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Model in a Bottle Sensitive Makeup Setting Spray – 1.7 oz by Chunkaew [Beauty]

Dries with a translucent matte finish. Contains over 300 sprays per bottle., Absorbs excess oil & does not clog pores., Never interferes with or reduces effectiveness of SPF., Is fast drying, never sticky. Fragrance free., Is not tested on animals. Made in the USA.

Key features

  • Dries with a translucent matte finish. Contains over 300 sprays per bottle.

Honest reviews



This wasn’t all that. The spray is hard. It shoots out too harsh. It keeps your makeup in place but if you your forehead inches for some reason don’t scratch cuz it looks as if your skin is peeling. You can’t touch your face at all. Not even pat it. It looks flaky if you do.

Crystal Mount Sterling, IA

Does do the job

It does keep your make-up in place, but it really stings my face when I put it on. It’s your decision if the burn is worth it.

Francisca Fort Dodge, IA

This is GREAT

This stuff WORKS. For me, my mascara looks even better toward the end of the day than after I first put it on! I love it so much that I use it even if I’m only going to be out for an hour. My lashes are long & black all day long with no need to reapply mascara. Foundation & concealer stays on as well. Lipstick still comes off easily, but that doesn’t surprise me. This product is perfect and worth every penny.

Leanna Brooklyn, IA


I purchased this for my destination wedding in Mexico this coming January. I’ve practiced with it a few times already and it seems to work great. It sets all your make-up and gave me the extra confidence that while getting married on the beach my face wont melt off in the process!I wore it for a whole day special event and fell asleep without washing my face (bad girl) and it all still looked pretty perfect in the morning. I’m happy!

Sophie Quitman, AR

Super setting spray

Model in a Bottle is the most effective setting spray I have used. My only criticism of it is that the spray apparatus isn’t quite fine enough and sometimes it can coat a little coarser than I would like, but that is actually a small thing compared to how well it keeps one’s makeup in place. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend an active day not worrying about whether their makeup will hold up.

Merle Sorrento, LA


Ok…I have read marvelous things about this product which influenced my decision to purchase. My experience with this will be a “Torn” one. To start the packaging or mailing of this was awful, it took too long to ship and even though it was wrapped up in bubble wrap for some wierd reason the liquid leaked damaging the bottle. Keep in mind the ingredients in this are extreme, mostly chemical with Alcohol being the primary ingredient under the wrapping and the extensive heat this thing was like a chemical bomb waiting to explode when I received it. I hate that the pretty glass bottle was damaged and the almost 1/2 the product was lost. I had to literally place it in the fridge to cool the item down. Also the spray action of this bottle is terrible, its a stream Vs. a light mist which I feel would benefit your face setting the makeup without drenching the skin and ruining the makeup. I had to change to bottle poured some into my UD bottle which has a nice mist like refreshing spray. Now for the positve: It works! it sets the makeup, takes away any ashiness from the powder used, does not irritate (shocklingly so) and I have aging sensitive skin (so sensitive- that just looking at it too much will make it break out), smells quite nice and light, and gives you a light glowy refreshed look. I like this product but for the price paid and the time it took to ship plus the issues of shipping. I would not purchase again. Regardless, it is good product, maybe if I found the maker and its website. I would prefer to purchase directly than thru Amazon. Sorry Amazon, I always have a hit or miss experience with you! I still love Amazon, but this was not a must have Hit for me.

Vonda Olalla, WA


I originally learned about this product in Oprah. I absolutely love it. I have to have it. I hate wearing make up without this product. My make up looks just as good at the end of the day as it does in the morning.

Nadia Lisbon, NH

Great product to hold your makeup in place all day

I was skeptical about buying and using this product but I am a very happy consumer now. It holds my makeup in place all day and I do not need any touch ups. Amazing. Would purchase this product again.

Lula Rush, KY