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Morning Glory Gro-protect Solution 8oz

1. For the wrap, braid or molding techniques it is recommended that you use about 2 ounces of Gro-Protect Solutions (GPS) to allow complete coverage 2. Make sure you coat the hair well, applying the solution with an applicator brush to ensure that the product is distributed evenly over the head.3. Make sure hair is completely dry before applying (GPS)4. Do not put holding spray or spritiz on the natural hair before using GPS (if you do it will make it harder to rinse from hair, and may leave a film on the hair when removing the weave).5. Do not use holding spray or spritiz when applying the weave and the glue (the glue is all you need to make it hold .You can save your holding spray for styling)6. Be sure to use the blow dryer to ensure that the weave is secure onto the head

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  • Morning Glory Gro-protect Solution 8oz (Blackberry)

Honest reviews


Does the job

THe key is to follow the instructions. Make sure your hair is fully dry before you add this item. I will tell you my mistakes and my good tips. First off, really make sure your hair is dry before you add this item and before you add your tracks. Second, I did it in a 2 day process if you have to do it in one day, start early in the morning so you are not rushed.This is not an project to start at 3:00 pm if you plan to go out at 6:00 pm. Three, I added a second layer of the gro protect in areas where I had concerns about losing hair like my back areas. My mistakes were – I think I used too much glue when I was bonding my tracks. When I washed the tracks out you need the water to be as warm/hot as you can stand it. If the water is not warm it will not loosen the glue. The hair does fall out but I had to wash it like 10 minutes at a minimum. Also the hair does not just FALL out, you have to kind of nudge it out but some areas it did just fall out in the sink. But mind you, I used so much glue I think that played a role in it taking so long to wash out. ALso, I still had a little glue balls left in my hair. SO I used Pro Salon glue removing shampoo and I put on a plastic cap, lathered my hair and let is “soak” in for like 1/2 hour. THen I washed it with the shampoo and I used a wide tooth comb and got the remaining glue out. But the hair I lost was not 1/3 of what I would have lost had I not used this gro protect. THis item is WORTH it cause I lost very very very little hair. I Lost the amount of hair I would have lost in daily brushing and combing of my hair. I will continue to use this item. It is easier and worth the money. Next time, I’m going to try and use as little glue as possible and see if my results are better.UPDATE – I have discovered another use of the solution. For those who wear half wigs and can’t braid their hair or don’t have enough to braid, I gelled my hair back, let it dry and added the grow prot. solution and my hair remained nice and hard unitil I washed it out. I wear my hair back with a headband 1 inch from my edges, you I gel my front straight back, put hair pins to seperate where I do not want to put the GPS,then apply and it really allows you to leave you hair alone even while you are wearing a half wig or full wig. SO this product is good for weaves and wigs.

Susie Smithboro, IL

A quick weave’s best friend

Best stuff when it comes to quick weaves saves so much time with glue removal perfect

Josefa Hogeland, MT

No that good

Maybe they need to change the usage label and put more clear and concise instructions on how to use this but it didn’t work for me at all. I am just tired of putting chemicals and products like these in my hair because of not being completely satisfied with the hair God gave me. No more perms or weaves or anything- just my natural kinky hair from now on. I trusted this product when I gave glue a second chance and it didn’t work at all, I had glue stuck in my hair and the weave was difficult to remove even after standing in the shower for 20 mins.

Jaime Depoe Bay, OR

Doesn’t Work For Everyone

I purchased this item because I needed something that would protect my natural hair when doing quick weaves. The good thing about this product is it smells nice. When I used it the first time, it kept lifting. At that point I only had it in for two of three days and I don’t work out heavy; also, it wasn’t hot outside. I later found bumps around my nape leading up to my ear. I don’t know if it was an allergic reaction or what. When I went to remove the product, it rinsed out, but it took nearly 35 minutes. I used a lot if the product to ensure full coverage, but it didn’t hold up to the golden standards I saw in the reviews.

Suzanne Scranton, IA

Simply the best!

This product does exctly what it says . You must use a generous amount so I strongly suggest no trying to save some. I use this bottle in 2.5 uses meaning i get 2 uses out of each bottle basically but its does its job so its wortth it. So its needs to stay affordable because we have to use so much to make sure this protection serum doesnt break down while wearing your various styles.

Jacklyn Branchville, IN

it does what it says it’ll do

I don’t like it for me. It does everything it says that it will but my hair didn’t respond well to it. My scalp was irritated my hair got too dry. but don’t let me discourage you. My friend’s hair is still healthy and she loves it. It works!!

Lacy Mount Jewett, PA