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Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask 8.5 Ounce

A unique ultra light non-greasy formula that seals in shine and produces silky perfection for all hair types Products use Argan Oil from south west morocco, argan oil naturally renews hairs cell structure and consistently restores shine to hair

Key features

  • For woman/man
  • Image shown may not be true representation for size of this product, please refer to the size stated in the above product title, or to description below!
  • Original 100% Authenitc

Honest reviews


Smells amazing, works for REAL to soften, silkify hair–a wonderful product

I have extremely dry (due to thyroid condition), frizz-prone, super-curly hair. I use intensive conditioners, always. My local beauty shop owner recommended this a few months ago, and I was put off by the price.A couple weeks ago, though, I smelled it, was enraptured by the scent (think of a seductive harem or sacred anointing oil, cause it has that frankincensey-myrrhy sort of smell that reminds me of both, funnily enough). I bought it. I tried it. I’m sold! It’s not just hype. This mask really hydrates my superdry hair and leaves it silky, manageable, supersoft, and easier to style.And, oh, the scent. I’m gonna get the shampoo and regular conditioner. Today I bought the oil, but I haven’t used it yet.Good stuff, and this seller has a good price. Less than the 50 bucks at my local area beauty stores for this very large jar (2 cups + worth of mask creme.)Note: This seller has the larger jar (double this size) for a much better price per ounce than this.

Lee Taconite, MN

… have used this product before and this one was fine, but not as good as the past few …

I have used this product before and this one was fine, but not as good as the past few time. I think this might be a knock off version I got.

Suzanne Kake, AK


When I put it in my hair then rinse it ,my hair feels so soft , and then after my hair is dry my hair feels dry and normal, means it goes back to its normal state ugh I hate this

Corinne Earleton, FL

best condtioner EVERRRrrRR!!

Im a hair product junkie and Ive done everything to my hair from perming to straightening, color, highlights, and then back to color again as I feel like it. And the only conditioner that works as well as this is NONE!! Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is the BEST, hands down!! Get the 16oz and it will last you longer. I just skim a bit off the top and youre golden! Leave it in while you shave your legs and…what ever, when you wash it out its as soft as silk.____Also, just a side note, I donated my hair about 2 years ago and have been growing it out ever since and it seems to have grown like a weed by using M.O. products. We use the hydrading mask, intense curl cream, shine spray, and of course the actual moroccan oil in my house. I have super sensitive skin and I notice that I dont break out from using these products, but the mask can be heavy, so I wear my hair up at night and wash my hair at least 2x/wk. Since the 2 years, my hair has grown at least 2 feet, I get it cut frequently and loose about 4 inches every quarter, so…yeah, use this product if youre trying to grow your hair out ladies!! Cheers to sexy beautiful hair!!

Robin Ledbetter, KY

Packaging is a huge turn off

I have to say this product is a decent product. Probably worthy of at least giving it a try. It left my hair softer with less tangles although it might add a tiny bit of weight to it, it isn’t enough to dissuade me from buying the product. What IS enough to make me not want to buy it is the packaging. This jar was NOT thought through very well. Sure it’s different and chic but try opening a WIDE lid with little to no grip in the shower with wet hands. 40% of the time I have to grab a towel or washcloth to get a grip. And once opened you are left with a huge jar in one hand and the lid balancing between fingers scooping out the product with the other hand. The fact that I haven’t dropped this during use is a miracle!! Once open the cream is exposed to water getting in it. It is just plain awkward to say the least. Not to mention the jar seems to take up a lot of room on the narrow ledges or shelf inside my shower. So until they make some sort of flip lid or smaller opening I think the effects this mask gives is not worth the risk of spilling it.

Camilla Havana, FL

Miracle in a Jar

After my mid-40s my hair became extremely dry to the point I couldn’t pull a comb through it despite using a panorama of rich shampoos & conditioners (both drugstore & luxury brands) as well as styling oils and other products.And, you know how dry hair can really age you: mine had no luster, no softness or movement.So hearing the hype about Moroccan Oil products, I overlooked its steep price and bought it.And – wow, what a **monumental** difference it’s made in my hair! Three days after I worked a large dollop into my rat’s nest hair, it’s now silky, glossy, the color rich and gorgeous. While my hair is silky-fine, this product doesn’t weigh it down. To the contrary, my hair has body, volume & shine.Apparently you use it twice a week until the condition of your hair improves (and then weekly). Just work it through your hair and let it sit for 5-7 minutes and rinse out.Worth every single penny!

Monique Montezuma, IN

No results

I had high hopes for this given the average rating and reviews, but for me this did absolutely nothing. My mother bought it and neither of us had any results. Definitely not worth the money. Would not use even for free.

Constance Lorman, MS

Dry, Coarse Hair becomes Soft and Fluffy!

Dry and coarse hair is now soft and fluffy! All the curl came back once I washed my hair in the shower, put on the Moroccan Oil Mask and then slipped a shower cap over it for really only about 5 minutes. It is cold weather here now as it is Winter, and all the curl has gone from my hair and turned it more coarse and dry than my normally gray hair is. Wow! I am leaving this on longer next time, because if it does this well with 5 minutes what will it do with 10? I love this stuff!!!!

Sue Romulus, NY

Shiny, Happy Tresses

I ordered this so that it would get here soon after I had my hair colored, as I had read that it is good for color-treated hair. I love a natural product, and use argan oil on my face & body so I was excited to try this mask. While not 100% natural (it doesn’t claim to be), I am happy to say that this stuff works wonders for me. I took a gamble and it paid off. I’ve used it twice now and my hair is soft, not at all greasy, and actually does have body. I think if you rinse very well you won’t get that heavy feeling others have complained of. My hair is fine but I have a lot of it; I would not hesitate to even use this every day, and I don’t really think it is necessary to also use their shampoo. I alternate between two LUSH shampoos – Godiva and Reincarnate – and this works great with either of them. It has a clean, fresh and alluring fragrance.Others have also complained of silicones and other “non-natural” things in the ingredient list. In the case of this conditioner, I really don’t have a problem with that because this is so obviously a quality product. My skin is not sloughing off and my hair is not falling out, and I do not feel poisoned from using this. You’ll surely end up with worse things than this in your hair if you live in a large city (smog, etc.)!Bottom line: If you have hair like mine and want it to look, feel and smell good & healthy, then you’ve nothing to lose by trying Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask.

Nannie Rumsey, KY

Love this mask

I love this mask, its perfect for damaged hair. It also has a great smell! I would highly recommend this mask.

Cherie Mount Lookout, WV


I received it real quick, I tried it this weekend and my hair looks great! I hope with continued use it gets better, my hair is horrible from constant dying.

Beatriz Clementon, NJ

Works well!

This mask, mixed with the intense moisture repair conditioner works great. I’m not sure which of the products works best, or if it’s the duo together, but my hair LOVES this brand. I like how their are no sulfites, parabens, or other harsh ingredients in this line. I have slightly frizzy (due to coloring), medium thick, middle of my back length hair. I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else. This helps cut the frizz and makes my hair really soft. Great price on amazon compared to salon prices!

Maricela Jasper, AR


Cant imagine my life without Morrocan Oil. Hope it never gets discontinued. Hair is so so so soft after using it that nothing else in lige is necessary.

Sophia Merrifield, MN


I absolutely LOVE this product. It smells so amazing and makes my hair smell fabulous! I will never be without this product. As long as they make it, I will buy it!

Vicki Twinsburg, OH

Softens, but the effect is short-lived

I have intensely dry, damaged hair that is prone to frizz due to its natural waves, and I am on an eternal search for the products that will make my hair look its best. It seems I have tried just about every product that’s ever been sold, and my bathroom cabinets often look like a salon’s shelves– with dozens of brands of shampoos, conditioners, oils, masks, creams, and "treatments."When my stylist recommended this Moroccan Oil Mask, I was quite skeptical; she had recommended another treatment that I thought was garbage. I bought this mask anyway, and gave it a go.This mask DOES soften my hair, and DOES enhance my hair’s waves for the day after the mask’s use, but that effect doesn’t last long at all. If I get my hair wet at all, even if that moisture comes from rain, the "softness" of my hair is mostly gone, and it is back to its dry state. That makes me believe that this mask is probably just coating my hair with something instead of actually moisturizing it. The actual hair shaft doesn’t seem to absorb anything, but it instead just gets coated.

Teri Ponca City, OK

works alright

I bought this based on the reviews. I have fine, dry hair and for me, I didn’t see or feel a difference.

Angelia Donie, TX

Not bad/ not good

It’s not a total bomb because it does condition somewhat and smell nice, but for the price point simply not worth it. Any other deep conditioner could do the job for a lot less.

Elsie Courtland, MS

Silkiest softest most lovely hairs ever!

I love this mask. I have course, bleached and overall pretty damaged long hair. I am a double process diva. My hair was not benefiting from this. Going from dark brunette to sunny gold blonde was great in theory, but my ends were shot and frizzy. My stylist sold me on this mask.I used it one time as a mask and didn’t blow dry. I was not sure about it, seemed a bit greasy and heavy. My hair didn’t look so cute.I used it again as more of a “conditioner” just a tiny bit and combed it through my ends and then waited about 3 mins and rinsed. Blow dried with a paddle brush and my hair looks amazing.Seriously. This looks and feels better than a professional blowout. I am so so so sold.

Chrystal New Hudson, MI

Good Stuff!!

I like this product very much and it smells really nice. I use it as a deep conditioner on dry hair. I have dry, relaxed color treated hair. I mix it with a little bit of olive oil then I moisturized my hair (no heat) for one hour then I wash it out and shampoo. It is fabulous. I just wish it came in a bigger size because I moisturize weekly.

Kris Drummonds, TN


I love this product. I use it once a week and it makes my hair so shiny and soft. I recommend it for people with dry hair; however, I have oily hair and this stuff works wonders.

Roxie Vermont, IL

Fine but not wonderful

I’ve seen people commenting on that mask and I wanted to try it. My hair is dry, I normally use Argan mask and pay normally about 10$… So I bought that Moroccan mask and it come with the barcode scratched and pulled off for some reason … I didn’t like it as I felt it was fake or violated product but I choose to use it to try. My hair got soft but nothing extraordinary, I get the same result by using the Argan Oil mask!Never going to buy it again from that shop!

Chris Nanticoke, PA

It Works

My hair is extremely hard to moisturize. Coarse plus sun and color-damage. This hydrating mask works. However I have YET to find a Moroccanoil SHAMPOO that is also hydrating.

Kristen Renville, MN

Great product

I bought the shampoo and also the mask, they go great together and you should buy the oil as well.

Rhonda Elkton, TN

great buy, definitely worth a try

I love this product! I have tried many generic products and by far the best I’ve tried yet. Leaves hair soft, hydrated and smelling good.

Stacey Hospers, IA

Not worth the money

This product did not work well on my hair at all. I am African American, relaxed hair. This product did not give my hair very much "slip" and it did not detangle well after use.

Karyn Milton, NC

MAGIC! (with a touch of dryness – but I can handle that)!!

This truly is an amazing product! My hair loves it! It conditions like no other and combined with the oil treatment, that very first day my hair’s done, it looks sensational. However, for some reason the NEXT day, my ends tend to get a bit dry so I use Creme of Nature with Moroccan Oil Moisturizer and that does the trick! The combo of all these products really IS magic on my hair!!

Marquita Saint Meinrad, IN

Love it!

This is one of the best hair products out there, I have tried several differet hair mask over the years and this is one of my top ones. I love it and it has a great smell.

Barbra Butler, OH


Wow!!! When I first ordered this I was a little skeptical because I know some places that don’t have the real Moroccan oil products but this is definitely real. I used it this morning and my hair looks brand new and silky. If you purchase this item you will not be disappointed. I recommend this for everybody.

Nelda Saint Paul, NE

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil is a great product for damaged hair. However way too pricy! I’m going back to another hydrating product which is much cheaper.

Angelica Bangs, TX


I had a question and contacted Moroccanoil directly. This is the reply from the company:Please be advised that stores or any website including, are NOT authorized retailers of Moroccanoil and that Moroccanoil has not and will not sell any of its products to these companies and/or websites. Furthermore, we have reasons to believe the products currently available through these retailers are counterfeited. Consequently, we are in the process of taking strong legal actions, and we are hopeful this will soon stop these companies from offering these products that may jeopardize the health of consumers.

Letha Palestine, IL