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MOROCCANOIL Gold Glimmer Shine 3.4oz

Moroccanoil glimmer shine is a finishing spray that attracts and reflects light to give hair a gorgeous gloss. Infused with argan oil, vitamins and antioxidants, it creates an invisible veil of luminous shine and protects hair against environmental elements such as sun, salt water and chlorine. Glimmer shine can also be used to enhance color and highlights, adding the perfect touch to any style.

Key features

  • Color-safe, sulfate-free,phosphate-free, paraben-free
  • Attracts and reflects light to give hair a gorgeous gloss
  • Spray approximately 10 inches from dry hair, allow product to set for 3-4 minutes before touching or manipulating hair

Honest reviews



Can’t say enough good things about Moroccan Oil products. My assumption is that it’s the infusion of Argan Oil, a powerful antioxidant, rich in vitamins that strengthens the hair and increases elasticity. That has certainly been my experience using the Oil Treatment. I raved about . And now more applause for Gold Glimmer Shine!This is a sensational spray that gives hair a luminous shine. During the day hair looks as if it had been touched by sunshine, and in the evening it appears moonlit. The effect is never sparkle-plenty but a subtle beautiful sheen.Gold glimmer Shine is packaged in a spray bottle, so just lightly mist styled hair from a distance of about 10 or 12 inches. “Lightly” is the operational word here – don’t over spray. You’ll love the results!- Gail Cooke

Audrey Ralston, PA


Although this product smells absolutely delicious, and leaves a nice shimmer it’s purely for an after style spritz. This spray does not leave enough binders behind to protect your hair if you use a flat iron or a hot comb. I have really kinky curls and usually after you blow out your hair when you plan on wearing it straight you need some type of serum to straighten it with or it’ll fry. The texture of the serum is really important: if it’s too wet your hair will fry, if it’s too dense your hair will take on a heavy consistancy will feel greasy and not move, if it’s too light weight your hair will look frizzy and damaged. This serum is too light weight my hair has never felt so crispy and straw-like. The regular moroccan oil is perfect for after a wash to protect it during a blow out before you straighten. But if you have really curly hair like I do and you don’t wash it every day then I would highly recommend regular argan oil for a straightening serum it’s a really good consistency and it leaves your hair feeling soft.

Hallie Steeleville, IL


There’s a pretty strong scent to this oil, which really bugs me. The previous one I had (different brand) didn’t have a scent at all. That’s the one bad thing about ordering on line, products cannot be returned.

Amy Wolfeboro, NH

The best

I’ve tried many different Moroccan or Argan oil products but, hands down, this is my favorite. Not too keen on fragrance which reminds me of public restroom disinfectant. Thankfully, the rather horrid scent fades to nothing after a few minutes. Why not have a nice spicy orange smell for this exotic Moroccan oil? Anyhow, there are no gold flakes in this but it gives your hair a healthy, natural sheen as it conditions. Buy it!

Tracie Marsteller, PA

1 of the Best Hair Care Products Available!!

I have super curly kinky hair and only the Japanese Hair Straightening system will work – which costs an $$$ per hour. In between the mandatory 4 months in between I use this product and it works like magic to straighten out my curls and without leaving any heavy residue or flaking like hair gel when I use my straightening iron on it. This product is like a lotion for your hair and only a dab will do. Hard to believe but my sister and I have been using this 1 bottle over 6 months. We have super thick very long hair so to see how long this product lasts – def. worth the investment.

Julianne Glenview, IL


I love the moroccan oil treatment, so of-course i’m going to love love love this. its just easy and a great alternative to a hair balm, it makes your hair supper shinny and it smells great. Love it.. recommended to all types of hair! its just perfect.

Delores Midfield, TX

Can’t live without it!a

The Moroccanoil Gold Glimmer Shine is a must have if you want shiny healthy hair. I’m probably on by 7th bottle! Try it once and you’ll probably be hooked! 🙂

Myra Batavia, IL

Poor Product

I chose this rating because I hate this product. Oily. Oily and more Oily. I do not recommend unless your hair is so dry that is falling out of your scalp.

Lorraine Norton, VA

Love it!

A little goes a long way. Great to use before applying a flat iron to your hair. The aroma is awesome! Such a fresh, clean and yet, exotic scent. Give this one a try.

Madeline Altenburg, MO


I have to admit that I use this on my dog between groomings.I powder her with a cornstarch-based powder,rub it in good ,brush her out and spray.She smells good and it conditions her coat.

Laura Mystic, CT


I have thick curly hair and I let it air dry. This spray is perfect for making my curls shiny and soft. A little goes a long way….great smell too!

Traci Portland, ME

Love this stuff!

I love this stuff! It works so great! Leaves my hair so soft! No Frizz! It is a little pricey though!

Megan Belspring, VA

LIke the misting ability.

I bought this to kind of condition my hair with. I had the regular type that you rub on but it was a little too heavy for my hair. I use this two ways. When my hair is wet I tip my head over and spray on back side of my head and rub in for conditioning. Or I mist my boar bristle brush and brush it on.

Theresa Simmesport, LA


On a whim, I purchased this product. My hair is colored, so it sometimes looks dull. This product is a good one to restore the shine. You have to be careful in overuse, because it doesn’t take much.

Christina Glentana, MT

My Golden Crown

This really does make your hair shiny in a golden festive way. BUT, the scent is super strong, though it does fade in several minutes. Only use a very light mist or it will be too heavy.

Keri West Hatfield, MA

Love the line

I only use this line in my hair because i am goint nautral but have not compeletely yet! I love the smell and the softness if gives my hair!the shine with out too much oil and the feel is amazing.

Jeannette Worthington, PA

Doesn’t do much for my hair

I haven’t encountered any problems like the ones I read, like too much quantity going out from the spray, but it doesn’t seem to do much for my hair. Maybe it does, but I don’t notice much…I like the ordinary Moroccanoil better.

Danielle Aguanga, CA

Moroccanoil Glimmer Spray

This product is only ok because instead of the spray making your hair shiny, it makes is bushy and non-compliant. For the price, I would not recommend this product.

Fay Fort Thomas, AZ

Love the Smell but Not a Great Buy

First I want to say there are no gold flecks in this product. I’m not sure why they named it that but the name is deceiving. The product is clear and goes on light and shiny. I bought this because curly hair does not reflect light very well and therefore does not shine like straight hair. This has a wonderful smell, like all products in the Moroccanoil line, but it’s not as good as I had hoped. It is also overpriced for what little it does.The positives – the smell is amazing. I wish they sold a body spray! The product is light – this could be a negative if you need a heavier product. I like the application, using a spray bottle is very convenient. The spray is fairly concentrated, it won’t go all over your bathroom. It adds shine to your hair but it doesn’t last.The negatives – overpriced. This should sell for $10, that would be reasonable. There is a similar product on the market, “One and Only Argan Oil spray” which is almost exactly the same for half the price and comes in a larger bottle. Although Moroccanoil Gold Glimmer adds shine, it is short lived. I find after about 2 hours my hair is looking dull again.If you have fine hair or hair that doesn’t need to hold a style, this may be for you. Heavier products may weigh this hair type down so this could be perfect; however, you get similar results from the much cheaper “One and Only”.This is not a bad product, I may buy it again just for the smell. Right now I’m product comparing this with One and Only to see if there is any big difference between the two. I’m not finding any to justify paying extra for Moroccanoil. (I really love the smell though!)

Evelyn Ringgold, VA

Moroccanoil Gold Glimmer Shine – 3.4 oz.

I love this as it is not heavy on baby fine hair like mine. I also use Moroccan oil after each hair washing. I would definitely order this product again.

Kay Fair Lawn, NJ

Moroccan oil does it again!

This is the perfect product for adding some shine to my hair after styling. It adds softness and smoothes all my fly aways, and comes with the bonus of smelling amazing!Tip: careful not to hold it too close to your head, or you will end up with a grease spot on your head you can not get rid of for quite a while.

Nina Soldiers Grove, WI

Best Hair Product

I love this product. After you have styled your hair spray on top to give you a nice shiny & healthy look. This works great on dry damaged colored hair.

Joanna Springdale, MT

This is a miracle in a bottle, unreal shine!

Wow do I love this product! You spray it on your hair and can instantly see how much shinier and healthier your hair looks with this on. I could not believe how noticeable the difference was or how instantly shinier my hair was after just a few sprays. I stared in the mirror is disbelief the first time I used it lol. It also smells great. I have naturally very oily scalp and hair and was worried this would make my hair look more oily or weigh it down and feel like it had gunk in it as that is what would happen when I tried shine serums in the past but not with this product. It makes your hair shiny but it does not make your hair feel oily to the touch. I highly recommend this product.

Britney Yucca Valley, CA

Love this product!

Initially, I didn’t really like this product. I sprayed it on a few times but it just didn’t seem to do anything different for my hair. I think the problem was that I wasn’t using it consistently. I have dry, coarse hair but after I started using it EVERY morning I’ve noticed a complete change in my hair. My routine is using Redkin Anti-Snap (blue bottle) at night as a leave-in after my shower and spraying this shine spray on my hair (pony tail section only- not the roots!) in the morning. It has made such a difference! This is a lovely product and I’ll probably purchase again!

Vonda Independence, WV

No shine.

I bought this product specifically for the shine. Unfortunately I can see any shine or other benefit while using it. It smells great but that’s it.I contacted the seller and they admit that Maroccanoil changed the formula about 6 months ago and it is not called Gold Glimmer Shine but just Glimmer shine now. Also it didn’t help with my frizz.Seller was great to accept return, especially when in the title there is still Gold Shimmer.

Keisha East Ryegate, VT

good stuff for my dry/curly hair

I bought this by accident thinking it was just a spray morrocan oil, so when I got it, I did not expect much. I do use argan oil reguarly so was familiar with base product. I began using it as others have noted (sparingly) and my hair is actually getting better conditioned and it does look and smell great. Hair is noticeably softer and shinier. Will definitely continue to get this with my regular morrocan/ argan oil to supplement it.

Kristy Childersburg, AL

Perfect for all hair types!

I have had a bunch of friends try this product (it’s my second time purchasing) and nothing matches this particular one due to the fine atomizing mist that it outputs as well as the sheen it gives without weighing down the hair. I definitely recommend and I use it daily.

Leann Erving, MA

Smells nice.

Love the smell of these products but I just don’t get the fuss. This one doesn’t do much for my locks but dry them out. Expensive and ineffective, Ill stick with Thermafuse or Davines products.

Blanca Peach Springs, AZ

Like very much

I use marocan oil line it’s expensive but I like smell and shine after my hair have I have 1 butle for 1 year will buy

Lizzie Whitewater, MO

Makes hair SHINE like there is a light on it.

You have to use a teeny tiny bit or your hair will be a little greasy. But man, it makes your hair shine! I use it when I have my hair in a bun.

Marian Silver Lake, MN