle lasts a LONG time.

Allene Ringgold, LA

Too oily

I tried this and it is just too oily for me and seems to flatten my natural waves. I guess it would depend on your hair type, if your hair is dry and needs some flattening or has way too many stray hairs then this may work for you. My hair is kind of fine and has a natural curl and it really is fairly good health so I don’t have a lot of fuzziness.

Mai Rosedale, WV

Pleasently surprised.

When I first picked up the bottle I was worried because the liquid inside seemed very thin almost like baby oil. Actually it works quite well and is not at all oily on my hair. It does ad shine and controls the frizzies. I have very thick bodied hair and I have been through my fair share of expensive salon brand serums for frizz, shine, and body. I don’t think this is the best shine/frizz out there but is an affordable alternative for anyone looking for a product that is not so thick and heavy on the hair. My only other complaint is that the product dispenser takes quite a bit of force to propel the product out of the spout, so make sure you have your hand ready to catch it or you will have shine serum all over the place. Also the dispenser pumps out way too much product with a single push. I would like to see this in a dropper style bottle or squeeze bottle rather than a pump so I can measure out the amount of product I need for my hair.

Mina Dugger, IN

Does what it says

I must admit to being very impressed with this product! I looked at the other reviews and see that many are not as impressed as I am!First this is a product marketed to women of color. I am Caucasian with fine hair. My hair stylist convinced me to buy two Moroccan oil products for about $80. Friends swear by these products so I took the plunge. To be honest I didn’t see much of a difference in the way my hair looked.This $6 product really adds shine and manageability to my hair. The directions say to use several pumps of product, but I use one in my hands and then after I have distributed the product equally over my hands I run them through my hair wet or dry. I can see a visible difference in the shine.I really like this stuff! And it certainly is much cheaper than Moroccan oil and it for me at least, since beauty products are very personal, it works great.

Noemi Mcintosh, MN


Motions Radiating Hair Gloss is decent but it’s just like other glosses I’ve used. It smells nice and leaves a decent sheen to the hair for a good half of a day. What I don’t like about it, as well as other glosses, it the slick feel it leaves to the hair.

Gwen Somers, IA

Hair Lube

My hair is as dull as a politician’s speech. I decided to spice it up a bit with some of this gloss. As soon as it came out of the bottle I knew that things were on the down side. The odor that this has is not what you want on your hair or anywhere else on your body. It smells like you are back in your high school chemistry lab. Having gone this far, I went ahead and rubbed some of this “gloss” on my hair. My wife got a big kick out of my oily head but was concerned that I might place my head on the couch or somewhere that she did not want an oily look. I noticed that even my Dobie was giving me a hard look and I am pretty sure I noticed a smirk.Needless to say, between the terrible scent and the oil slick look this is not a product I would use again or recommend to anyone.

Esther Williams, CA