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Motions Hair Lotion, Oil Moisturizer 12 oz

Smooth, silky, and sexy hair is yours with Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion. This nourishing formula, infused with a five-vitamin blend, helps strengthen each strand. Designed for women with medium to coarse hair, this hair lotion includes hydrating ingredients to help give you intense shine. Ideal for medium to coarse hair types, this nourishing formula helps reverse signs of damage from overprocessing and heat styling Five-Vitamin Blend Formula Helps Repair Damage Overprocessing and heat styling can damage hair cuticles over time. But nourishing products such as Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion can help repair dry, damaged hair, leaving it soft and smooth. This hair lotion, with a five-vitamin blend, helps to moisturize and soften hair. The formula, with shea butter, panthenol, and keratin, nourishes and adds intense shine to your locks while helping to protect hair against breakage and over-drying. Easy-to-Use Formula Moisturizes and Softens Simply shake the bottle well before each use and dispense an ample amount into your hand. Rub your hands together and distribute the lotion by massaging it into your hair and scalp. Style your hair as usual after use. About Motions: Salon-Inspired Hair Care Since 1993, Motions has become synonymous with creating salon-inspired products. Motions is committed to rigorous product research, cutting-edge hair care solutions, and salon-tested, results-driven products. Celebrating the rich and unique beauty of women is at the heart of Motions’ philosophy. What’s In The Box Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion, 12 ounces (pack of 6) Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion At A Glance: Helps reverse signs of damage from overprocessing and heat styling Leaves hair feeling soft, strong, and shiny Nourishing formula, with five-vitamin blend, silk proteins, keratins, and silicones Ideal for women with medium to coarse hair

Key features

  • Pack of six, 12-ounce bottles of Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion from Motions At Home: maintain a salon-fresh look between salon visits
  • Protects hair from blow dryers and other dry conditions
  • Use daily to replace natural oil lost on pillows
  • Moisturizes to help prevent dryness and brittleness
  • Softens girls’ hair for brushing and daily styling (and protects from rubber bands)

Honest reviews


Feels like hair hydrated, even a bit oily

Feels much like I just had a hot oil treatment.Uses primarily mineral oil, but also Jojoba, avocado oil, wheat germ oil & vitamins to treat dry hair.A bit too much mineral oil for my taste – the reason it didn’t get 5 stars. It stays on top of hair.A good treatment to use once in a while.Scent has a hint of avocado & a bit perfume-like, but not overpowering.May need to treat drier ends of hair more than twice, or allow to stay on longer to have oil treatment stay. My ends were still dry.Nice to discover a product that is inexpensive, and can be used regularly to keep hair from breaking.

Madelyn Combined Locks, WI

Wonderful Hair Lotion

This is wonderful hair lotion that works really good. I’ve used lots of different hair lotions; I’ve tried so many different brands and types – cheap, average, and expensive ones.But this particular hair lotion works really well. It is good for styling and managing.Highly recommeneded. For both kids and adults.

Carrie Alcoa, TN

Doesn’t Weigh Hair Down

I put this on sparingly after shampooing and conditioning my hair. It did not weigh my hair down. It just left it feeling soft and moisturized. The scent is barely there, which I like. I recommend this for dry hair.

Virginia Colchester, CT

Not for limp, fine hair

Other reviewers have also noted that this product is most likely intended for African-Americans. European-Americans would not benefit so much from this oily product unless they had thick, curly hair. I do like the scent, but what this product does is more coat the hair rather than get absorbed in the follicles. For those with permed or otherwise damaged hair a small dab on the ends after a washing also seems to do the trick, adding oil to the hair ends to keep it from flying around.I do like the scent, which is why I give it four stars.

Mai Ellenburg, NY

I Remain Unimpressed

I used this on clean, damp hair prior to blow drying. This lotion is creamy and is meant to be used sparingly. I have shoulder length hair so I used an amount that was less than a dime in circumference. I rubbed it in the palms of my hands and then circulated it through my hair. The end result was unimpressive. My hair seemed a little oily and looked darker. Other than that, it really didn’t do much in terms of truly moisturizing my hair and giving it body and/or shine.Just an observation here, but this product contains mineral oil. I have never had anything except greasy hair when I’ve used products with mineral oil. This may just be my problem, but if you’ve had problems with products using mineral oil I’d suggest you not buy this product.I’m sticking to my daily conditioner that leaves my hair clean, soft, and shiny.

Kerry Patterson, NC

Run Of The Mill

I got this for one of my grandaughters to try out since she is young and has nice long and dark hair as opposed to mine which is short and light (gray). She is on the dean’s list at college so I figure a smart gal like that can give a quality review. She came over from college to spend the weekend here so I took the opportunity to try out her product analysis capability.After making a test run her conclusion was brief and concise: This is not anything special. It is just a fairly mediocre moisturizer with an odor that is not particularly appealing.Based on her feedback I placed this item on my “Do not buy” list.

Jesse Junior, WV

Hard to avoid the unwashed hair look

I have very thick and course hair and have had difficulties with moisturizing it and figured this would be a good quick-fix solution and help me confront my fear of hot air dryers. Now, this is pretty moisturizing and a little goes a long way. I’ve noticed a definite difference in my hair after blow-drying after locking this in. I also find this works well on dry hair and keeps flyaways tamed. However, many might find this may make their hair lean toward the greasy look. Which may be good or bad–I like that it does make styling easier, but I know many must have the “just washed” look. So, this is a product that does its job and moisturizers, but it may not be the best quick-fix solution.

Paige Carmen, OK

This Moisturizer Prevents Dryness and Brittleness

Hair gets dry and itchy for lots of reason. Sometimes after a day at the pool or beach on a hot, day, sometimes from using a blow dryer too much, and often because we are just born with dry hair. Oily hair or dry hair – they are both curses.Motions has a solution with its At Home Oil Moisturize Hair Lotion that comes in an easy to use 12-ounce bottle. An older lady with very dry hair found that this product added moisture to her hair as well as keeping her hair in place. Because it provided relief to her very dry, itchy scalp she plans on buying some more.My wife tried this product and didn’t find it as beneficial but she highlights about every six months or so and washes and conditions it about three times a week so that might be a difference between the two reactions to this product.The salon-quality Motions At Home Collection was introduced by Motions in 1994 to provide affordable shampoos, conditioners, hairstyling and finishing products that daily provides that “just-stepped-out-of-the-salon” feeling.When using remember that “a little dab will do you” – just fine!

Shawna Willard, OH


I decided to get this for my girl so she could try it out if she needed it. I wasn’t sure if she did or not but since I was getting it free why not? Any way as it turns out she did use it and said that it worked just fine. It keeps your hair from getting dry and such.

Alexandra Edgewood, NM

Soft and Shiny

I tried the product on my friend’s hair who is African American. She described the product as making her hair soft and shiny, which it was. You can only use a small amount at a time but she felt it was a good product and she would use it again.

Carlene Tieton, WA

Not Healthy for My Hair

This is somewhat comparable to another moisturizing pink oil that we often had in our home while growing up. That one was heavier/greasier to help with flyaways and to make our braids neat. Although this product,(Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion) is also pink and in a similar-looking bottle, it is NOT the same.Though they are both mostly water and mineral oil (I have only recently found out that MO is not good for use on hair), this Motions Oil Moisturizer is EXTREMELY heavy on the alcohol.Motions Oil Moisturizer has a fairly pleasant smell-light and crisp. Yet, I can feel it evaporating on my hands, with barely a hint of shine left behind when I handle it. It is too lightweight to tame any of my curls.This does nothing for my hair besides keep it dry. If you have fine hair shafts that are textured, this is not the best choice. It has left my hair still feeling/looking dry and dusty.I get a better shine using olive oil from the kitchen, which won’t hurt my hair.Ingredient list for Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion:WaterMineral OilPropylene GlycolPolyquaternium 37Ppg 10 Methyl Glucose EtherPropylene Glycol Dicaprylate/DicaprateSodium LactateDimethicone Peg 8 LanolateDimethiconeAcetamide MEAHydrolyzed KeratinPPG-1 TRIDECETH-6Sodium PCAFragranceSorbitolProlineSodium Cocoyl Collagen Amino AcidsCocoyl SarcosineSimmondisa Chinensis (jojoba) Seed OilVitamin EHydrolyzed GlycosaminoglycansWheat Germ OilBenzyl BenzoateTriticum Vulgare AcidHexyl CinnamalLinoleic AcidIodopropynyl ButylcarbamateLinaloolCitronellolD&C; Red 33DMDM HydantoinPanthenol

Katy Stafford, NY

Moisturizes and Nourishes.

Motions Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion moisturizes and nourishes the hair without being greasy. And while you think that this product would be heavy, it is surprisingly light weight. The hair lotion is not too thick, more of a light cream. I rub a dime size amount in my son’s hair in the morning and after they shower. It leaves their hair easy to manage (ie., brush), feels and looks healthy with being too shiny. The scent is faint, pleasant and not overwhelming. The packaging is simple, no thrills or frills, and pours easily. And finally…… the price. I think you are getting a great product for a reasonable price. I highly recommend this product.

Lynn Ashcamp, KY

plenty of body and manageability

OK, I don’t read instructions. I’m a guy. At first I thought this was a conditioner, so put way too much in my hair. It’s pretty oily, and it took three shampoos to get it all out. So the next time I followed the instructions and used it as directed – more like a styling gel. One small dab worked fine (as opposed to a palm full). Worked it in thoroughly, brushed and dried. I really liked the way my hair styled and looked. My hair did have a slightly oily feel (but not look), and my hair remained natural looking. Not stiff like with gels. So I’d definitely recommend it!

Therese Becker, MN

restorative, but a strong smell

I am one of those people who does not like to believe that specialty hair care products (such as those used at salons) are worth the money. I tended to pick up my hair care products at Costco, whatever was cheapest in big bottles. This was fine until I got older (I’m in my late 40’s) and my hair got dryer, coarser, and started to lose a lot of its shine. Now, it requires a lot more work and care to get it to look somewhat akin to what it once was.I’ve been sampling the entire line of “Motions at Home” products, and I have to say that I’ve been impressed. When I compare it to commercial shampoo and conditioner, it produces a better result for a smaller amount of product. The latter consideration is a bit of an adjustment since I’m used to having to fill my palm with conditioner, and you need a very small amount about this (a dab about the size of a quarter in my particular case). I’ve been using this moisturizer on the ends of my very long, thick hair at night after a shower. I rub it in to the last 6 inches starting at the tips and comb it through the bottom only. In the morning, my hair is noticeably shinier and easier to manage.The only thing I don’t like about this is that the smell is quite strong and not particularly pleasant (unlike the other “Motions at Home” products, which tend to smell like coconut or citrus). Though it does disperse through time, it has a bit of the nasty chemical smell that one associates with salon perming or conditioning. I also wonder if those who have hair which is less voluminous and long may find that it is too heavy for their hair. I often joke that I have enough hair for 3 people, and it’s not much of an exaggeration. I’d suggest anyone with less hair use it very sparingly and err on the side of too little rather than too much. I could easily see this weighing down someone’s hair if they overdid it for their hair type.

Deborah Gorham, IL

Helps with a dry scalp

This hair lotion is a great product for a dry scalp. It only takes a bit to last a long time and the packaging makes it easy to apply.

Rosanna Okoboji, IA

Not so Much

This is not an impressive product after several uses. I had expected something by now but the results are mediocre at best. I’ve had mixed results with the products from Motions at Home, some doing a great job and some not, and this one did not.

Margot Centerville, IA

It works on tangles, but don’t use too much

No one in my household uses hair products on a daily basis, so it is difficult for me to compare this Motions Hair Lotion to anything else on the market. I specifically gave this a try because my four-year-old has long brown hair that gets very tangled after a shower, and I have experimented with everything from sprays to lotions to special brushes to help untangle her hair without causing her any or at least very much pain.After a full week of using this hair lotion each morning, I noticed that my daughter’s hair was a little bit softer and shinier. And yes, it did help to untangle it. The brush that we normally use, which often gets stuck tackling a big knot, slid right through most of the time. There were still some knots, but there was visible improvement overall. This pleased both of us. Alas, there is a downside. This lotion smells pretty bad, and my daughter hated using it even though she knew it helped eliminate tangles. And it also took me a few days to figure out exactly how much was the “right amount” to use. Too little lotion, and the tangles were more problematic. Too much lotion, and my daughter went off to pre-school with a scalp that looked dirty and greasy. It took two or three days before we determined the best amount to use each day. This is a product I would recommend for eliminating tangles, just be careful how much you use and – if using it on your kids – tell them that the benefits are much better than the smell.

Elsa Harrod, OH

good idea, bad execustion

You have a body lotion, a face lotion, a hand creme, a foot creme, but no hair lotion!?! Why not? Why limit yourself to after-the-shampoo leave-in or style products.One reason would be that the ingredient list here consists of mineral oils, which generally trap moisture and do a lot more damage than they are worth. Another is all the other chemicals in this product.This oil moisturizing is a good idea but doesn’t really provide the moisture necessary for your hair to thrive, so that you feel your hair become even drier after use.

Agnes Fairview, MI

Many Benefits!

Motions At Home Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion is good to keep your hair from breaking and helping your hair from frizzing up throughout the day. I use this on my braids before I add my hair extensions and this prevents my real hair from breaking while it is braided. The consistency is smooth and the scent is nice almost calming when you or others smell it and I really appreciate that.Motions Oil Moisturizer is also perfect to put on your hair whenever you will be applying heat because this keeps your hair from being brittle and dry while keeping your hair soft and healthy. I love that this moisturizing oil has so many different uses and is the perfect accessory for healthy hair.

Adriana Monhegan, ME

Mineral oil conditioning

I have thick fine blond hair that is a medium length. Usually after I wash it I use a very slight amount of a spray on conditioner and my hair is clean and shiney and full of life.So to test this out, I substituted this for my usual spray on conditioner. I was hoping for an end to the itchy scalp I have been experiencing.My hair seemed a little bit greasy after I used this. It has mineral oil listed as the second ingredient so that’s probably why. I wash my hair to get out the grease, then put more on it when I dry it with this. I don’t have dry hair at all, just my scalp from all the swimming I do. I didn’t care for the grease this put into my hair.To give a fair review, I next massaged a bit of this into my scalp on the back of my head where it itches, and it did relieve the itch. In fact it worked wonders for this problem, so I’m convinced my itchy scalp is from dryiness. I feel this did not improve the looks or condition of my hair, but I can recommend this if you have an itchy scalp. I took cotton balls and sprayed them with this and rubbed them onto my scalp where it was itching and it did stop the itch.This is an ethnic product I think so to be fair, I probably have the wrong type of hair to give this the proper test. But I’m impressed that it cleared up my itch and will continue to use it for that purpose alone when needed.

Suzanne Mount Morris, IL

Mineral Oil is the number two ingredient

When the kids were young we used Motions products almost exclusively. Then we started to notice that the products with a high level of mineral oil triggered headaches for some of us. The Shea Butter is way down on the ingredient list (try 34th or 35th). In lieu of full disclosure, panthenol, hydrolized keratin, collagen amino acids, jojoba and wheat germ oils precede it on the ingredient list and biotin follows it.What I really like about the product: I do love the creamy texture. It absorbs quickly while leaving a very nice sheen.Scent: Very fruity and sweet. This, like their Marula Hair and Scalp oil, reminds me of the scents that are found at Bath and Body works. However there is a low note that is rather off-putting and funky for me. I like the Marula Oil product better, it is a cleaner scent without the unpleasant low note.Final analysis: I’m not crazy about the scent, but if you like sweeter scents and your scalp can tolerate mineral, this is a great product. If not, look for a different oil moisturizer.

Elena Huntley, MT

great for detangling but heavy product weighs down hair

I was eager to try this as my somewhat wavy hair is super dry. This is a leave in product, and when I tried it I was thrilled because I could easily detangle my hair with just my fingers (I have terrible tangles). It felt really smooth and soft. It dried feeling a bit heavy but I was okay with it…but by that evening, the weight of the product felt very heavy and almost oily.By the next morning, it was too oily to go without washing. My hair still was tangle free, but at the cost of looking dull and dirty.But the weird thing is, even after I washed it with a different shampoo and conditioner, the tangles were still gone. It’s as if it detangled my hair for longer than I expected. To that end, I plan on using this at least once a week, even with the heaviness, because not fighting the tangles is worth it. I just wish it was lighter on my hair so I could skip a wash.

Lupe Millerton, NY

Targeted for Afro American hair…my hair is fine, straight and highlighted…

Despite the target audience, I did not believe it would be a beneficial moisturizer or would effect a shining head of hair no matter its ethnic origin or condition.My hair simply felt heavier, looked somewhat darker and lifeless.Biosilk is an excellent product to try and use this one sparingly.

Regina West Enfield, ME

Motions Oil Moisturizer

It is an oil therapy and as such it does just that, it adds oil to your hair and scalp. I could never use this product and leave it in my hair for the day. The only way I could do that would be if I wanted a wet look. But, I cannot stand the oily feel. It might be suitable to spray in your hair and leave for several hours as a treatment before then washing your hair and styling…I don’t know.The other issue I have against this product is the scent. It just about made me sick to my stomach. I could smell it even after washing my hair.So, I cannot rate this product better than 3 stars. I would rate it lower, but I recognize that it may be beneficial for other hair types and those with extremely dry scalps. The scent is simply a matter of preference.

Nadia Delmar, NY

It’s OK.

I mistakenly ordered this thinking it was more of a conditioner product — “Moisturizer Hair Lotion” seemed pretty obvious.However, this product is really a sort of styling oil. I found this out the hard way in the shower. Happily, a simple rinse and towel dry later, my hair looked basically normal. I think this might be useful to replenish a more or less natural level of ‘oiliness’ after washing / conditioning, which, for me at least, leaves my hair sort of dry and frizzy for the next day.Still, I don’t really enjoy having artificially oily hair, so I wouldn’t buy this. I’m only reviewing it because I got it as a sample.

Lou Arlington, AL

No More Tangles and Plenty of Shine

Motions Hair Lotion is a product made for those with hair issues related to tangling, lack of shine, and overall manageability. A small amount added to hair, we are told, should help relieve some of these problems and make hair look shinier and healthier.Putting this product to the test shows that most of what it claims is true and the most noticeable difference is the shine. Hair does look more radiant when this product is used and it takes only a small amount to achieve this goal. You don’t necessarily need to coat all of your hair- just a small amount combed through the bottom section of the hair is enough to make it look shiny and healthy. The ladies in my house agree that the product is worth buying for this reason alone.Another helpful quality is the ability to break up tangles. By adding some moisture and smoothness, tangles are broken up quickly. In this area, Motions is about as good as any, but I agree that there are other de-tangling products that work as well for less cost.Hair management is easy when your locks are short and thin, but it can be a real challenge for those with thick/coarse hair that needs greater attention. Motions may not have a great scent, but it does make it easier to gain control of your hair and make it look healthy and vibrant.

Tommie Makaweli, HI

Another Great Product from Motions

Just shake well, pour a generous amount into your palm, rub palms together and apply. It’s that easy! Left my hair soft and shiny. Great ingredients as well, including Jojoba Oil, which is a great hair moisturizer. Another winner from Motions. Highly recommended.

Marva Canada, KY

Yuck, Mineral Oil and Wheat Germ Oil (is not Gluten Free)

I have blond, curly hair (I’m causasian) and like to use hair lotions to smooth out my hair. I thought I would try this, but reconsidered when I saw the first two ingredients are water and mineral oil. On the bottle it say "with Shea Butter and Five Vitamin Blend" but after looking at the ingredient listing, Shea Butter is at the very bottom of the list after more than 20 other ingredients!!! You’re really not getting much Shea Butter in this product.Also, if you are sensitive to Gluten or Wheat, be aware this product has wheat germ oil, so you will not want to get this near your skin, scalp, or hair.The fragrance in this product, like the other "Motions" hair products are way overdone and artificial smelling to me. EWG’s Skin Deep Database (which you can google and find on-line) lists Motions fragrances in the High Hazard range. Quote: Ecotoxicology, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Miscellaneous, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)If you want some good hair lotion, I would recommend pure Shea Butter. My favorite is available from "Mountain Rose Herbs" and is totally "all natural", smells wonderful. It is used by women in Africa and in this natural form is the very best way to moisturize your hair!

Jimmie Myton, UT

Wet Look

It is light and a tiny amount goes a very long way. I thought it would be good to cure my winter time fly aways but it kind of left me with a wet look. I was very careful not to put it at the roots, and I am thankful I did or I would have looked dirty and oily all day.

Ginger Gays Mills, WI

Experiment failed

I do not have “natural” hair, I am of the Caucasian persuasion and my hair is as thin and straight as can be. I ran out of my usual leave in hair conditioner and decided to try this brand out. It smells nice, it went on nicely, but my hair did not like it. It weirdly dried it out, not moisturized it.

Bobbi Mount Prospect, IL