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Moroccan Oil Treatment For All Hair Types 0.85 oz

Moroccanoil Treatment is an ultra light formula which is absorbed by the hair instantly, resulting in a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine without leaving a residue. Moroccanoil Treatment has the ability to restore over processed hair damaged by environmental factors and chemical procedures.

Key features

  • Controls Frizz
  • Restores shine
  • Manages unruly hair
  • Keeps hair soft and smooth

Honest reviews



This is the BEST product for my hair which is colour treated and delicate/thin which I also blow dry and flat iron. It can literally save your hair from all the damage from colouring, highlighting and heat styling. I also used this at a summer concert which was very humid and my hair did NOT frizz which is a miracle since my hair is very porous and frizzes very easily so I’m very impressed! It’s also not at all greasy. I use a pea size amount when hair is wet before styling and I’m good to go.All I can say is get this!

Guadalupe Northfield, VT

Love the Oil, Not a 6pk as advertised

Buyer beware this is not a 6pk as it is being advertised, it is only 1 .85 oil, and can be purchased cheaper elsewhere!! Dont waist your time or money with this false advertised item!

Elba Alma, CO

this product is overhyped!! Left my hair frizzy!

I SOOOOO wanted to love this product based on all the amazing reviews I read! I thought it would leave my hair shiny and frizz-free, but instead, it made my hair more frizzy! Sure, my hair smelled amazing for days after I used it and felt really soft to the touch, but it made my hair MORE frizzy! I was expecting more from this product and was left disappointed :(EDIT: Okay, so I’ve found that this works SOOOO much better on dry hair than on wet hair! I put in a small amount after straightening today just to see how it would turn out, and I had great results! My hair was left much more shiny than if I had just put this into wet hair, like I did before. Also, as a huge plus, it was left mostly frizz-free!! So I’m only going to put this into dry hair from now on 🙂

Tia Roff, OK

What a difference!

I love this product. Since I started using it I have seen a definite difference in my hair. I have very curly hair and it can be hard to brush. It makes combing your hair so much easier. I also noticed that during the winter months it takes the static right out of your hair w/o weighing it down. Also, everything came quickly and the seller did an excellent job shipping this product. Very Happy!

Kelley Wales, ND

Love Moroccan Oil

So I love Morrocan Oil, it makes my hair ends so soft and not brittle and cracked. I have a hard time finding this at salons anymore I’m not sure why, a few years ago you could find it at every salon, now not so much. I purchased some Argan Oil and I like it but I like the thickness of the Morrocan Oil better and it seems to react better with my hair. I bought this small bottle so I could travel with it and the cover broke, which is find for the house I can leave it sitting up in the drawer but traveling that’s not going to work, so I was a bit annoyed with that.

Alisha Zuni, NM

MOr Oil

Strong smell but still the only one that really absorbs into hair. I wish a cheaper one would!!! I haventg paid for this orginal ever again. Too $$$.

Vera Bronaugh, MO


This product smells so good – as all of the Moroccan Oil products do. The only negative is I don’t think its worth the money. My hair felt pretty oily not like it usually is after Chi oil and it didn’t make much of any impact with my hair & its frizziness.

Nichole Redway, CA

Not Impressed

I purchased this product on the basis of rave reviews here and elsewhere, but I’m not terribly impressed. It doesn’t do anything terribly special and I don’t care for the smell.

Marilyn Tuscaloosa, AL

i loved it at first…. then, not so much

I am addicted to hair products and try everything on the market. I was so excited about this product based on all the fabulous reviews. So I excitedly went out and bought myself a bottle. I LOVED it. It was easy to use and made my hair gorgeous. My hair was soooo reflectively shiny and smooth and had amazing movement. Everyone at the office stopped me and complimented me. Later, my best friend asked if I had just gotten a professional “blow out”!! I was thrilled! My secret beauty weapon in a bottle. (or so I thought)So after my next shampoo, I used it again. Very similar results. Shiny shiny shiny. Lovely movement. Smooth as silk.Third time, I’m noticing that not only does my hair not look amazing, it looks awful. My hair is getting dry and dehydrated. The product just isn’t “working”. Nor are any of my other products. It took me a while to connect the dots. I stopped using it for a while until my hair “got back to normal”. Then I used it again and the same pattern as before. I let my hair recover and then tried it a 3rd time to be sure — I didn’t want to waste such an expensive bottle of product that seemed to be such a miracle at first! Same pattern as before.Something in this product “builds up” or “removes important stuff” from your hair. I don’t know exactly what is going on but I can tell you I don’t like it. I threw this stuff out and my hair is much much happier. Maybe the trick is to only use it every 5 weeks. I don’t have the patience to figure it out. The downside is not worth the upside.

Dorothea North Uxbridge, MA

Try This Small Sized Bottle First

This Moroccan Oil is all the rage now.You apply a very small quantity on your wet, just washed hair. The emphasis should be on very small quantity as applying too much can make your hair very limp once it’s dried and styled.I have thick mid-length hair and I just apply a half dime sized amount (which I have rubbed between my palms) mostly to the ends. After I apply the oil I comb it though my hair to distribute it evenly.Be careful how many other styling products you apply as you can easily overload once you’ve applied Moroccan Oil.It’s surprising to see how many women with highly diverse hair types (straight and thin to thick and wiry) love this product!I would recommend purchasing the small sized bottle first.

Beatrice Brent, AL