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Monoi Tiare Tahiti Monoi Tipanie Plumeria, 4 Fluid Ounce

Monoi Tiare Tahiti Monoi Tipanie Plumeria. Description: Monoi Tipanie is the Plumeria flower, known in some areas of the world as Frangipani. A velvety flower with a beautiful long lasting fragrance, Tipanie is the most subtle of the Monoi fragrances. A blend of pure coconut oil, with delicately scented essence of Tipanie, Tahitian Frangipane. Use as dark tanning oil, skin moisturizer, before and after shampoo to add sheen and prevent dry hair, as a bath oil, and as subtle perfume. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Key features

  • Monoi tiare tahiti monoi tipanie plumeria
  • A velvety flower with a beautiful long lasting fragrance, tipanie is the most subtle of the monoi fragrances
  • A blend of pure coconut oil, with delicately scented essence of tipanie, tahitian frangipane

Honest reviews


love it. cure to frizzy, dry, weightless hair

smells like weird baby oil/ethnic african-american hair products. BUT, the benefits are amazing!! my hair is really long to the point where the ends are a different color from the roots from being so long/dried out. (I have not colored my hair in 5 years) but I do curl it every other day with the wand. Every week, I rub the oil into my dry hair (not washed) and braid it into pigtails overnight. The next day, I wash it out twice and use conditioner to combat the smell. My hair always looks thicker, glossier, bouncier, and tamer. May take two days to completely get rid of the oil because the ends are more porous but worth it. Will probably try other fragrance in hopes that the smell won’t be as strong.

Helga Wilkinson, IN

Nice fragrance, but not true plumeria

Plumeria is my favorite scent in the world, so I was excited to try this. It smells really nice, tropical and floral, but not like the leis I so adore. That said, I’ve used 3/4ths of the bottle, which is rare for me (I am a shameless product junkie…). It’s really great for hair, I put it just on the ends and then comb to distribute it. The stuff makes your hair so silky and fragrant, it’s hard not to use too much (and make it too greasy).And as others have mentioned, this stuff is solid at room temperature. That’s what coconut oil does. Letting it sit in a sink of warm water helps, or just keep it in the shower, where it’ll get warm all by it self. I actually melted it, mixed in some plain body oil (macadamia/grapeseed based), and put it in a squeeze bottle. Now it’s easier to use, you can squeeze it out of the bottle, like a thick lotion.Will be repurchasing, but probably gonna try one of the other scents next.

Kristi Columbia, MD

Love this stuff!! Loved it more before though.

I’ve been using it for years. I think they’ve watered down the formula or something though because it isn’t anywhere near as fragrant and moisturizing as it used to be. And the flower isn’t whole like it used to be. More like shreds of flower. 🙁 And now the seller is putting stickies on top of the ingredient list. ?? I hate that. I can’t get this sticky off without also taking off the ingredient list. I like to actually SEE what’s in the stuff I’m putting on my skin. Not cool. I’d love to get my hands on the old formula without any stickies covering up the ingredient list. (Which should be coconut oil and a flower, period.)

Hilda Wayne City, IL

Nice smell

Liked the smell but thought a bit pricey for the size. Come with little plumeria in the bottle cute touch.

Alberta Conover, NC

couldnt be happier!!

oh i am so glad i found these products, i couldnt be happier with the quality and the luxurious feel of the coconut on my skin. the scent is lovely and reminds me of vacations in tropical destinations. i was able to get dressed right after application without having my clothing stick to me and the scent and moisture has worked with me all through the day. My skin has never felt so soft!a hint on application for those in colder climates: take it into the shower with you and let the bottle run under the hot water and itwill melt enough for you to use.i will be buying this and nothing else for body moisturization from now on.enjoy!

Clare Sophia, WV