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Motions Leave-In Conditioner, Straight Finish 8 oz

Motions Straight Finish Leave-in Conditioner, 8 Fluid Ounces Protect naturally textured hair from the damages of heat styling with Motions Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner. This intensive moisturizing formula adds a lightweight layer of protection to your hair while loosening tangles and softening coils. Motions Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner is part of the Motions Straight Finish Heat Styling System, which prepares, protects, and seals hair for temporary straightening with heat appliances. Motions Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner adds a layer of moisturizers that help protect the hair. Leave-In Conditioner for Straight Styling The second step in the Motions Straight Finish System, this intensive leave-in formula adds a layer of moisturizers to protect hair before heat styling. The conditioner, infused with keratin protein and coconut oil, also helps silken and smooth curls. About Motions Straight Finish Heat Styling System One in four African American women would like to straight style her hair, but only if her natural curl pattern would not be compromised*. Motions three-step system provides women with natural curls the option to straighten their hair temporarily. The Motions system is designed to let hair bounce back and return to its naturally curly texture after one wash. *2013 Motions Hair Care Survey conducted by Kelton. Directions for Use Apply sparingly to wet hair or liberally to towel-dried hair and work through, using a wide-tooth comb, until hair feels smooth and fully detangled Start at the ends and work up to the mid-shaft Add more as needed Use with Motions Straight Finish Cleanser and Motions Straight Finish Straight Finish Sealer for the best results Short/Fine Hair: Apply a dime size amount Medium Length/Texture: Apply a quarter size amount Especially Long/Thick Hair: Apply two quarter size amounts A Brand for Women in Motion Since 1993, Motions has become synonymous with salon-quality products for modern women of color. Motions is committed to rigorous product research, cutting-edge hair care solutions, and salon-quality, results-driven products. Celebrating the rich and unique beauty of women of color is at the heart of the Motions philosophy. Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner At a Glance: For naturally textured hair Loosens tangles and softens coils Provides instant moisture to hair Helps protect hair from damages of heat straightening Use with Motions Straight Finish Heat Styling System

Key features

  • Gently loosens tangles and softens coils
  • Made with keratin protein and moisturizing coconut oil
  • Silkens and smoothes curls while adding a lightweight layer of protection before heat styling

Honest reviews


Works great

This product works great. It also smells great. It is a perfect leave in conditioner. I really enjoy the whole line of motions.

Deirdre Mesquite, TX

Great Leave In, Doesn’t Weigh Hair Down

I conditioned my hair with this after shampooing and conditioning it and it had a decent effect, didn’t straighten it out entirely but helped immensely especially with the frizzing. helped my hair look and smell great!

Shirley Albany, IN

Works for us caucasian males with dry scalps also

This definitely works for me, but I have come to the conclusion that these leave in conditioners aren’t quite up to regular conditioners. So while I’m getting adequate redults here, I’ll be sticking with the regulars.

Ann Noble, OK

Too Heavy for Me

This leave-in conditioner is much heavier than other leave-ins in my experience.My hair did not feel clean and I wash my hair more often than when I don’t apply this leave-in conditioner.It left me with a heavy coated feeling which was unpleasant to me.

Pamela Fisher, LA

thick and moisturizing

Motions Straight Leave-in Conditioner left my hair feeling very soft and moisturized. The conditioner has a thick texture that binds onto the hair without weighing it down. I enjoy Motions products and look forward to using more of them.

Felicia Atkinson, NE

Soft as Silk

Check out my others review for the cleanser and finisher for this line! There are three total products for this line and they are each fabulous. The conditioner just like the shampoo smells really good. That is the first thing I noticed and liked about this. It made my hair super soft and quite manageable. I had no problems combing my hair out with this product! My hair appears thicker and healthier already. I applied the conditioner in sections as I combed out my hair and a little bit goes a long way! Which is a added bonus for already thick natural hair! I recommend this product and as with the others in the line it is the only things I use on my hair now.

Luann Buxton, ME

I have seen the light

I originally gave this product 2 stars. But I tried using it differently and it was awesome. I get lots of shampoos and conditioners to try. But I came back and bought this.I use the matching shampoo and then rinse with cold water. Lots of rinsing. I blot dry with a towel. Then I use this. I wasn’t using anywhere near enough. Now I use a squirt a little bigger than a half dollar. I distribute this through my hair being careful not to get much at the roots. Then I comb my hair straight down. Then magic happens. If I can keep from touching my hair (its so so so soft) my hair dries in gorgeous soft waves and curls. I do nothing. The curls are so healthy and bouncy I can sleep on them and they still look great. My hair is awesome!Original dumb review:I have used lots of Motions products. We love them and use them daily. This and it’s matching shampoo have been the rare Motions product that I am not crazy about. This conditioner smells and feels lovely. But using it after it’s matching shmpoo left my hair tacky. Using it without the matching shampoo was a little better but then it wasn’t moisturizing enough to stand on it’s own.

Lynette Mainesburg, PA

Good for Leave In Conditioner

I had my friend try this product and she said it was ok but she didn’t really like leave in conditioners much. She felt the product did condition her hair and allow her to style it but it wasn’t necessarily what she would choose to use again. For what it was, she thought it was a good product.

Nelda Pierson, MI

Not for me

Im not really a fan of leave in conditioners, Im more of a deep condition/or wash out type of person. But I decided to try this and use it along with the rest of the Straight Finish products of this line. I have to say it did nothing for my hair, there wasn’t enough slip nor did it penetrate the scalp like I thought it would. This was my least favorite of the line and doubt I would use it regularly.

Serena Ostrander, OH

Better than originally thought

I have long, thick hair with a strong natural wave. Parts of it are coarse and unruly. While not African-American, I have been looking for a product that would tame those coarse patches. My hair also tends toward oily, so I was dubious that the coconut oil in this conditioner would leave it greasy. I was hoping not to be the first to review this product as I am not the target market. I realize African-American hair needs its own regime, but I was hoping to borrow some magic.In fact, it had very little effect. It did an OK job of detangling, but no better than any other leave-in conditioner I have used (I always come back to Aussie Hair Insurance). The coarse patches were initially somewhat matted, but after blow drying – still there in all their glory. My hair is not any oilier than usual. Verdict – not much difference.Update 5/28/13 – I have continued to use this product, and I am noticing enough difference to add a star. Immediately after washing, the coarse patch feels kind of greasy, but between washings the hair does indeed relax and soften. I may end up loving it yet.

Ronda Mark, IL

produces good body, but leaves hair a little dull

I’m a fan of the Motions product line and have had very favorable experiences with their shampoo, conditioner, and pomade. I was very much looking forward to trying this “leave in” conditioner, particular in regards to it protecting from the drying effects of blow drying. Since different people experience hair care products differently with varying types, I think I should mention that my hair is very long, quite thick, and wavy. It can take a lot in terms of product without getting weighed down and is quite dissimilar from fine, straight hair. That being said, it can be flattened or lose body by products which are too oily.My experience was that this conditioner does tend to smooth a bit as well as leave your hair with good body and volume. However, my hair looked much duller than usual and, ironically, I had to use the Motions pomade which enhances shine to return it to a more normal appearance. I think that the coconut oil and whatever it is that gives a “protective” layer is responsible for the dullness.I don’t think this is a bad product at all, but I think there are better options from the same line as well as other hair care products.

Aline Port Henry, NY

only worked for me partially, YMMV

I have really curly hair now. As a child, I had perfectly straight hair. I keep thinking that I can apply magic conditioner/mousse/leave-in, whatever and my hair will be model straight yet again. So far, I haven’t had much luck with my hypothesis, and this product still din’t get rid of 100% of the frizz.The Motions line smells pretty good, so at least there is a terrific smell following you around all day long.Although it didn’t work for me 100%, I’d venture to say that the Motions line is well priced and well worth a try.

Louella Stony Brook, NY

great texture, pleasant scent!

Happily surprised by this product. Previous Motions brand products had left me thinking that all of their items had to strong smells, but this leave in conditioner gives a great shine to my hair, without being too goopy or strong smelling.

Kim Thomasville, GA

Smells divine, but a bit heavy on hair

I love leave-in conditioners that aren’t too heavy on my hair, weighing it down or making it look greasy. So I was pleased with this at first. But it seemed that the second day it was becoming weighed down. Day three my hair had lost it’s shine and the ends were not lying straight.It does smell divine, so if you wash your hair frequently, it should be okay.

Anastasia Bay Saint Louis, MS

Added Protection for the Hair

I’ve used the Motions Straight Finish Leave in Conditioner three weeks in a row. It works wonders with detangling my hair (which is quite a task when my hair is wet). The keratin protein and coconut oil is especially ideal as my scalp tends to be dry at times.The layer of protection is unquestionably necessary as I sit underneath a dryer for 30 minutes. Then the roots of my hair is blown out with a hand-held blow dryer. This is done for additional body and volume.The scent is also quite lovely and the price is right.

Erin Fallston, MD

Motions Straight Finish Leave In Conditioner

Motions Straight Finish Leave In Conditioner.I used this conditioner after using the shampoo that matched it. I then used the styling liquid after that, and styled my hair. The conditioner was good. It didn’t take much for my hair.It made my hair have a good feeling, but too much would have been bad.Good conditioner.

Violet Shippingport, PA


After just one use hair was noticeably smoother and smelled great. After a week, this product was amazing. The smoothness and smell persist. I liken this to a deep cleaner like Cholesterol conditioner. Really works even after swimming.

Luz Long Pond, PA

Let my hair dry by day #2.

This lightly scented product was used after washing my color treated hair. My hair has natural roots and relaxed ends (In need of a touch up) I like the thick consistency of the conditioner. For the first day, my hair was soft and manageable. By the second day, I needed to rewash my hair because it was dry and unruly. I also tried this on my son’s naturally curly hair. It left his hair soft and added definition to the curls. However, it left his scalp quite itchy so I won’t be able to use it again.

Maritza Lorain, OH

It’s good for straight hair too

It’s perfectly good for straight hair too, to prevent fly awayIt wears like a homemade mayonaise conditionerIt is pretty good too

Sophie West Union, MN

Frizz Gone, Hair looks healthier in seconds!

This product is amazing! It’s much better than my old leave-in conditioner by Pantene.1. It’s not too thick and sticky.2. It smells better than other leave-in conditioners (not too strong).3. It helps -defrizz- my thick dark hair.4. It makes my hair looks healthier in seconds.5. It untangles my dry hair.I have dry frizzy dark hair due to too much coloring in the past. I have not done any coloring in the past 5 years and my hair still gets pretty dry, frizzy, and hard to comb without some kind of leave-in conditioner or oil for the hair.If you have the same problem as I do, try this product. It helps! I highly recommend it!

Mabel Glenham, NY

Nothing special, but functional

This is a pleasant cream and appears to work, but is too greasy and is so clumpy that it can’t be easily spread around. I dislike the odor but its pleasant enough.

Joanna Still Pond, MD

Motions Leave In Conditioner

Leaves hair soft and shiny. Just a very small amount is needed. I just squeeze a pea sized amount on my palm, rub both hands together and apply. The scent is not offensive either.

Lillian Markleville, IN

Just a little

This, as with the other Motions products, is great for coarse and curly hair. Be very careful with the amount you "leave in" as it does seem to weigh hair down if overdone. I guess you can adjust up or down for how much control you may need. This is a definite recommend.

Alberta Prospect, KY

Rich, thick, and smells amazing

My goodness, the fragrance of this product is simply amazing. You only need to use a tiny amount or this will overpower you. I’ve found, also, it’s better to put it on immediately after the shower when my hair is really wet, before towel drying. For some reason, it gets through the hair easier this way than when I towel dry first (it left some residue when the hair was towel dried, maybe because I couldn’t work it in as well at that point).Once I figured out how to best use the product on my hair, I was thrilled with the results. Smooth, shiny, manageable hair that dried with ease (I could get the brush through which is always a problem for me) and no knots. This is an especially good product if you use a flat iron a lot as I do. Seems to protect the hair and make it easier to iron. The result is very soft, very fragrant hair.Recommend.

Lola Cashmere, WA

Results didn’t look natural

My daughters tried it and I wasn’t that fond of the results. I think the presence of glycerin, hydrogenated coconut oil and argania spinosa kernel oil make a lot of sense for a leave-in product to protect hair. The addition of polydimenthylisilonxane, a common ingredient in many things including caulk products, might be why it didn’t work for as well as expected in these instances. Products with this ingredient don’t usually make hair look good, in my opinion. Maybe it suits some people when used sparingly.

Deidre East Ellsworth, WI

Left My Hair Feeling Coated and Heavy

I’ve used several Motions products and they have been hit or miss with me. Some, I have really liked quite well but many of them leave my hair feeling coated, heavy and weighed down.I used the Motions Straight Finish line and tried the cleanser, leave-in conditioner and sealer. I tried all the products individually and also together as a line to really get a feel of what I thought about them.This review is for the conditioner. It once again was a miss for me. It left my hair feeling heavy and coated. The coating lasted through even another shampoo. I used it one more time to just to be sure that the coating was from the conditioner and yes, once again, I could barely get it to wash out.I put this bottle away and did not finish it. Depending on hair types of course but I won’t be using this one again personally.

Ellen Wittmann, AZ

Nice, decent conditioner

Motions straight finish leave in conditioner is light weight and smells good, but it isn’t the best leave in conditioner I’ve used. I’m African American with natural hair and I have to use lots of this product to attain the conditioning my hair needs. It seems like it would be nice for relaxed hair or hair that isn’t as thick as mine.

Dolores Middleburg, FL

It’s very handy stuff

This is a convenient way to keep hair manageable. I have curly hair and I swim, so I need something to help keep my hair from being dried out or tangled. Just a very small amount of this stuff run through my hair after I towel dry, and my hair is easy to comb and looks healthier. It’s also much more comfortable. Long term, it seems to be helping protect my hair from the effects of chlorine.The only caution is that you can’t use too much, or your hair will be duller and flatter. Use a tiny amount and it works great, and that also makes this a good value.

Cecilia Bathgate, ND

Perfect maintenance product

I go to the salon once a week to have my 50 year old, thick, curly, color treated hair washed, dryed and flat ironed.This ‘Motions Straight Finish Leave in Conditioner’, works nicely to keep my hair looking salon fabulous between washings. Before I go out I put a small amount on my palm and rub my palms together then run them over my hair – brush lightly. Flyaways are gone and I think it reduces losing the flat iron effect to humidity.When using right after washing I follow these guidelines from Motions:* Long/Thick Hair: Apply two quarter size amounts, start at the ends & work to the mid-shaft* Short/Fine Hair: Apply a dime size amount, start at the ends & work to the mid-shaft* Medium Length Hair: Apply a quarter size amount, start at the ends & work to the mid-shaft

Esmeralda Mortons Gap, KY

Great Leave In Conditioner

The Motions Straight Finish Leave in Conditioner functions very well as a conditioner. It moisturizes your hair and has a light and pleasant scent. It doesn’t seem to weigh your hair down like some conditioners do. Also this works very well with the Motions cleanser and finish sealer.

Victoria Mount Vernon, ME