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Motions At Home Lavish Conditioning Shampoo, 13 Ounce Bottles

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Key features

  • Pack of six, 13-ounce bottles of Motions At Home Lavish Conditioning Shampoo
  • Contains mild cleansing agents and conditioners to cleanse and detangle without stripping natural oils from the hair
  • Rich pearl scent formula is gentle enough to be used every da
  • Contains silk protein and keratin protein that penetrate hairshaft to provide substantive conditioning
  • Motions At Home: maintain a salon-fresh look between salon visits

Honest reviews


Not for curly, frizzy hair

I was excited to try this shampoo because of how it is listed for moisturizing. My hair is very frizzy due to large curls and coloring (I refuse you, grays!). I was hoping that this might make my hair a bit more healthy so that I could use less product to keep it under control which is also damaging more often than not (vicious cycle!). This shampoo was not made for my hair type.The consistency of the shampoo was like thick lotion and goes on very thick. I had a hard time washing away the shampoo after putting it in my hair. I don’t mean a conditioning residue, like you might feel on other products or conditioners, either. This was like, well I hesitate to say slime, but….slime. When I did get as much of it out as I could, my hair felt heavy. I figured that would be a good thing because it could weigh down mys strands a bit to keep them from frizzing. I was wrong.My hair still frizzed all around the ends (just like it normally does if I don’t condition and use product) and felt oily around my scalp. I don’t know if this product is just that way or if it for a different type of hair than mine? No matter the case, I was not happy and will not be using it again. I don’t recommend buying a whole bottle. Maybe the manufacturer can send you a sample if you request it so you can see if this is right for you before you make the same mistake I did.

Lorena Toddville, IA


This review is for the manufacture of the item and for the customer that saw the avertisement and was misled.I do not feel I am the right person to review this item as it was not for my hair type. No where on the label or in the advertizing did it say that it was for African American men or women but it clearly was so by the directions. I think in our world of politically correctness we are missing a great deal of joy for lack of celebrating each others differences or cultures. I am a German American woman and this product does nothing for me because my hair happens to be different from my African American brothers and sisters. I threw the product away but I would hope that an African American would get the product and give it a raving review.

Lindsey Westford, MA

Going Through the Motions

This shampoo comes with a lot of claims and promise, and I was optimistic. Like “ultra glossy sheen.” Unfortunately, after shampooing and conditioning, my hair lacks luster and has looked much shinier with other shampoos. The product is rather runny and doesn’t deliver much in the suds department. The fragrance is pleasant and not overwhelming. And yes, my hair felt fairly smooth and not stripped at all after using. I did follow up with a conditioner as my hair is very dry. For reference, I am Caucasian with fine (but thick) color treated blonde hair. After blowdrying and flat ironing, my hair was hardly shiny and, in fact, lacking in luster.Being a lover of all beauty supply stores, I was aware that Motions is a brand made for ethnic hair, but I’m game to try anything. Love mixing up my hair routine, and do it constantly. However, as another reviewer remarked for this price point, better shampoos can be had for less money. The Suave Professionals line comes to mind. Why spend more if you can achieve greater results by spending less?

Milagros Sand Lake, MI

Decent shampoo with good conditioning

To me, this is just an OK shampoo/conditioner. It is clear with a pearly/silvery color and fairly thin. It is good, but doesn’t strike me as particularly rich and luxurious. Certainly, lavish did not come to mind. Nor does a little go a long ways like with some other shampoos. It has a fairly neutral, pleasant scent that is not too strong, a bit on the mild side, and neither feminine or masculine.What I do really like about this product is that despite its just OK looks/lather/luxuriousness/etc. is that I would say its conditioning is way above average. If you have hair that needs intense conditioning or that tangles easy, then this is a good base. If you are looking for only light conditioning, then this might be enough without a follow-up conditioner. All the members of my family (from fine to thick hair) noticed the high conditioning and how clean it rinses. This is compared to some conditioners which leave your hair heavy/weighed down with oils, shea butters, etc.For the full list price, there are other shampoos out there that I like better, but if you can get this at a moderate discount, then it is a good shampoo because of its good conditioning properties.

Alissa Daniel, WY

soft hair

I think this product is aimed for black hair because on the back of the bottle it says for relaxed, weave, etc.I have long, think, wavy blond hair and this worked just great. It got out all my tangles and left my hair soft, manageable and healthy feeling. You can tell it’s a luxury product. The conditioner is think and rich and smells great. It says on the bottle for weekly use so I won’t use it more than that but I will look forward to using it every Wednesday. I’m pretty sure if you have coarse hair, this product would be great.

Kristina Stow, MA

Good, not great

First of all I have to say there’s no “glossy sheen” with this product. LOL I’ve used it twice, it smells good – not overpoweringly so, kind of a soft musky smell.I’ve used other shampoo/conditioners (pert plus?) when I was in a hurry. I have extremely thick, mid-back length hair and an oily scalp. I can’t usually use super moisturizing hair products or the oiliness is out of control the next day. Without at least a decent amount of moisture I can’t even think about running a brush through my hair, if I do I end up with a brush full of hair (OW!!!).They morning after I used this the first time (I shower at night before bed) I was fully prepared for the usual torture of brushing my hair. Suprisingly, it wasn’t so bad and my head wasn’t an oil pit! It only took a couple of minutes to brush, I didn’t lose too much and it was pretty soft. Like I said earlier, no glossy sheen, but that’s ok! I still couldn’t brush it when I first got out of the shower like I can with regular shampoo and conditioner but it wasn’t bad after it was dry.

Margot Ava, OH

Excellent Shampoo

An outstanding shampoo. Makes your hair shiny, smooth and restores elasticity and moisture. If you use heat on your hair (flat irons, blow dryers) or chemical treatment (colors, perms, relaxers) this shampoo really provides good restoration. Highly recommended!

Tonya Wabbaseka, AR

Very strong most unpleasant smell

To me the smell of this was just plain offensive, it actually made me feel nauseous. I did use it once but had to re wash my hair three times to get the very strong smell out of my hair. Apparently this is for coarse ethnic hair which was not clear from the description but when I went to the product website it shows only models of color. After learning that, it of course was not intended for fine blond hair, so I won’t bother with details on how bad it performed on my hair type, lets just say I looked like I stuck my finger in an electric outlet! No matter who this was intended for, the smell is just way too much for me but thats just my opinion.

Kathi Utica, KY

nice scent, works well, leaves hair soft

I ordered this conditioning shampoo for review without realizing it was intended for the “modern woman of color.” Since I am an older white male in his late 50’s I am not really in the target market for this shampoo. That being said, though, I think this would be a good conditioning shampoo for anyone regardless of age, gender, or race. The shampoo scent is pleasant but not overbearing. Women would like it, and men would not find the scent to be overtly feminine. The shampoo is very concentrated, and a little goes a long way. A 13 oz bottle of Motions would last as long as much larger bottles of other shampoo brands. After using it my hair felt quite soft. Unlike other conditioning shampoos I’ve used in the past, my hair had a lot more body to it once it dried after shampooing.Overall, despite the advertised target market, I think men and women both would like this conditioning shampoo.

Ines Alford, FL

Convenient but seasonal use

I love the convenience of a 2-in-1 shampoo. Great for a quick wash after the gym. Though the product only recommend weekly use, I had no problem using it daily. I do find that I needed extra conditioning now that the weather is cooler and drier on my hair. This worked better in the summer months for me. The scent put me off at first because it smelled too ‘sweet’, but I got used to it and now don’t mind it much.

Carol Madison Mills, VA

Not a Fan

Although, the scent was delectable, I’m not a fan of the Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo. My hair was difficult to untangle and it left a residue on hair/scalp. I wouldn’t purchase this shampoo even if it were on sale.

Barbara Peachtree City, GA

Good Conditioning Shampoo

This is good conditioning shampoo. It did not leave my hair dry; neither did it leave my scalp dry or itchy.I had no problems with this shampoo. It made my hair fresh and clean, and no problems with tangles.And the ingredients seem to be compatible with my standards.Recommended.

Queen Phelps, WI

In Comparison to Other Shampoos

Using this shampoo is nice but I haven’t gotten very much improvement from it.This shampoo is designed for medium to coarse hair.The one issue I have with it is that it does not de-tangle my hair. Snarls usually accompany coarse hair.If the formula were to help unsnarl my hair I could rate it higher. I get much more beneficial results from Dove Moisturizing shampoo which leaves it so soft that I do not even need a separate conditioner.

Millicent Harrison, NY

Good product

I have fine hair and I had a visitor ( who is very picky, still thinks “Prell” is the only shampoo)with coarse hair try this product and they loved it. I find I need very little help from conditioners with this shampoo. It does add some shine and the conditioner that they use does not weigh my hair down and make it feel oily. Even though it is designed for medium to coarse hair, it worked well for me!

Madeleine Penn Run, PA

Wonderful scent

I have used this shampoo alone and also with a separate conditioner. For my current hair style, chin length hanging down, I prefer the results when I use a conditioner. The shampoo does condition, I can tell when my hair is still wet – it feels conditioned. The type of conditioning adds texture and body to my hair and those effects would be appreciated if I wore a shorter hair style. But because I am wearing my hair in a hanging down way I prefer the silkier and smoother results that I get from another separate conditioner. I love the scent of this shampoo, it’s subtle and quite nice.

Lorna Ninnekah, OK

Nice fragrance; soft hair

First, let me say I’m a guy with short, fine hair. I’m probably not the intended purchaser of this type of shampoo (it is intended for hair that is courser than mine), but it works well on my hair. Unlike some reviewers, I liked the frangrance. The fragrance did not linger in may hair after washing it. My only complaint is that it seemed like it was difficult to rinse out of my hair. I suppose that is the conditioning aspect of the shampoo, as it did leave my hair softer than usual. I should note that this is intended for weekly use, but I used it daily without a problem.

Ilene Enville, TN

The scent is too strong for me

My model for a shampoo product I enjoy is something like this:- has little to no scent- is 2 in 1 (shampoo & conditioner)- leaves my hair feeling soft and healthyMotions meets two of my three criteria, but the scent is just too strong for me. I’d even go as far as saying it gives me a headache. It’s like a men’s cologne that I’d never consider wearing.Scent aside, it lathers well and my hair feels pretty good.

Ivy Clarksville, FL

Awesome moisturizing power with a fresh scent

This is a great moisturizing shampoo. I’ve had to use it a couple of times without conditioner because of running out of conditioner and it is the only shampoo that leaves my hair moisturized in the absence of using a conditioner. The scent is pleasant without being overbeing. I like the shampoo and daily hair care products by Motions.

Letha Nashua, MT

Leaves hair clean and silky

Motions At Home Lavish Conditioning Shampoo feels nice in my hand. It has a soft, creamy texture, and I was momentarily concerned that it might be too creamy and leave a greasy residue once I dried my hair. That turned out to be a false alarm. It left my hair feeling very clean and kind of silky. It also has a pleasant scent without the chemical odor typical of most shampoos. Based on the photos of African-American women on the product page at Amazon, I assume this shampoo/conditioner is primarily meant for someone other than Caucasian males, but this Caucasian male recommends it highly.

Georgina Guilderland, NY

Silky smooth and easy to use

I ordered this item thru the Amazon Vine program because I have a small on-going issue with dandruff. Having only used it for the past three days I cannot say it will definitively take care of that problem, but I must say the combination of anti-dandruff and conditioner formulas seems to be quite effective so far. A small amount lathers up quite well, the scent is minor and not intrusive and the shampoo rinses out easily and thoroughly. And there is noticeably less dandruff on my shoulders so for now I recommend this.

Tamara Seattle, WA

adds a little shine

This is a reasonably priced quality shampoo which added a touch of shine to my hair and left it with that silky feeling you get from a keratin treatment.

James Winlock, WA

I like this stuff

It smells good and works well. Not a lot more to say about it. Shipping was excellent and nothing popped along the way which was something that was bad about shampoo in the past when shipped. It does what it says and isnt overpowering in its effort. A worthy effort!

Brianna White Lake, SD


I have coarse, thick hair and often find that products designed for African American hair work well for me. That was the case with Motions at Home Lavish Shampoo.It is thick and has a pleasant small. It seems to be a low-suds product. My hair got clean, but without, I presume, harsh chemicals that can damage hair. I used my normal conditioner but found that I need to use much less, as the shampoo left a silky coating.

Corine Syosset, NY

Good for frequent use

I swim most days, so I wash my hair a lot and I have to be careful of products that dry out my hair. This shampoo gets the saltwater out and leaves my hair feeling clean and soft. I have light brown hair that is fairly straight and on the thick side. Products that leave a lot of residue in my hair leave it flat and dull looking. After using this shampoo my hair feels full and has body – always a good thing. Since I like using a separate conditioner, I use this shampoo every other time I wash.PS – It always makes my day to know that people find these reviews helpful. If you’d also like to ask a question or leave a comment I usually respond the same day, so if you have a question or comment (even if it’s just to say, Hi!”) feel free to post it below.Thanks,Claire

Teresa Lake Isabella, CA

The Right Amount of Moisture

This almost made it to my favorite shampoos list. Unfortunately, it contains some ingredients of questionable toxicity, but to be fair, most shampoos do.I like the way it leaves my hair. Although the product’s ads show a woman of African ancestry which I am not (as far as I know!), the shampoo works well for me. I chose this because (a) I got a sample to review and (b) it does not contain wheat or aloe, both of which I am allergic to. It also does not contain appear to contain formaldehyde.However, it does have some ingredients that the Environmental Working Group says to avoid such as fragrance and parabens. I would prefer a shampoo with fewer chemicals but I have yet to find a natural one that doesn’t contain an allergen and leaves my hair manageable. For now I am mixing a tad of lemon juice in filtered water for a final rinse in hopes of removing anything harmful.

Jane Union Bridge, MD

Super product

The shampoo and conditioner combination is something I greatly appreciate and this product is really great.My hair feels and looks very healthy and the ease of comb out after washing is a super bonus.

Kathi Sharon Springs, KS

Does Both!

There are so many different types of shampoos out there, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. I’m a guy and I typically don’t see a difference from one to the next. What sets this one aside is that the shampoo/conditioner combination actually works with this one. My hair tangles. I have long hair. Most combo shampoo/conditioner I’ve tried just doesn’t do the job, I end up using conditioner anyway. This one actually does work well.

Sharron West Bend, WI

Good quality product

I’m no expert on shampoos but this product does what it says both conditioning and shampooing. I do not use scented shampoos due to allergies. This shampoo has a slight coconut scent that did not bother me.

Josefa Wabasha, MN


We decided to try this shampoo because my step daughter is mulatto and doing her hair is new to me, but neither her mother or my fiance has ever had much success in doing her hair. I refuse to give up. We love this shampoo. First off – it smells so good. In the words of my 13 year old gal it smells grown up Paris pretty. Second the conditioners in here help her to detangle before the conditioner ever touches her hair. Her hair is not relaxed or anything else, it is simply natural. She has gorgeous soft super tight sproingy curls. What’s even more amazing, I sent her home with a bottle and the next time she came to my house I didn’t spend 2 hours detangle her hair, she bragged that she was able to combe through it herself because her hair wasn’t sticking to itself. (aka it wasn’t dry) Well, the last time we went to the salon my hair stylist mentioned that my hair was a bit on the dry side. So I’m a caucasian woman with fine to medium wavy hair that does always seem a bit dry. I thought, what the heck, Kim’s shampoos have so many moisturizers in them, what’s the worst that could happen. Well I love it. I use it every other day, my hair is shiny and bouncy and my ends aren’t dry anymore. I’m pretty sure her borthers are using this too, only because when I kiss the boys goodbye their heads all smell the same and I know her dad is using it. In short we definately love it.

Kathleen Saint John, KS


for a shampoo and conditioner in one I have to admit I was impressed…I and my husband tried it…left hair soft…my hair is long and I did have to wait till it dried before I could brush it- though it was a good conditioner it was not great at detangling…I would be happy to use this while traveling

Anastasia Saint Albans, ME