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Moroccanoil Treatment, 25 ml

Moroccanoil treatment’s versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It blends perfectly with other products and even speeds up drying time. This treatment for hair completely transforms and repairs as its formula transports lost proteins for strength, fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.

Key features

  • Color-safe, sulfate-free, phosphate-free, paraben-free^It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage^Apply 1-2 pumps to clean, towel-dried hair, from mid-length to ends, blow-dry or let dry naturally

Honest reviews


Great product!

I always have this on hand. I’m a guy and don’t mind admitting I use this product every day. I use it to condition my hair, my beard, and my skin. The smell is fantastic. You will not be disappointed and will quickly be addicted to this product! It’s great and worth the price and hype.

Candace Lucile, ID

amazing product for damaged hair!

I went to get a trim the other day. I’ve been recovering from severe bleach damage for about 6 months now, the process has been agonizing. My poor hair is dried, broken, a mess. The lady at the salon used this on my hair the other day and the difference in my hair texture was 100% noticeable. I decided to order this small bottle on here to try it out for myself (I find I have a hard time manipulating oil products properly), not this one. You need a very VERY tiny amount, run it through your ends, broken or dry hair and style as usual. The smell is fantastic, a hint of vanilla. This has helped my broken hairs in the front stay at bay and my hair look much shiner and healthy. I am so glad I ordered this. I will spend the money on the bigger bottle when this one is almost done, it’s worth every penny. My long dark hair was destroyed by bleach and I can tell you – this is the ONLY product that has made a difference. highly recommend – even for those who have lost hope – this is your solution

Maryanne Ute, IA

wrong calculation on the per oz, fix it

15 dollars divided by .85 oz is NOT 1.27 per oz. FIX IT. FALSE advertising. That seems to be deceptive, thought Amazon would have software to catch this.

Kathrine Mc Cool Junction, NE

It’s alright.

I ordered this because some people rated this as a very good product. As it is good, but not all that. I’m going to assume that it depends on the hair, but mine is usually shiny any way, but wanted a little extra protection against blow drying and flat irons so I purchased this. It does smell good, but the smell doesn’t last anyway. The Chi Silk influsion works just as good but least expensive.

Judy Tallassee, AL

Miracle Hair Repair in a bottle!

I have curly, thick naturally strawberry blond hair. For Halloween, a friend promised me the hair color she was putting on our hair for our costumes was “temporary, would wash out” She LIED and after 3 hair treatments to fix my hair so it didn’t look like I Love Lucy, my hair is VERY dry and dull. I picked up a bottle of this at Sally’s today on the recommendation of the clerk and I am IN LOVE! It INSTANTLY brought shine back to my hair, made the color richer and my hair feels sooooo good now. I also have two adopted daughters who are biracial and tried it on their hair, again BEAUTIFUL! They both have kinky/thick hair but one also has sun/wind damage from the beach. Her hair looks beautiful. I love the scent of this product as well. I don’t know if it’s meant for skin use, but I had a bit left on my hands and rubbed it in and now my skin feels like silk. LOVE IT!

James Arvin, CA

LIke someone else’s hair

My hair stylist was making my hair like a Japanese girl’s hair, and I have thick unruly frizzy wavy hair. What I mean is, when I leave her salon, my hair is shiney like glass, silky-straight, and you can almost see your reflection in it. Now normally, since I swim almost everyday, it can be a challenge to even work a hairbrush through it. It’s a tangled mass of frizz. So I finally realized I needed to ask her what she was using. She handled me this stuff.It is an oil but in the hand it feels like a dry oil. I then rubbed it on my hands and arms and it has that silicon, dimethicone feel to it, making cosmetic products slick feeling.I am a product junkie and have at least a hundred products for hair, so while I didn’t want to add yet another one to my collection, as they do tend to go bad before I use them up, I had to get this. And my hair never looked so good. I had heard about it, and now I’m a believer. It’s given me Japanese, straight slick sleek glossy hair, only lighter in color. When I want that look, and don’t want to use my straightening iron I use this. I’m still not convinced it’s really oil but who cares? It just works.

Allyson Blue Island, IL

Don’t Notice a Difference

I like how this smells, so 3 stars. But I really didn’t notice a difference in my hair, even though this was recommended to me by both my stylists and a few friends.

Allyson Auburn, MA

this is the holy grail for your weave

This oil smells great and it keep the hair soft and with a great shiny but not to shiny … I love this oil for my weave was fast also

Opal Clyde, OH

Not for me

I’m not fond of the scent of this in my hair.. Not what I want to smell all day 🙁 and if you do like just a little dime size needs to be used or you will look greasy!

Lorna Graysville, GA

Best product

This is a very good product. I used it; then, I tried a cheaper brand, but it did not work the same way. This leaves hair soft and gives it volume.

Sophie Mount Wolf, PA

Good for curly hair

Not good for fine hair but my daughter has curly hair and uses it to control curl and also to conditions when she straightens her hair.

Estela Winchester, IL

My favorite Moisture

This puts moisture back into all hair types including weaves. It is a little on the expensive side. The bottle is really small it lasted me about 30 days. You can only find it at Nordstroms or a high end salon or of course on amazon. Its not in stores. However Amazon has the cheapest price around for this product.

Leeann Barnegat Light, NJ

Better for finer hair

So my hair is extremely curly and this product did its justice in giving softness to the hair, but not exactly in taming the frizz as much. I would recommend this to people with finer hair because it might be more easy to control.. I’ll definitely be sure to use this for when I blow dry. By the way, this bottle is small as s*** just be aware before buying.

Kristi Wilson Creek, WA

Awesome product.

Works great on frizzy or damaged hair. I love that is is made in Israel..there’s something about eating or using products from the holy land that i totally dig.Excellent product that i use on damp hair before blowing and also use after if i need it, it tames the frizzies and flyaways and adds shine and also protects against the sun which i love. I just wish the big bottles were not so expensive.

Lindsay Loving, NM

Smells good, doesn’t leave oily residue.

I only use this on my hair when I need to shampoo it but don’t. It makes my hair shiny and controlable. But it’s easy to use too much.

Anna King City, MO

There’s a reason why it costs more……

I started using argan oil on my hair 2 or 3 years ago, after a friend recommended Moroccanoil. However, since I couldn’t find Moroccanoil in any local stores I opted instead for a far less expensive brand of argan oil available at a local beauty supply store. Actually, I switched back and forth between two brands of argan oil and found them indistinguishable. And, once I finally got the knack of just how much to use so that my hair wouldn’t look oily I was happy enough with the results.Recently I saw Moroccanoil in the window of a beauty salon in the local mall, and decided to give it a try. I really wanted to know if there was a difference and if Moroccanoil was worth the much higher price (it is about 7x or 8x the price of the “generic” argan oils I had been using).From the moment I opened the bottle I could see a drastic difference. First, Moroccanoil is much thicker. And, amazingly, it never makes my hair shiny or oily looking (the cheaper argan oils never made my hair actually oily, they just made it look oily if I used even slightly too much).I’ve only used Moroccanoil a few times so I can’t as yet honestly say if it produces better results over the long run. However, just based on the differences I’ve seen so far I consider it superior. Even given the much higher price, I probably won’t go back to the cheaper brands of argan oil.

Holly Appleton City, MO

love this stuff

I have been using this stuff for years since it came out. It makes my hair sleek and smooth. It also protects my brightly colored hair dye (it’s currently purple) from fading in the sun. This product also smells really great and my hair seems to dry much faster.IMPORTANT NOTE: Use a VERY small amount!!! You don’t need a lot for it to work and if you use too much your hair will just feel greasy. (Plus it’s a waste of a pricey product) I put this in my wet hair before air or blow drying.

Herminia Valley, AL

great oil

this oil is thick and it has made a difference in my hair- it’s softer and easier to manage and this oil doesn’t have a smell which is great because so many products have strong smells.

Rhonda Sheldon, WI

Nothing special

Moroccan oil is so overpriced. They use regular silicones and oils that every other hair oil treatment consist of. I have no idea why it costs so much. Will not buy again simply because it doesn’t worth it, i can buy the same thing (organix for example) that cost 5 times less and get the same (or sometimes even better!) results. Smell is great though!

Robyn Port Royal, PA

LOVE this stuff

I really love this hair product – it makes my frizzy wavy hair soft and smooth and manageable without being heavy or sticky. My hair feels clean, not gooped up. I use it after I shampoo on my wet hair then use the dryer/iron.A little goes a long way. Just put a few drops in your palms, rub them together and rub on your hair. I have thick long hair and that’s all I need.However, I dont think there is that much Argan oil in it — if you read the ingredients, Argan oil comes way down the list. But the product works and I love it. It makes my hair smell great too ! Highly recommended.

Arline Reydon, OK

Works perfect for dry hair

I have very bright blonde hair, and my hair is always dry. My hairdresser had tried this on my hair and I loved it so much I bought it. In the salon its expensive, but its affordable on Amazon. The product lasts a long time and I use it everyday after I blow dry. My mom tried it once, and now wants to buy a bottle for herself.

Rosalia Rochford, SD

truly the best

I swear by moroccan oil- I just love it. I have thick, somewhat coarse and naturally wavy hair and it’s the best product I’ve tried. If you don’t want to purchase a full size one to begin with b/c of the price- try it out by purchasing the small travel size. I have a large one with a pump for at home, then always travel with my mini travel one, because I cannot be somewhere without this. Works great if you let your hair air dry or blow dry it- especially wonderful in tropical climates if your hair gets frizzy. I recommend this to all my friends.

Carmella Chamois, MO

great stuff

moroccan oil works wonders for my hair – always smooth and shiny after i put just a dab in. this stuff is great!

Ila Garrison, MO

Creates shine and helps eliminate frizz

I have found Moroccan Oil to do what it says. It has helped reduce frizz and it does add a nice shine to my hair. You don’t need much so my .85 oz bottle has lasted a long time. I hadn’t used it regularly at first but when my new hairdresser used it on me and I saw the effects, I have been using it more regularly. I recommend beginning with the small size to see if you like it and even with regular use, it will last you at least a year if you don’t wash your hair everyday. Use it on wet hair but I also have used it on dry hair too when I needed to tame some frizz or curls. My hair isn’t super frizzy but it has a really nice effect and is nice to the touch. By the way, although it’s oil, it is not oily so it won’t make your hair oily.

Ella Warrensville, NC

Great for extra dry hair!

My hair was very dry and damaged, in fact it felt like hay! I use less than a teaspoon of this on my ends after I shower and it makes my hair so soft! My only warning is not to use too much. When I first got it I put it on the entire strands, root to tip and it was fine. but now that my hair is healthier, if i do that my hair looks greasy. So I use a tiny amount just on the ends and it keeps my hair looking & feelign soft.Be aware that this bottle is extremely tiny!!! But since you need so little to see results, it will really last. I have been using this for 2 months and I have 1/3 bottle left.

Beverly River Falls, AL


Seriously, I am so disappointed that I can’t ever like this product. I was very excited to try this out, but the moment I opened the cap, I hated it. It has this weird vanilla-ish sweet scent that ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTS me. No offense to those of you guys out there who like the scent, but to me this just smells like a really bad man perfume. To make things worst, once you touch this liquid the scent doesn’t even go away for hours. If it had a good fragrance I would appreciate the long-lasting scent, but I washed my hands like 10 times and I washed my hair (again) because the scent was giving me a headache.If you are sensitive to how things smell like me, please try smelling this thing before you buy a large bottle of this.I’m so glad I bought the travel size…

Bettie Jewett, NY

it’s a miracle

I can’t belive I’ve survived with out this. Smells amazing and all you need is a drop for the entire hair

Colette Honey Creek, IA

too much hype

It is just oil. Does not do wonders. The smell is good, but it does the same as every other oil for hair does. No speciality.

Magdalena Neosho, MO


Light. I use this everyday. After I blow dry, I put some all over. If your hair is dull, it brightens it up a bit, and make our hair feel good. Does not weigh hair down.

Herminia Nanticoke, PA