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Mizani Smooth Guard Serum, Thermasmooth, 3.4 Ounce

3.4 ounce serum. Thermasmooth smooth guard serum was launched by the design house of mizani. It is recommended for daily use. Please store in a cool dry place. Thermasmooth smooth guard serum by mizani for unisex, 3.4 ounce serum.

Key features

  • Thermasmooth smooth guard serum was launched by the design house of mizani
  • It is recommended for daily use Please store in a cool dry place
  • Thermasmooth smooth guard serum by mizani for unisex, 34 ounce serum

Honest reviews


Great Match With Your Flat Iron!!

I really like Mizani hair products because they are one of the only products that actually work on my hair and this one works wonders for my hair!! It leaves my hair straight, smooth and shiny. Thanks Mizani!! You did it again:-)

Dolores Fairbury, NE

Not perfect but then, what is?

Does what it says if you use enough of it. I have to use a generous amount for my daughter thick/natural African american hair. It will leave little flakes behind at times but they are pretty easy to pick out. Will use again.

Julianne Farwell, MI


This stuff smells terrific and it does what it says. I’m satisfied. It also lasts a long time too. Love.

Alyson Villa Park, CA

burns the skin sometimes

This stung my skin a little when I first used it. It doesn’t do what it says it will either. During humid days my hair reverted to curly quicker with this than anything I have ever used. There wasn’t much shine either. I had to use some other product to get that.

Judith Springfield, WI

Overly thick and the pump doesnt work

I think this product is either too thick to get through the pump – or my pump is broken. Either way – wont purchase again.

Staci Grenville, NM


mizani has great hair products and this one is no exception…great for just permed hair and natural curled hair, use with coconut milk oil and watch the magic.

Jeanie Canton, SD

This is an excellent serum!!

Was looking for something to extend the life if my hair straightener, as to not damage my hair, and this is it. This item has exceeded my expectations. I blow dry my hair then add the serum and flatiron my hair and voila! Hair is straight and really shiny. Love Love Love this item.

Diana Constantine, MI


Does wonders for my hair when I press it. Keeps it straight longer. But what do you expect from all Mizani products? The products do what they say so I don’t mind spending a little more.

Anne Topping, VA