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Mizani D’Tangle Moisturizing Leave-in Milk, 8.5 oz

Mizani D’Tangle Moisturizing Leave in Milk 8.5oz

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  • Mizani D’Tangle Moisturizing Leave in Milk 8.5oz

Honest reviews


This stuff is awesome… The price? Not so much.

I rarely will take the time to review a product unless it’s worthwhile. With this product, I’m more/less writing this review because I’m confused.First off let me say this stuff works WONDERS in more ways than one, want to lay down your edges while waiting to relax again? This is exceptional for that. Want to add as a moisture component to your moisture/seal regimen? 5 stars. Can’t get your baby’s hair to behave? This works amazing for that AND the smell is fitting for a baby, light and refreshing.This is the confusing part. An 8.5 oz bottle lasted me two months, no terrible, but the price still really irks me. I looked at the ingredients to see if there were any substantial things in it that might justify the price and there’s nothing really. I get that this stuff is really good but it’s essentially conditioner-water for $15!? They may have gotten the formula just right on this but when I use it, I’d rather use it liberally instead of the concentrated, cautious squirts I find myself doing.I think Mizani’s using the brand name to give the masses something that could easily go for < $7. Which is B.S.I’m more confused by the fact that I’m getting scared because I’m almost out of the stuff and don’t have an economically-friendly runner up. I’m embarrassed to say I’ll be buying more soon, damn, they got me, lol. If I find something remotely close to this I’ll drop this like a bad habit.One more thing, while it’s great for twist-outs, braid-outs, and baby’s hair, if you use this for a wash and go, expect major shrinkage. 3C hair, texlaxed hair over here. I have mostly been using this during stretches (spray around edges, brush down and into a pony tail) and to detangle my 13 month old daughter, nothing has worked better for her dry hair so far. Imparts a natural shine, smells brilliant, moisturizes like a mofo, lol. Good stuff, the price is an insult though :O(

Katharine Cleburne, TX

Must have for your new growth…

Hair type: ethnic, course, thick, relaxed, colored, and some highlights. This is the holy grail for moisturizing your new growth. I just received it today and immediately tested it out, because I’m trying to stretch my relaxer and was having a hard time with my new growth. I knew there had to be a product out there that works for me and I’m happy I found this after trying 4 different products. I’m so so happy. Thanks to all those positive reviews, otherwise I wouldn’t have tried this product. I don’t care about the price. As long as my hair is happy I am.

Marci Matheson, CO

Will buy again

This was my first time wearing curly weave and someone recamended this hair spray to me. It works great for getting out those tangles. It has a nice aroma and used with the shampoo and conditioner my remy hair was soft and bouncy.

Edith Eldridge, IA

The Mizani D’Tangle Mositurizing Leave-in Milk

The Mizani D’Tangle Moisturizing Leave-in Milk, is another great product for your hair, when you spray it on and you comb your hair it really do detangle your hair, wonderful

Leonor Jackson Springs, NC

Hair Staple

This product is absolutely a hair staple. This leave in does exactly what it says. It leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable!

Janice New Matamoras, OH

My favorite leave in

My favorite leave in conditioner. I never expected so much from a spray conditioner but this stuff has substance. It leaves my hair with the right amount of softness. The scent is clean and soft but people recognize it and give me compliments, its almost powdery (not like baby powder though). Amazing Mizani, you offer so much in hair care, thank you!

Chris Scenery Hill, PA

Good for Transitioning Hair

I used this product in the first 4 months that I was transitioning from a perm back to my natural hair. I needed something to help me prevent breakage of my blended hair. This product did the trick.

Nadia Gardiner, OR


Does wonders for my hair when I press it. But what do you expect from all Mizani products? The products do what they say so I don’t mind spending a little more.

Nell Martinsdale, MT