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Moroccanoil Frizz Control, 3.4 Ounce

Moroccanoil frizz control is a must for all hair prone to frizz, whether it’s natural, dry, curly or straight. It eliminates frizz and controls static in any weather. Its weather-resistant properties weightlessly safeguard hair whether you have winter hair (in excessively dry conditions) or summer hair (in excessively humid conditions) keeping it smooth, calm and manageable.

Key features

  • Color-safe, sulfate-free, phosphate-free, paraben-free^Eliminates frizz and controls static in any weather^Blow-dry to remove excess water, spray 3-5 pumps approximately 10 inches from damp hair and comb through

Honest reviews


really great

I was so excited to see that my favorite hair product company stated making a frizz control spray- it’s sure to work fantastic!

Francesca Mc Graws, WV

Very Nice

I’ve not used the Moroccan oil products before so this was new to me. I have long hair that tends to frizz a bit and I wanted something that would help control that as well as add some shine and do all that in a healthy way. The first time I used it I overdid a bit and ended up with oily patches here and there. So, for me there was a bit of a learning curve! Be SURE to hold it far away from your hair when you spray – which isn’t all that easy with long hair I have discovered. Actually if you live with someone and have very long hair they may be willing to help with the spraying. The second time I did much better and my hair was flat, smooth, shiny and healthy looking. I’m very pleased with the product and would recommend you give it a try!

Janelle Glentana, MT

Good product🙆 but… Price??

Smeellsss so good!!! And I really think the this product has made my hair look healthier and shinier 👍 thumbs up to that!! But I just don’t think it’s worth 25-30$!

Antionette Deer Lodge, MT

Can’t Do Without This Product

This is the first thing that goes on my freshly Wen cleansed hair. There’s nothing quite like it at any price! I see many of you feel it helps cut down on static – it really doesn’t for me during these dry cold months and the wrath of central heat. BUT! What IT DOES is leave my hair impeccably softness & shine- which is difficult for blondes to achieve, and it’s an excellent heat protector. To be fair, as I said, I apply to wet hair before anything else unless I’m using a spray conditioner. Then I rub in my hands to distribute, concentrating on mid-shaft down to the ends and avoiding my scalp. I comb my hair out first so that I’m not transferring the oil to my roots by wide tooth comb. After I apply I can let my hair air dry a bit before blow out. After my hair is blown out, if I use a flat iron or any other hot tool, I usually don’t use more MO, rather another heat protectant like Paul Mitchell Skinny. I like to reserve the MO for my wet hair ritual, but it can be used sparingly prior to curling or straightening hair. I simply don’t want to go through it too fast and use something else for the final step.

Mindy New Auburn, WI

Very good for long, thick, coarse hair.

Great for my hair – I have long, thick hair and use this spray everyday. It really seems to smooth my hair down and makes it very shiny. I really like this and will order again.

Madeline New Haven, WV

works like a charm

My girlfriend loves this product, she says this works very well, she has been using this for over 5 years, she uses my amazon account to order it but sadly never leaves a review. So im writing on her behalf.

Gina New Straitsville, OH