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MIZON All In One Snail Repair Cream, 75 Grams

Description: we all want that one product that solves everything, the miracle skin product or cream that is the solution to all of our skin problems. Mizon’s all in one snail repair cream is exactly that. It’s a superior innovative beauty product that is the all-kill skin perfection maker. The product is a convergence of all beauty solutions, primarily achieved by using snail mucus filtrate, Europe’s and Korea’s hot secret to beauty. Millions were sold just from word-of-mouth news of the incredible miracle cream. Even its texture is different from other creams with a chewy-like snail feel that deeply nourishes, replenishes, and protects when applied. Skin solutions don’t have to be complicated and the all in one snail repair cream reminds us that simplicity is key. Instruction: Apply sparingly to face and neck after facial wash by tapping into the skin-tip: use more of the product at night than in the morning to provide sufficient nutrition-tip: keep refrigerated to use as a relaxing cooling cream for sunburns

Key features

  • With 92 percent snail mucus extract, it provides outstanding skin regeneration and recovery, solves multiple skin concerns and trouble all-in-one
  • Anti-aging, fine wrinkle, blemish, acne scar, and pore care that creates elastic, bouncy, bright, and healthy skin
  • Contains snail mucus filtrate, adenosine, peptides, and vitamin 5 certified for anti-aging effect
  • Free from fragrance, artificial color, and parabens, ideal for sensitive skin types-step 1 in the snail repair line
  • Use with mizon’s snail repair intensive ampoule heightens trouble vestige care and skin resilience

Honest reviews


Way Too White

When I put on this BB cream it looked like I was applying Halloween make-up. I was waiting for it to adapt to my skin tone, as many Korean BB creams are good at doing, but this never changed from a shade of white that made me look like a ghost. I was appalled at how bad it was– I’ve never had make-up make me look sick before. It also doesn’t blend well. Stick with any other Korean brand and you’ll be fine.

Lela Valencia, PA

Finally, a BB cream that’s Asian color

I just got this BB cream and I used it today. I don’t even need a moisturizer or a base-coloring cream, it is currently the best BB cream I’ve used so far in terms of color, coverage and texture. Color is still a bit on the light side with a slight pink, but it is finally a beige/yellowish undertone that matches Asian skins. Currently this color is the best match for me, who have light Asian skin. I’ve tried numerous BB creams and all the others are either too pink/white, orange, a bit grey, or pinkish-grey. Mizon is the first one that is light-Beige, which is a gem and a rare find. It is also full coverage. The cream is very dense unlike the Skin 79 Snail BB cream which spreads very easily. Mizon covers up your blemishes completely the moment you rub it on. And even though it’s thick, it doesn’t break on your skin but fill it nicely compacted giving your skin a nice shine but not too dewy, which is also great because it is more natural looking. It also sticks onto your skin unlike Etude House which comes off really easily. Mizon doesn’t come off if you accidentally touch your face, and the snail part gives it a nice elastic feeling. It also smells really great. I would recommend it to anybody, especially Asians. Although I do have to say that Amazon demands too high of a price, get it from ebay and it’s half the price it’s listed on here. If you buy it from the seller newcre8tive you’ll get it in 10 working days from Korea for only 22 to 24 dollars, including shipping. Not to be missed!

Ingrid Perkins, MI

Great stuff, small tube!

I haven’t seen any differences in my skin yet – but it feels really good on your skin. I do have some other snail cream items, from both Mizon and Secret Key – I like them all. Skin is plumper, and looking slightly younger. This is a rather small tube though – so I’m actually just using it as a primer before makeup. Word to the wise – I bought mine from ‘another popular site’ – thru a trusted seller – and paid less than $6.00 per tube. For that price, order two at a time, minimum – as it can take a couple of weeks to make its way round the globe.***edit, April 19th, 2014This doesn’t work for me as a makeup primer – I think there is just too much dimethicone for my face to handle. The moment I sweat the tiniest bit, everything slides and looks yucky. But, I do still think it feels good on my face – I use it when I stay home for the day, no makeup needed. I sometimes mix it with a light moisturizer, or I use it in place of a moisturizer. I did try mixing it with some bb creams that I found too drying, but it didn’t do well. I will use what I have on hand, but won’t reorder – at least not until my face becomes less oily and or I stop sweating – it does seem to be better for me in the winter time, when the air is more dry. Still a great product though, just not for me at the moment.

Trina Horseshoe Bend, ID

I’ll Come Back to This

I received this in the mail not so long ago, so I’ve only used it for two nights (with Pond’s Moisturizing Cream over it). Since it’s only been two nights, I won’t make a thorough review, but I most definitely will come back to this later to give an update. So far though, all I can say is that it goes on smoothly and absorbs well; but like someone else mentioned, you need a cream or a moisturizer to go over it, because this isn’t meant for moisturizing.The reason why I bought this was to clear up my complexion/tone. I have red skin – not in the acne way, as I have been very lucky to never have to fight that battle, but I just have a ruddy appearance, which is something I’m embarrassed about. So after I’ve been using this for a while, I’ll come back to share the results!EDIT: I’m going to say that this product definitely works for me, but I’m going to need to use it twice a day instead of once a day. The redness on my face partially went away (yay!)and I’ve noticed a big difference in my pores! So I’ll be using this Snail Recovery Gel for a while; I definitely recommend it.

Suzette Elwood, NJ

2/3 products were opened before

I just received my order so this review is strictly on the packaging. I ordered the all in one repair cream, serum and BB cream and was disappointed to find out that the cream and serum had been opened previously. There are “authenticity” holographic sticker seals on the box, but with both products you can just open the bottom of the box to take the product out and put it back in so the sticker doesn’t do much to prevent tampering or switching out a fake product for the real one. Are they fake? I don’t know, but both the cream and the serum were both dusty when I took them out.. The cream was also scratched up on the top of the cap. The real kicker was there was a hair in the cap of the cream. Not in the cream, but on top of the plastic cover. I was first mortified to see this, but after further examination it appears to be a synthetic hair from a make-up brush. I could also tell that the serum had been opened because the holographic sticker has a bunch of dust particles and was no longer very sticky. There was not a seal around the serum bottle so I took the dropper and sterilized it in rubbing alcohol before screwing it on the bottle and I’m just hoping for the best. I’m still going to use them as I dropped almost $50 between the two and I don’t know what Amazon’s policy is on skin care returns, but I’m not going to be purchasing my Korean skin care products here any longer. It’s not worth the anxiety of not knowing whethera product is fake or has been tampered with before. I would much rather go with a reputable seller that has their own site (I’ve run across a few of them on beauty blogs) The BB cream came packaged with cellophane wrap around it so I’m pretty confident about that one.

Cleo Woodburn, IA

Snail slime makes for great skin!

Read about this in a New York Times article on Korea and I love the way this makes my skin feel. Who knew snail slime was so rejuvenating? I am older and my skin was dry and thickened- now far more supple.

Emma Lodge, SC

not sure what the hype is

been using this thing for over 3 months now…didnt do anything for me, its not greasy or sticky it does absorbs nicely but as far as doing what it claim no! dark spots still exist, as for a moiturizer it might be ok but u ‘ll still need to use a SPF on top of this. i dont recommend this product

Rosetta Boone, CO

Lordy where was this the last 20 years of my life?

Love it! I’m almost 53 and look about 10 years younger due to this and other breakthrough products. The Koreans are years ahead of us in skincare products and this is an amazing way to bring balance to a really pissed off case of rosacea. The redness backs off, your skin is supple and smooth and almost chilly, it’s that good. When applying makeup over it, it stays and your makeup does not slide off as is typical with those of us that have this ailment. I use it, so does my daughter. Her struggle is with excess sebum, rosacea and enlarged pores. Both of us are very happy with the results.

Sybil Saint Louisville, OH

Expensive, but it works!

It was $30 when I bought it…lol. Anyways, I use this every night and I’ve noticed that some of the stubborn acne marks on my face are finally clearing up! I only use a little bit when I apply it since the jar is small and expensive ha. A little goes a long way~I apply it before moisturizing. I experimented with it a little and tried to use it as a moisturizer, but it ended up making my face extremely dry.

Ronda Rogers City, MI


This is the one of the best skin products I have ever used in my life and I have spend a fortune in thousands of them in decades. It is such a shame they did not make this product in a more universal shade. If you are not a very very very fair skin person you would need to work on the color. I love the texture, coverage everything but I have to use unnecessary layers of foundation and powder plus blush with it to avoid looking like a masked face. My skin shade is olive/medium somewhat lighter than usual- imagine little darker Demi Moore- I hope they would consider manufacture more shades; I believe this would be the best selling BB cream worldwide.

Terra Aroma Park, IL

$5.50 on Korean cosmetic sit!

this is absurd these people are selling this product for 8x its original price. Its $5.50 on beauty net koreas website. Great stuff. Its really helped with my acne, oily skin & dry patches combined with the cream & bb cream wich i paid $30 for all of them 🙂 i love amazon but i do not like people who prey on people who dont know better

Shelby Easton, MO

Not what I expected…

Decided to give it time before I reviewed this item…not what I thought it would. I’ve used snail creams before but this one has more of a stickier consistency. I didn’t see how this improved my skin at all, the next day it was still on it was not absorbed into my skin like the other ones. Personally, I wouldn’t order it again.

Hillary Blaine, WA

Very good product!

I’d say this is one of my best online purchase. It’s not pricy at all but does the job. Some small pimples on my face went away after a few days, though the bigger ones are not healed yet. I’m not sure if it does shrink my pores or just fill them up. I do see smaller pores when I’m using this gel. It also reduces the redness on my face. I have combination to oily skin, this gel doesn’t make me feel oily at all. I won’t say it’s the best moisturizer since I do need more hydration in the air conditioned room. I’d like to repurchase after I’m done with this tube.

Rosanna Bible School Park, NY

Love this stuff

I really love this product it really has helped clear up my acne and has made my skin a lot smoother, I am going to order the rest of the products in this line.The item arrived very fast and in perfect packaging and condition, great service and great product

Kimberly Clements, MN

I Love Snail Slime!

Amazing! I feel like it helped out my acne prone skin a lot. Absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave any sticky residue whatsoever. I’ve used it for a bout 2 months, and so far so good. Makes me want to try other products from this line.

Wilma Hanover, WI