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Motions Natural Textures Crème, Define My Curls 8 oz

Define your natural curl pattern with Motions Define My Curls Crème. A moisture-rich formula, this crème gel smooths hair to deliver luxuriously soft, separated curls. This styling product is ideal for naturally curly hair of all types. Defined Style For Natural Hair Textures Whether you wear tightly coiled curls, loose ringlets, or flowing waves, this defining crème gives you the freedom to rock your own style. This salon-tested crème is formulated for all natural hair types to provide soft separable curls. Luxurious Formula Moisturizes And Creates Shine This luxuriously rich crème formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil elongates curls and provides moisture and luster while reducing frizz. Apply on wet or dry hair to create definition. For curls, apply crème to small sections of the hair, then comb through until desired curl pattern is achieved and style as usual. For creating twists, apply a generous amount to the entire head and distribute evenly. Start twisting section by section and reapply as needed. About Motions: Salon-Inspired Hair Care Since 1993, Motions has become synonymous with creating salon-inspired products. Motions is committed to rigorous product research, cutting-edge hair care solutions, and salon-tested, results-driven products. Celebrating the rich and unique beauty of women is at the heart of Motions’ philosophy. Motions Define My Curls Crème At A Glance: Crème defines and separates curls Leaves hair soft, buoyant, and manageable Lightweight formula moisturizes, smooths, and reduces frizz Nourishing formula with shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil Ideal for curly and tightly curled hair What’s In The Box Motions Define My Curls Crème (8 ounces)

Key features

  • One 8-ounce jar of Motions Naturally You, Define My Curls Creme
  • Rich creme-gel with shea butter, coconut and avocado oils
  • Defines curls while reducing frizz, leaving your hair feeling soft and looking shiny and healthy
  • For naturally curly styles
  • Embrace the incredible beauty of your natural hair with Motions Naturally You

Honest reviews


Bad for your hair

I am a product junkie so I have tried just about every product out there. I have 4a/4b hair and try to use all natural products. I had high hopes for Motions but it really felt like I was putting vaseline on my hair. I felt as though my scalp couldn’t breathe. This is a no go for me.

Dora Lawsonville, NC

Didn’t work for my daughters hair

My daughter has hair similar to mine, thick, course, frizzy, with wave. I control mine by flat iron or curling iron but my 5 year old doesn’t have the patience to have her hair done before school. I was hoping that Motions Naturally You Define My Curls would help tame her hair in the morning. The product has a strong perfume scent, which my daughter was fine with. Our biggest problem is that it made her hair really greasy looking, even with just a tiny amount on my hands. Yes, the frizz was gone but it looked like a greasy mess. It didn’t help define her wave/curls at all. Lastly, the front label mentions shea butter, coconut and avocado oils, but ingredients are listed last which means they are in the smallest quantities, way behind one of the top ingredients mineral oil. Still looking for the right product.

Sadie Avonmore, PA

Not a Natural Product

I wear my hair natural and I’m an African American. I only like using natural products on my hair. There are some good, natural ingredients in this product, however, there are way more un-natural, bad products in it. I used it a couple of times on my 4a -4b hair. I found that it left flakes behind and my hair felt hard and brittle. This would work better on mixed-women or on hair types 2a – 3c.

Leola Hunter, KS

Mistakenly ordered this

I have hair that can go a little curly and frizzy. I’m always interested in trying new products to help define and control. After receiving this I realized I’d ordered a heavy ‘salve-like’ product. My mind flashed back to high school and an African American friend of mine who tried to convince me to wax my baby hairs down around the edge of my face.This effect DOES NOT look good on a blonde girl with pale freckly skin.So buyer beware…pay attention to the ‘Ebony’ stamp on these products.

Latasha Chapman Ranch, TX

Wish I knew about the odor…

First let me say that these products are primarily for people of color, and I’m about as pale as it gets. That said, my hair is curly, frizzy, kinky, choose the adjective so I figured I’d give it a try. But I couldn’t, this product has a very strong, perfumy scent that gave me an instant headache when I opened the jar. No way I could put it on my head.

Leanne Amity, MO

Great definition, but hard to wash out, and 2nd day look is no good.

This is much thicker and waxier than I expected it to be, but did go in my very curly hair easily, if chunkily. I had to smooth out a few bits that were gloopy. Once I had it in my hair, it really did give my curls nice definition and shine!The downside is that, unlike some curly hair goop, this was really only good for one day’s “good hair”. Sleeping on it turned it into a wild nest of tangles, and when I was washing my hair the next day, I had to shampoo twice before feeling the waxiness was gone.

Donna Smyrna Mills, ME

Motion up

My wife has thick curly hair, and seen this and thought that she would give it a try. “It smells nice, and it is like a thick gel substance that goes along way. My hair gets really frizzy and I have to add gel, grease, hairspray, among countless items to keep my hair from frizzing out. This product works wonders, apply to your hair wet or dry and style how you please. This is definitely a product worth trying if you have thick, curly, or frizzy hair. Nothing to lose but a wonder bouncy look with gorgeous curls.”

Becky San Pablo, CA

I didn’t like it

It was heavy and it didn’t define my curls it made my hair heavy and lay flat the product was to thick for my hair

Darlene Ponderay, ID

Great for super thick and coarse hair

In the wintertime, my hair dries out easily, and I thought this would be a great seasonal hair product.Pros:Lovely smell – very tropical (coconut and avocado oils)Good ingredients – shea butterVery little needed to make an impact – use a dime-size portion for shoulder length hairGreat for an occasional deep conditioning treatmentCons:Gel-crème – the gel can be heavy and sticky – USE SPARINGLY!Styling aid – not really an application to be used and then styled – better as a deep conditioning treatment.Unless your hair is very thick and coarse, this is too greasy to be used every dayOverall, I think this is a great product to have in your arsenal of hair products, but not every day usage unless you have really thick and coarse hair.

Emily Carnegie, PA

Too sticky and stiff

This product leaves hair sticky and stiff. It is a very heavy product that looks and feels like a vasoline thick paste. I used very little. I don’t see any imporvement in hair mousture. It actuay seems to dry the hair. The fragrance is pleasant and evaporates quickly, but this is going in the trash.

Gussie Powell, TN

Goopy, but worked well on my daughters frizzy hair

My daughter’s hair quickly becomes a tangled mess and brushing it is a long process. This stuff is pretty goopy and greasy, but really helped me get her hair under control and keep from tangling up. She was very happy with the way her hair looked when we were done. Worth a try.

Antoinette Luling, TX

Curls, Curls, Curls

Well let me just start by saying that my hair is NOT naturally curly and this does state that its for naturally curly hair. I still used it in hopes it would still curl my hair and boy did it ever. I had Curls for days!!!! i used this on every piece of hair and then rolled it, now that i know how well it works i know that i can just put some in the palm of my hand disperse it through all of my hair and then roll it and it still works just as well just not as curly. i had kinky curls the first time i did this because i used too much. Since it wasnt intended for people without curls i assumed i would need more, WRONG!!! Just be careful using this!!! I do like the product and will use this anytime i want to wear curls. I like my natural look and i just wanted to change it up with some curls and im still learning this product, but its pretty amazing what you can do with it. Just adjust amount used based on curling factor wanted.

Glenda Buxton, ME

Looks like “product”

This product was used by a 40 year old woman with curly fine blonde hair. The crème was placed in her hair while still wet after shampoo/conditioner. After her hair dried, her hair looked something like Farrah’s did back in the mid-70s: well-curled, but with an appearance of too much product in place. Hair was felt to have a little more body than usual, though she noted that it also felt stiff – not so bad as with hair spray, but not as soft and fluffy as without the product at all. Our 8 year old boy came over, sniffed, and remarked that the room had a smell like gummy bears. We traced the scent back to the crème. So….this will go on the shelf with unused hair products or get given to a friend or something….I should point out that after trying the product, we looked at some of the advertising for Motions and determined that it is primarily designed for non-Caucasian women. One wouldn’t know that to look at the container or the instructions, however.

Raquel Trinidad, CO

Define my CLUMPS!

This gel tangles my hair. I imagine it would be good for making dreadlocks because, that’s essentially what it did to my hair. Except I don’t want dreadlocks or tangled clumps of hair. Maybe my hair doesn’t have enough natural curl for this product to work. My hair ranges from wavy on dry days to curly on humid days. So that might be why this product defined clumps instead of curls on my hair.

Janie Bolton Landing, NY

Enhances my curls and waves but not for everyday use for me

When this item came up for review, I was hoping this would be another product that could be used as a leave-in conditioner to bring out my natural curls or waviness similar toSunsilk Anti-Flat Weightless Volumizing Creme with Collagen-C – 7 Oz. However, this product is more like a style creme instead of a volumizing leave-in condition.My hair is long and not permed but it still has a natural wave and curliness to it (especially when rain is coming) that I periodcially want to enhance on those days I don’t put my hair in a bun. This creme, which looks and feels like Vaseline or Vics VapoRub, smells clean and definitely brought out my curls but it did not leave my hair feeling soft like I expected.I tried it both on dry hair and on wet hair as per the directions. For me, it defined my curls better with wet hair. Despite actually doing what it says it will do, there are few reasons I would not use this frequently.First, it feels like I have a styling product in my hair unlike the feeling that’s left behind after usingSunsilk Anti-Flat Weightless Volumizing Creme with Collagen-C – 7 Oz. It is not sticky or anything but my hair does not feel soft; it’s a little stiffer in a sense. Second, I wash my hair every other day and after using this product, I find I have to wash my hair ever day because on the second day my hair feels wet (even though it is not) and limp and looks darker than it normally is.Therefore, I would use this on special occasions only when I want a nice curl and don’t mind washing it out that evening.

Maura Chester, TX

In combination with the “Hydrate My Curls Pudding”, it’s amazing

I used this product alone and it worked relatively well.I am a 45 year old with long red hair which is very curly on the bottom, but just a bit wavy on the top (and some of it dries totally dead-straight). Further proof that God has a sense of humor :)I can usually get the bottom of my hair to curl nicely, but the top has always been impossible. I usually resort to using a flat-iron to keep things looking normal.I used this product and it curled my bottom layer well–and the top layer somewhat. It felt heavy to me (but you only need a little bit–don’t use too much or it will feel VERY heavy). It looked wet, but not defined as much as I wanted.When I used it as directed in combination with the “Hydrate My Curls Pudding”Motions Naturally You, Hydrate My Curls Pudding 8 Ounceit worked amazingly well. So well, in fact, that I was totally uncomfortable with this curly head of hair!I went to school, hoping for some “hairstyle feedback”. Contrary to my discomfort, my classmates thought it was fabulous and wanted to know more about the product. I was shocked. I almost wore a hat because it was SO curly and I had never had this before.There were two girls in the class that had been using a different product that worked well for them–and they have even switched to this product combination. If that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is.So, by itself it’s okay…but in combination with the Pudding, it’s incredible.

Megan Big Flat, AR

It makes the hair very shining and defines the curls

When I got this styling pudding I did not know it was marketed for African-American hair care. I tried it on my daughter’s very curly “Jewfro” hair, and it worked great! It made her hair very shining and defined the curls without being sticky or greasy. It also smells wonderful. I prefer the styling pudding over the creme for her hair, but this one still works great and adds extra shine.

Tricia Dugway, UT

Too greasy for me

I am not sure if this product is for African American hair or just thick, frizzy and course hair (which I have).I wanted to try it as I am always looking for ways to calm my hair down and give my curls a shine. I used this product 3 times and each time using a bit less to see if I could work with it. It was just too heavy for my hair. I also don’t like the fact that the product contains mineral oil. Mineral oil has a tendency to build up in your hair which makes it necessary to wash more often.This may be a great product for someone with a different hair type, unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Elsa Fall River, WI

Too Heavy, Too Greasy, Too Much Like Vaseline

The unfortunate thing about this review is evidently I am not the target consumer for this product. I am a caucasion woman with naturally curly, very thick hair, that has a tendency to frizz up. This product – as I now see on the Amazon product page – is targeted for individuals who are African-American. I can only review this product as it worked (or didn’t) for me.The first problem I encountered was the fact the Amazon Vine label was firmly afixed to the part of the jar’s label that gave instructions on how to use this product. And Amazon Vine labels are made not to be removed. Second, what instructions were visible are written in teeny-tiny print in colors that are very difficult for my 52 year old eyes to make out – even with my reading glasses. Since most products such as this require a small amount applied through wet/damp hair, that is what I did.I applied this product to freshly washed hair. I applied a little less than a quarter-sized amount. The product itself, even though stated as a créme, heavily resembled a simple jar of vaseline when opened. I debated whether to actually put this in my hair, fearing it would cause too much greasiness, but hoped it might dry up. I worked the product through my hair, or tried to, and found out quickly that it seemed to sort of “gunk up.” I tried to work it through with my fingers and ended up with a tangled mess. I started to panic, but ended up working enough strands through to resemble some order. (My hair is shoulder-length) What I ended up with was a mix of wet hair and vaseline-like grease, and it was all plastered to my head. YUK! I got out the blow dryer and the diffuser, and went to work. Normally, I only blow dry my hair to get most of the wet/dampness out and then finger-fluff the rest of it to complete dryness. That didn’t work with this product. I had to dry and dry and dry and dry. And my hair was simply staying flat, flat, flat! I tried fluffing and scrunching and drying from underneath. By the time I was done, my hair was sort of still curly, felt as greasy as though I hadn’t washed my hair in several weeks, and it felt as though I had a helmet on my head. My hair felt stiff and dirty. The entire day I felt dirty and grungy and just horrible!And the worst of this? When I washed my hair the next day (I normally only wash my hair every 2 to 3 days, but with this gooey, greasy gunk, I couldn’t wait to get it out of my hair!), it took several shampoos before I felt as though this stuff was out of my hair.I will not be using this product, but then I don’t think I’m the target consumer. I dislike having to give this review, as I know I’m not the person this manufacturer intended to use this product, but I think better advertising is needed to get this product to people it will truly be beneficial.

Alexandria Dunnigan, CA

Good curl definition

Motions Naturally You Define My Curls Creme is for naturally curly hair.That being said, I am a Caucasian with moderately naturally curly hair. I really like this creme. I wash my hair every couple days and it was able to hold the curl with little or no help the next morning. I tried it alone and with other products (gels and hairsprays) and I liked it just by itself better than I did with other products. Sometimes on day 2 I would have to spray my hair lightly with water and scrunch, but it came right back to looking like day 1. I also tried it on dry vs wet hair and liked how it felt and was applied to wet (or slightly wet) hair.

Bonita Lynchburg, VA

Define My Curls Creme

This is a great product once you figure out the correct amount to use in your hair. Everyone is different – so we all need different amounts.It is more like a gel, with some conditioning ability and light oil. It says to use it on dry hair, but through experimenting, you will find you can use it on dry hair too, it just has to be applied properly for your style.You really have to work it through your hair and get good coverage with it. If you get too much in an area, it is going to get clumpy and greasy. If you don’t use enough, you won’t get the results you want. Work it through well with your hands and comb through with your fingers, kind of pinching coating each curl section, all the way down to the ends.It smells good and doesn’t weigh the hair down too much. It can revive dry hair quite well and get the curls back into shape and eliminate the frizz. It smells good too and doesn’t get that “musty” smell between washings.

Jeannette Marissa, IL

Works Fab on Daughter with Curly Hair

Our daughter is a caucasian 6 year old with curly hair (think Curly Sue). I mention this because there is a misperception that this product is only intended for African American usage. That is simply untrue.Even though our daughter has incredibly curly hair naturally, there are times when the curls simply fall apart or just do not look good anymore (I guess the word flat or tangles is applicable). And, since she is hyper sensitive about how she looks when she leaves the house, she demands her hair be either 1) very curly or 2) completely straightened with a hair straightner. This product gives us the option to revitalize the curls very quickly.Everybody’s method of use will vary. However, we found that when applied to dry hair WITHOUT other products, it works best. The texture is somewhat thick compared to typical hair gels. We work in small increments starting with a small amount spread on the palm of our hands and then applied to the hair by rubbing it in. We will repeat the process as needed, working with small amounts because we found that if we use a large amount, hair will appear greasy (also noted by other reviewers) or we will have to work hard to spread clumps of the product throughout her hair. We also applied the product to wet hair but found it leaves the hair too shiny. Once again, everyone’s hair responds different so it is best to experiment.We found the product will last for at least two days and is easily “reactivated” by wetting the hair. Also found it works very well in combination withMotions Naturally You, Hydrate My Curls Pudding 8 Ounce.

Deanne Blackstone, MA

Ineffective, greasy beyond belief.

This product was less a “Creme” and more like Vaseline. The consistency was the same. It was very gloopy and greasy. I can see how, yes, it would define curls and reduce frizz, but so would a pound of bacon fat. Doesn’t mean I want to put it in my hair. It smells alright, but I’m not sure why anyone would find this the best choice for curls when there are so many other options out there. This seems like a cheap knockoff of the “jerry curl cream” they’d sell at the $1 store.If your goal is to get that perfectly straight and shiny ponytail, but you have the mane of a lion, this WILL work. But you will also need to shower in turpentine before going to bed.

Lindsey Guilderland, NY

Beyond expectations!

I was very much pleased with the quality of this product. It was light enough to not weigh my hair down but heavy enough to refine my curls. This is a product that I will definitely reccomend and continue to use. It makes your hair smell great and has a great shine. I truly enjoyed using this creme.

Aline North Bay, NY

Works well on “dry” natural hair …

I have worn my hair “natural” for about six years now, and in all that time I have been looking for a product I can use on my hair once it’s dry. Almost all the products I’ve found work great when my hair is wet, but nothing that worked to keep it moisturized, not dry looking, and non-greasy in subsequent days. I like this product by Motions because it seems to work well on my hair when it’s dry. It is non-greasy, and makes my hair feel more moist and less dry. I’ve tried it as a leave-in when my hair is wet, but it doesn’t work well that way at all — once my hair does dry, it is extremely dry and coarse. So my search for one product that works well on both wet and dry hair continues. I am grateful to have finally found a product that at least does what I need on next day hair and doesn’t leave it sticky or greasy. I only gave it three stars because even though it says it can be used on wet or dry hair, it is really only effective on dry hair.

Velma Thompson, PA

Too heavy

This product looks like Vaseline. It is heavy. Though it does seem to control some frizz, it also leaves hair lackluster and weighted down. My hair still felt slimy at the end of the day. Not for anyone out of the target audience.

Ronda Loysburg, PA

less is more

This container is huge and gives way too much product to use, it would easily take me over a year to get half way down. Less is definitely more when it comes to this creme. Its clear in color and a bit more stiff than a typical curl defining gel but it isn’t sticky. The smell…well its not pleasant or unpleasant, smells like all the rest of the motions products to me. As I applied it to my hair it did start to feel gummy, and my curls started to lump together. So I used even less to see if it would better separate my curls, it worked a little better but even using a tiny bit, my curls felt heavy and lifeless. They were shiny but not well moisturized, the product literally just sat on my hair (i also used the motions naturally you moisturizing creme underneath). I found this product worked better on my edges, it slicked down any random flyaways and didn’t leave my hair stiff feeling. The ingredients are disappointing, nothing in this jar should be used on your hair.

Georgina White City, OR

no frizz and holds my curls for days!

I teach water aerobics and my curls can get very dry and brittle(frizzy). Motions Naturally You, Define My Curls Crème has restored bounce, shine and defined my curls better than any other product I have used!HOWEVER! Use Sparingly or risk having your hair look greasy! I use a dab about the size of my pinky fingernail and sometimes even that tiny amount can look “greasy” in my hair.

Alyce Stevens Village, AK

curly hair with or without Motions

I have naturally curly Caucasian hair. If I apply product, it goes into more defined curls, but just washing it is enough to make it naturally curly.I didn’t feel like my hair was more weighted down by this product, which is always a bonus, but I also didn’t see a defining curl like I would with Frederick Fekkai products or even coconut oil.

Maggie East Islip, NY

Excellent for Any Natural Style!!

Motions Naturally You! Define my Curls helps lock in the moisture of your natural hair and it also helps tame the frizzy fly away ends to relax hair. I have a “low-boy” cut and I use it to lay my edges down and keep them from rolling up too much or becoming dried out along the hairline. Define my Curls has the same consistency as the product “Jam”, but it is a little more thicker which is better for your natural hair because it will last much longer. I like that this product does not leave a filmy residue as some of the other natural hair products can produce.I love Motions Naturally You! Hair line because they leave my hair full of moisture and full of life. The Motions Hydrate My Curls is an excellent companion to the Define My Curls and combining them gives your hair that much more moisture to help defeat dry brittle hair. I definitely would recommend this product if you want to maintain a healthy, shiny, and beautiful head of hair.

Anita Yukon, MO