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Motions Natural Textures Hair Pudding, With Shea Butter, Coconut and Avocado Oils 8 oz

Hydrate and elongate your curls with Motions Hydrate My Curls Pudding. This salon-tested styling pudding is formulated for a range of naturally curly hair textures for long-lasting hold and shine. Light Hold Styling For Natural Hair Textures Whether you wear tightly coiled curls, loose ringlets, or flowing waves, this pudding gives you the freedom to rock your own style. This salon-tested pudding is formulated for all natural hair types to hydrate and lightly define curls, while reducing frizz. Increases Moisture And Elasticity This light and fluffy styling pudding with shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil is designed to hydrate and lightly define curls. The pudding adds shine and manageability to your style while also providing moisture during styling to help you avoid brittle, dry hair. Apply on wet or dry hair to increase shine. For curls, apply a small amount and distribute evenly, then style as usual. For twists, apply a generous amount to hair and distribute evenly. Follow with the Define My Curls Créme to create the twists. About Motions: Salon-Inspired Hair Care Since 1993, Motions has become synonymous with creating salon-inspired products. Motions is committed to rigorous product research, cutting-edge hair care solutions, and salon-tested, results-driven products. Celebrating the rich and unique beauty of women is at the heart of Motions’ philosophy. Motions Hydrate My Curls Pudding At A Glance: Styling pudding offers light hold Creamy formula defines curls while reducing frizz Hydrates hair and creates shine without leaving excess residue Nourishing formula with shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil Great for achieving styles such as double-strand twist What’s In The Box Motions Hydrate My Curls Pudding (8 ounces)

Key features

  • One 8-ounce jar of Motions Naturally You, Hydrate My Curls Pudding
  • Lightweight, fluffy pudding with shea butter, coconut and avocado oils
  • Use for naturally curly styles
  • Hydrates, elongates and lightly defines curls
  • Reduces frizz, leaving soft, shiny and healthy hair

Honest reviews


I didn’t like it

this product was light for my hair . when I washed my hair it would be ok but doesn’t work to well with dry hair and where I live I can not have wet hair every day

Brandi Gardnerville, NV

Hair Pudding

I’d never had hair pudding before, so I am experimenting with how much, how little, where at, etc. This seems to be a good product for what it is intended. It is sorta greasy for my hair, but then again, I don’t think this product was really intended for my hair type. I’ve had mouses and gels and volumizers and other hair products; for my hair type these work best for me.I’ll keep experimenting; I think I used too much, that’s why it was so greasy.

Madeline Tridell, UT

Keep it moving

I tried this on daughter’s natural hair. It went on creamy and a gave her hair a temp. SHINE at that time. But once it dried the shine was gone. Wasted my money.

Sherri Hiawatha, IA

Oops! A little too heavy for this white chick’s hair

I’m sure this product is great for the right hair – but my processed blonde wavy hair was not what this creamy dreamy product was created for.I tried a dollop on my just-styled curls and it really weighed my style down. This is a product made for African-American tresses, not super-fine hair like mine.I’m sure it’s great for thicker, coarser strands …

Jeanie Killawog, NY

Not For My Hair Type

I am a white woman with coarse, wavy gray hair. This product did not help curl my hair but rather frizzed it out, though it did give me some moisturizing. I used a diffuser like I’ve always done but this time, I had no distinct, discernible curls. I believe this product is made for African American Women and their hair type. My hair just didn’t respond the way I’d have liked it to.

Wendi Powhatan Point, OH

It has it’s good points, but wife had allergic reaction

My wife describes Motions Naturally You, Hydrate My Curls Pudding as a good product that gave her curls more definition and softened her hair. It has a light fresh scent and thick and creamy to the touch. However, her scalp became dry and itchy. She believes she had some sort of allergic reaction to the pudding. This type of reaction is probably not common, but is likely to deter my wife for sure.

Blanca Doswell, VA

It might be how you use it…..

My teenage daughter also tried this product and thought it was okay. For those or you who have to have 100% natural products this product is not for you. It has at least five ingredients that most naturals stay away from such as mineral oil. It was not that serious for her, especially because she don’t use this product everyday. All she cared about was how her hair looked and felt once it was styled. She was pretty impressed by the texture, consistency and smell of the product. The overall result was a thumbs down, for now at least. I say for now because I think she may have used too much of the product which caused her hair to become ridiculously greasy when it dried. Or maybe that’s just how the product works. Who knows. She will, however, give it another try, this time with less product and see if she get the same result. As for my recommendation, all hair is different so its really up to you to fine out.

Carmella Martinsville, NJ

Tries to be Miss Jessies Pudding!

I have 4b/4c hair and am a self professed product junkie. I have tried everything and Motions Naturally You, Hydrate My Curls Pudding is a brazen attempt at reproducing Miss Jessie’s Curly pudding. And might I add, I poor recreation. My curls were limp, and crunchy and they didn’t SMELL great like Miss Jessie’s. I promise I am not an employee of Miss Jessie’s. I actually only buy them when they have a BOGO sale but I felt that I had to defend them and alert consumers that Motions might LOOK like Miss Jessies and it might be more affordable but it did not perform like Miss Jessies.

Elba Holcomb, MO

Does Not Significantly Increase Anything

I hesitated to give this product such a low rating, but it’s product description basically forced my to. This product did little to nothing to tame my long hair. For something that advertised itself as providing a “significant improvement,” I was not impressed.There are a few positives to this hair product. It does wash out well. Many other hair products do not come out for days. But this stuff did not do anything else that was particularly helpful in any way.If you’re looking for something to hydrate your hair, look elsewhere. Hair products are not that expensive if you’re not buying brand names. This stuff is not worth your money.

Coleen Granada, MN

Lkie this maker

I have not used it yet, but I know the manufacturer and have used other products from them, so I am sure that this one will be great. The product was received timely and I love the smell and feel of it.

Francine Sidney, MT

Motions NY: Naturally Chemical

I used Motions Naturally You: Hydrate My Curls on my natural, 4A hair. And unfortunately, this product is anything but natural. It’s a major disappointment. The product, itself, didn’t have a pleasant smell. When I put it on my hair, the stale, chemical scent lingered for a few hours. Additionally, Motions NY didn’t really do anything for my hair — the product didn’t moisturize my strands, nor did it bring out any curl definition. The day I used the product (to revive a two-day old twist out) — my hair ended up looking flat, dry and frizzy.Motions NY “Pudding” didn’t fare any better in the ingredients department, which is the chemical equivalent of a hot mess. There is a panoply of really bad ingredient (cones and parabens). Parabens, due to the risks they potentially pose, shouldn’t be used in ANY beauty product.The really sad (or insulting) thing, is that they dropped small amounts of avocado oil and shea butter (in minute amounts, as noted by the order of the ingredients list) to appeal to women who’d like to purchase a more “natural” product. But, I believe the inclusion of these ingredients were merely “cosmetic” (pun not intended) to lure potential buyers. I know it’s big business, but a company should never underestimate the intelligence of its consumer base or clientele.I really think Motions needs to scrap this product and go back to the drawing board and come up with a real product — that’s based on quality, and not trying to make a quick buck on a growing market. Something that has spa-quality, natural ingredients, and formulas that work. People will pay extra for quality.

Winnie North Pole, AK

Made my hair look unwashed.

My curls may have been shiny after the product application, but they were shiny like unwashed, greasy hair is shiny. The healthy shine was not present at all. Also, the product is heavy, such that my hair was still greasy hours after I put it in. I was hoping for an alternative to mousse, which though it keeps curls in also renders hair “crispy” feeling. I cannot recommend this product.

Elise Joelton, TN

Wonderful after water aerobics!

I teach water aerobics and my curls can get very dry and brittle. Motions Naturally You, Hydrate My Curls Pudding has restored bounce, shine and defined my curls better than any other product I have used!HOWEVER! Use Sparingly or risk having your hair look greasy!

Kerri Crockett, CA

seems to be working

Suitable for unruly, thick hair that is also curly and dry. I’m not sure how big tgat demographic is but I’m certainly in it.I can’t scientifically say that my hair is more moisturized but it does look shinier and I’m able to style it easier after the application of this product. YMMV.

Corina Hayden, AL

Definitely Hydrates!!

Motions Naturally You! Hydrate My Curls Pudding revives your dry hair and can help control the frizz. Hydrate My Curls can be used on relaxed hair, naturally curly hair or any other type of natural hair. I have a “low-boy” hair cut on the sides and back of my hair and this is excellent to keep your hair from becoming frizzy but more importantly it leaves a nice sheen over not only your hair but your scalp which can become dry as well with a short haircut. This product is also excellent on braids or the base of your weaves because braid-in extensions can break your hair if left untreated, but adding this to the base of the extensions can definitely prevent this from happening.I love this product and the container that it comes in makes it that much easier to distribute to your hair, unlike the bottles that similar products use. The only bad thing about this product is the name because many people will not benefit from this product because the name suggests it’s only for curls, but this product has a variety of uses and many people can benefit if the name were something different. Great Item, you will love it.

Taylor Otoe, NE

fantastic, rich, creamy hair pudding! I would compare it to Miss Jessie’s, it is that good.

This is such a nice, high quality hair product. Rich, thick, and creamy, a little goes a surprisingly long way, even in my thick, snarly hair, and it left my girls do smooth and bouncy and defined for days. The scent is pleasant, but thankfully, not overwhelming. I would seriously say that this is at least as good, if not better, as the Miss Jessie brand.

Margo Weiner, AR

Helps curls, but not really soft

I bought this because I swim a lot and my curly hair has taken a beating, being super-dry, frizzy, and rough.THE PROS: This is super thick so it was nice to put it on and leave it on for an hour while I did chores at home. Absolutely no dripping or sliding. It looks like lard and is about as hard. Blends in well. And for as thick as it was, I was surprised at how easy it rinsed out. It didn’t feel greasy to me.THE CONS: While it rinsed out easy, and my curls seemed more defined, they definitely felt dry and rough still. Not soft at all, but the curls were a definite improvement. So I still put on a leave on conditioner after and that seemed to work the best.I’m planning on using this once a week or when I’m sitting around to maybe help long-term. I would be careful with this on drains, though. If it sits it might rethicken and make a major hair/conditioner clog.

Kelly Savanna, OK

Softer hair, pleasant smelling

One of the drawbacks of putting certain products in your hair is the smell. This product smells nice, although it is faint. I have used another product by Pantene for almost 3 years – it doesn’t smell as nice.My hair is definitely softer too, whereas with the other product, my hair felt ‘crisper’… as in stiffer.The trick is finding the right amount to use. If you under apply or over apply, you will be disappointed.

Janine Moffett, OK

great for naturally curly hair

WOW!lately my hair has been so dry and brittle, I really needed a good moisturizer that can give me a good shine and healthy look, as soon as I used it I noticed a difference! love it, my hair is naturally curly and it even enhances my curl pattern and that dull dry look is gone, my hair looks healthy now..will continue to use this product

Joanne Pine Valley, NY

There once was a girl…

My curls approve. My honey approves as well. Every time I used this product he mentioned how good my hair smelled. I was beginning to get a bit of a complex. Did my hair stink when I didn’t use it?It’s a lot of product for the money. I’ve tried a ton of things out on the market (for those that care I’m a 3B Curly Spiral per Naturally Curly. It’s hard for me to find a product that doesn’t weigh my hair down and still defines my curls. This did it. I did put too much on the first time which left my hair looking, to me, a bit greasy. When I backed off my overly-indulgent application, I was very pleased with the results.And, as a bonus, the day I didn’t put product in (just a wash, condition and air dry), my hair looked fabulous because of the condition from the days using this product.I will keep this one in my arsenal of curly hair tools.

Marci Hughes Springs, TX

A number of problems

I had a number of problems with this product. First, the directions were written so small that even with reading glasses, I had to use a magnifying glass to read them. Second, the directions were very vague, not even specifying whether the product was to be left in or rinsed out. Third, the product was very greasy and, I suspect, intended for use on African-American hair, which was not specified on the label. I cannot give it more than two stars, and that is being generous.

Blanca Hartland, MI

Ten stars Highly recommend

You need to know I am a less is more mode woman, and wear as little make up as possible, and love the fact that I can wash and air dry my hair and still get compliments on how I look.The reason I LOVE this product is because I am an out doors person, and love to ski, kayak ride a bike, walk and hike. And being outdoors the heat in summer and the cold in winter can leave my hair needing some TLC (tender loving care). So now when I shower I can air dry my hair, take a small small amount of the Naturally You, and work it through my hair and it leaves my hair healthy looking and hydrated.And the smell is heavenly and healthy smelling. Not just for women, but men as well.Highly recommend Naturally You!!

Tamika Freeman Spur, IL

Husband likes it but I don’t

My husband said be likes using this product but to me it looks like its drying out his hair. His hair has started to break off. He is using several products from this line so I don’t know which is causing the dryness and breakage. At first hus hair looked better but not any more! One of the main ingredients in this product line is petroleum products (vasoline and/mineral oil) and I jusy don’t see how that can be good for hair.

James Black Rock, AR

tames my fine curls

I am Caucasian with lots of very curly fine long hair. My biggest problem is keeping my curls tame so they hang attractively around my face rather than frizzing out into a huge clown-like mass of hair. Hydrate my Curls Pudding is a light, creamy product that goes on my hair smoothly and doesn’t leave a noticeable residue like many of the silicone-based hair products I’ve used in the past. The pudding helps keep my curls shiny and defined without weighing them down or making my hair look oily or dirty. I’ve been using this product in conjunction with the Creme and am very happy with them both.

Glenna Letcher, SD

Very Nice Product

This is a highly moisturizing product. Just a tiny amount rubbed between my palms and applied to wet hair after shampooing was enough. Very nice product with high moisturizing factors.

Keisha Roxboro, NC

Smells great and hair is shiny, love it

Very light and doesn’t weight the hair down. Smells great and isn’t oily and sticky like a lot of hair creams. My hair is a little dry after a few hours though. That’s the only thing I don’t like. But other than that I really like it. I’m going to keep using it.

Caryn South Sterling, PA

not impressed

I have curly, over-processed hair and it tends to be fairly dry. I tried this “pudding” on my hair and have to say I wasn’t really impressed. It helped with the fly-aways but didn’t really seem to hydrate my curls like I had hoped. I did like that this product is not sticky. Be sure not to use too much though because it can really weigh the hair down. As far as the scent goes, I would have to say it was pleasant and light.

Lorrie Marinette, WI

works well for me

I love this stuff and already purchased a second jar just so I wouldnt run out. I use it mostly for doing twists. It makes my hair feel softer and adds some sheen to my twists. When I do my partial twist outs I use this product the most and also on my scalp my hair stays flowy. I also use it as kind of a refresher for wash and go type styles when i dont wanna do more than a water spritzer and use this to make my hair look like i tried to do it. It is not an all natural product but if you dont mind that then this may be a good cheaper fit for you. Seems as if Im the only positive review so far so I guess its not for everyone. Also I put a dab of this in one of my oil spritzers for the smell and it worked out fine

Georgia Waynetown, IN

Soft and easy to use

This was perfect for my curly and frizzy hair. It makes styling it much easier and created soft and lovely curls that did not look plastered to my head. The smell is not very strong either and as I usually do not like really smelly hair products this was also a big plus for me.

Autumn Kinsman, OH

Motions Naturally You, Hydrate My Curls Pudding

Can’t believe how soft and shiny my hair is after using this. If I didn’t know I used it no one would know. It just makes your hair look full,shiny and healthy and is still soft to the touch. It didn’t weigh my hair down like some do and was not oiley at all. I can use this daily and my curls seemed much more defined that with some other products. the price is really quite minimal because you use such a small amount at a time and it is a large jar. Using it daily it should still last a few months, my hair is fairly short, about 3 inches long on average from root to tip, so of course someone with longer hair will use more.

Erika Monticello, SC