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Mokingtop Fashion New 5PCS/Set Rings Urban golden Stack Plain Cute Above Knuckle Ring Band Midi Ring


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Really cute! Love them!

Love them! Great buy for the price, shipping wait was as indicated and packaging was good. I’m happy with the quality and they look as shown on picture, 5 in the pack. I also ordered them in silver.

Melissa Tremont City, OH

I like this product

Its cute easy to wear. I think they are around a size 5 or 6. It is worth the price but the material it’s made out of won’t last long. Not more than a few months before I will have to get a new pack.

Susan Belfry, MT

Love these!!

These are just adorable! They have become a staple in my jewelry collection and I always get compliments when I wear them! The price is unbeatable. You go to Claire’s to buy the same thing and it’s six bucks. Amazing deal :)I wear these every other day and love them. They don’t turn my fingers green or anything weird like that. No fading or rusting. Just cute, simple rings. Took a while to get here, but they are shipping from across the globe. I don’t mind a bit of a wait.

Karyn Bird City, KS


FUN cute, small, thin rings. Fun to play around and have fun with them. I love them! might order more

Eleanor Kimberly, AL

Great buy

Cute and the paint has not chipped at all. If you have small hands do not buy. Go get your midi rings sized personally because they will come off and you will loose them.

Rosella Locke, NY

Just what I was looking for

These midi rings are just what I was looking for. They are very trendy right now and they go with any type of gold colored rings that I wear below them.

Dorothea Trout, LA

Item is As Pictured

These took a while to get here, but the rings are as pictured. There are 5 small, individual rings with little tags attached. They aren’t fragile but they aren’t super solid either so remove the tags with a pinch of caution. I have slim to average sized fingers so they also fit as pictured. If you have thicker fingers, these will be to small for you. Overall, happy with the purchase.

Traci Acushnet, MA

Stackable and Fun

These babies are fun to wear and very light. Keep in mind that there not real gold, okay. Those that are allergic to wearing fake rings, I highly don’t recommend you buy these. I was able to wear one on each finger except for my thumb. Their all the same size as indicated in the info section. It depends on your fingers, not the rings.

Harriett Belmont, WI