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Mocha Mix Creamer Non-Dairy, 32 oz

Mocha Mix Creamer Non-Dairy, 32 oz

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  • Mocha Mix

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Must have tribal print

That tribal print alone is worth buying this! The plate is as easy to use as any other and I love it!

Keisha Oceanside, CA

Great designs and immaculate detail

This is one of my favorite stamping plates of all time! I love the vaguely Asian designs and the variety of sizes of images on this plate. The “mummy” cross-stripe image is popular on nail blogs (google it for inspiration) and I love the full nail circle-and-diamond design.

Petra Vega, TX

Favourite plate so far!!!

I had been trying to track down the # of this plate for a while now & finally came across it via Pinterest. The reason I really wanted it was for the zig-zag looking line design but I like the others on the plate as well. First stamp right out of the gate was crisp, clean & perfect! Managed to get all my nails done in about 5 minutes! The plate was fulfilled by Venus.Online and I received my order within 4 days. This has easily become my favourite Konad plate next to M51!!

Tessa Mira Loma, CA

konad s6

One of my favorite konad image plates because of the designs, which all show up crisp and clear. If you have long nails, you are going to have to double stamp which kind of sucks. Hopefully konad comes out with larger image plates.

Virginia Valmy, NV

Image plate is well designed

This image plate is very well designed and the designs are pretty good as far as stamping goes. It does transfers easy.

Tracey Five Points, TN

Nice Designs!

Its a bit pricier than the other brands but its quite nice and the designs are good and clean and come out very nicely.It takes a bit of practice to get the designs right if you are new at it, but once you get a hang of it its quite easy.

Alejandra Kellysville, WV

Crisp, clear stamp!

Love it. Konad makes the best stamp plates – no contest. Every plate I have ever bought from Konad gives a crisp, clear stamp on the first try – every time. Yes, the plates are a little pricey, but as far as I’m concerned they are worth the extra money. I have other brands that I purchased for a ‘great price!’ in a pack of 21 plates, but it takes 3 attempts to get a decent stamp. I don’t have the time – or patience – to deal with that. I’ll stick with Konad, thanks.

Jamie Bunker Hill, IL