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Mizani Rose H2O Creme Conditioning Hairdress 8 oz

MIZANI Rose H2O Conditioning Hairdress An enriched hairdress containing natural oils and botanical extracts formulated to replenish moisture and add a soft, silky sheen to dry, dull hair and scalp. Rose H20 Conditioning Hairdress is rich enough to relieve itchy, tight scalps, yet so light it doesn’t leave a build-up. With its unique blend of ingredients, this aromatic, creamy conditioning hairdress helps to prevent split ends and styling damage while ensuring shiny, healthy hair.

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  • Mizani Rose H2O Creme Conditioning Hairdress 8 oz

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Mizani Rose H20 Creme Hairdress

This hairdress had an awful smell and tried to do a deep condition with but couldn’t get passed the smell, so washed out. Gave to someone who liked it. Wouldn’t recommend to nobody who don’t like musky harsh smellls.

Kate Waco, NC

I like this product!

I tried the Mizani Butter Rich and it was okay. I really enjoyed the smell, but had really mixed reviews. So I decided to give the Rose H20 a shot. I didn’t like the scent as much as the Butter Rich, but found this to worked much better on my 4C hair. This stuff gives you shine like nobody business! And my hair just drinks this stuff up. I tell you this disappears as soon as I put it on my hair and I am heavy handed with product. The even better part is I don’t get any residue. The texture is really smooth and goes on really nicely. It also helps with the frizz. On the other had if you are a person worried about ingredients, this is not for you. It has mineral oil, petroleum and other things that most naturals hate. For me, I use what makes my 4c hair more manageable.***I didn’t give it 5 stars because of the scent*****

Stefanie Calmar, IA

New formula?

I am black with relaxed hair. I used to swear by this product, but I’m wondering if the ingredients have changed? I didn’t get the moisture or shine I’m used to. It’s not awful, but I have drug store products that perform better.

Hollie Peru, ME

It was just as the reviews I got that made me purchase it in the first place

I was pleased with the results I got from this product. I works exactly as I expected on my hair.

Bettye Saratoga, WY

Great Product, but the price?

I really loved this cream. I didn’t use too much at once, it smells great. It was effective on my hair and my kids. We have soft, curly, hair. It really moisturized well. I appreciate its price because of its quality. I do think it IS worth it.

Arlene Cedarhurst, NY

love the rose smell

I love the rose smell. You do have to be able to stand smell of fake rose I suppose to want to use this. I am pleased with how it performs on my hair. Only need just a little. If I have any frizz I know this stuff will lay it to rest. I use it on flat ironed hair. Rub it really good between you hands 1st and use just a little dab. Run your hands thru your hair and watch that frizz die. When nothing else works this does.

Stella Calpine, CA

Mizani rose h20

This is an ok product. I wouldn’t repurchase again because of the price and I have found other things such as coconut oil that work better for my hair. I only use this when I straighten my hair and I use just a little bit of it. I wouldn’t repurchase again, but it is not a bad product. I don’t think it is conditioning enough for my hair.

Antonia Wickett, TX