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MONTBLANC Individual Eau de Toilette

Introduced in 2003.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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My wife loves it. She has regularly said "you smell great today" and it always happens to be the day I wear this. I change cologne almost daily, so it is a good test to see which ones are liked by other people. This one has a powdery fresh clean scent. I really like it.

Rhea Trinway, OH

Mount Blanc… Not just a pen maker/designer… Great cologne..!!

Wow..!! That is my first impression of Mount Blanc’s Individuel. I later purchased Mount Blanc’s Cool Presence and Star Walker, but less impressed with those. I first noticed the bottle and clean sleek design with the Mount Blanc logo on top of the cap. Easy on the eyes and a classy design. The fragrance comes out clean, fresh, and smooth – I detect hints of fruit and (call me crazy – maybe cinnamon).As noted in other reviews, I generally consider the following areas: price/value, appeal/smell, “wow factor” (compliments), longevity, uniqueness, best time of year worn or occasion, and easy on the nose (and bottle on the eyes).To date, I have not received compliments, but when solicited for feedback, it has been well from women. It scores well with longevity – I splashed it on this morning prior to work including a couple of squirts on my undershirt (t-shirt under business shirt). Now some 12 hours, the fragrance is still (barely) detectable on my wrist, but very prevalent on my t-shirt. Individuel is definitely unique – perhaps closely compared to a toned-down (original) Joop – and is easy on the nose. We have already commented on the crispness/fondness of the bottle. It is now fall and the scent seems to blend well with this time of year, but I do believe that it would fit with all seasons and all occasions.Bottom line guys – for the price/value, Individuel should be added to your collection. I give it 4.6 stars out of 5. Try something new – you may like it…

Gracie Frederick, SD

This stuff is great

This stuff smells good”. The item was as described and it arrived on time. I love the scent and it is taken seriously wherever I go. I will keep a supply on hand.

Ingrid West Paris, ME

Great Fragrance, However, Not a Replacement For Original Santal

I would like to speak about the comparison between Mont Blanc Individuel and Original Santal. I am a huge fan of Original Santal. It’s just a wonderful fragrance. I like Mont Blanc Individuel as well! However, these are two separate fragrances, and I would not recommend Mont Blanc Individuel as a “replacement” for Original Santal at all. Likewise, Mont Blanc Individuel also serves its purpose.The opening of Mont Blanc Individuel smells exactly like Original Santal after Original Santal has dried down for about 3 minutes. There’s no doubt about it. Sure, the Creed smells more fresh and natural, but unless you are VERY familiar with Original Santal, you would not be able to tell the difference. This smell stays similar to Original Santal for about an hour. Then things start to change.Mont Blanc Individuel changes drastically from smelling like Original Santal to smelling like laundry fresh out of the dryer. Is that bad? Absolutely not! But Original Santal has an intoxicating smell that has more to it than the “dryer sheet” smell. Individuel, after about an hour, is pure dryer sheets. Original Santal has more spice. I would even say that after three hours of wearing Mont Blanc Individuel, you can’t even compare the two fragrances. If I didn’t smell Individuel’s opening, I wouldn’t have even thought the two fragrances were even remotely similar.I’m not just repeating other people’s comparisons of dryer sheets — no, this really smells like dryer sheets! Like I said, that’s not a bad thing. This is an excellent, fresh smelling fragrance. The best part of fragrance is in its first hour.I would also say that Mont Blanc Individuel is more masculine and Original Santal is more unisex. I would love to smell Original Santal on a woman. Unfortunately, my girlfriend doesn’t like to wear it.Don’t go believing all these people who say a certain fragrance smells exactly like another. They don’t. They may share some similarities, but the DNA is totally different from fragrance to fragrance.My advice to anyone considering one of these two fragrances is this: If you are looking for a blind buy, and price is not an issue, go with Original Santal. If you have the opportunity to test Mont Blanc Individuel, go for it. If you find you love the opening a lot more than the drydown, go with Original Santal. The entire drydown of Original Santal is the opening of Mont Blanc Individuel. If you are strapped for cash and just want to smell good, go with Individuel. If you have Original Santal, I do recommend buying Mont Blanc Individuel, because it is a different fragrance, contrary to what others will tell you.Mont Blanc Individuel is a great fragrance on its own. It does not replace Original Santal by any means, but the two fragrances are different. Original Santal is a masterpiece for Creed. Mont Blanc Individuel is very close to being a designer masterpiece on its own. The longevity is outstanding. It projects well without being offensive. And to top it all off, it just smells fresh!Longevity: 10+ hoursProjection: About 3 feetSmell: 7/10Overall: 8/10Mont Blanc Individuel is a great value, is highly versatile and can be worn at any time of the year. I highly recommend adding this fragrance to your collection.—-Side Note—-I purchased this product directly from Amazon and I can confirm I received an authentic, quality product. Buy with confidence.

Lawanda Lolo, MT


Strongly recommended. One of my girlfriend said it it too manly. She loved it very much.Just buy this cologne without hesitance. You will understand what I am saying after you buy. You will not regret. Go for it!

Phoebe Lakemore, OH

Interesting fragrance, little strong but nice

The first thing which strikes you about the fragrance is the shape of the bottle. Its very sleek and sexy.The perfume is very strong and intense. A single spray is good enough for most people so go easy on it.This is particularly good for evening parties/events…

Sierra Pearl River, NY