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Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer Mild, Minimal-Moderate Curl Reduction 30 oz

Mizani Butter Blend HG Relaxer Mild with an ultra-moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter & honey, the Butter Blend Relaxer System has always delivered unsurpassed protection and intense conditioning. NEW patent-pending HG Technology enhances the Butter Blend Relaxer performance while preserving hair’s fiber integrity. Mizani has simplified the relaxer strength selection process with two new result-specific formulas. Choose from MILD & NORMAL strengths depending on the desired degree of straightening. Improved Butter Blend with HG Technology delivers any result you desire, from subtly texturized to sleek and straight. Mizani has simplified the relaxer strength selection process by creating two new result-specific formulas suitable for all hair types and textures. And, both formulas are safe for use on color-treated hair. Choose from MILD and NORMAL strengths depending on the desired degree of straightening.

Key features

  • Respect for hair fiber integrity
  • Improved straightening results
  • Result-specific formula options
  • shaft faster and with greater efficiency
  • No harsh odor

Honest reviews


i can’t really hate what i’ve never used

I bought it then gave it away. never tried it cuz their other products made my hair hard so I never used the relaxer. nope….I don’t think I will.

Laverne Clayton, WA

good perm

At the moment this is my perm of choice. When used with the Butter Blend Honey Shield and the Hair Bath Neutralizer my hair is left feeling very soft. (That’s before I apply conditioner)Plus, buying a 30oz is cheaper then buying a box perm every 6 weeks

Lacy Valley Ford, CA

Excellent Results

My hair is 3b(C). This formula works very well for me. It left my hair silky, soft, fine textured, healthy looking and strong. My hair did not become bone straight. I always retain my natural curl pattern. This product left it straight at the roots, and then falling into silky relaxed curls. I wear my hair short and don’t use any heat for drying or styling, but if you do, you can achieve that bone straight look with this relaxer.In addition, I used the Mizani Honey Shield pre treatment. It prevents previously relaxed hair from over processing and it guards against moisture loss. It’s about 20 bucks, but the bottle is huge….33 1/2 oz. As far as the relaxer goes, it has a very mild, non chemical smell. It looks and feels very rich and buttery, too. Mizani products are more expensive, but they’re worth it. Over the years, I’ve tried many different brands of relaxers. No lyes always damage my hair.Most recently, I used Vitale Ideal. It good, but this is better…best I’ve used.Also, my hair is color treated. With the Mizani, I experience no roughness or hair breakage.UPDATE: I’ve let my hair grow out a couple of inches. I’ve started wrapping it, so I have a very straight look now. After washing/conditioning, I apply wrapping foam, wrap it, and use a bonnet hair dryer. I can really appreciate how good this relaxer is. My hair looks very silky and straight, without using a hot iron. With this Mizani relaxer you can achieve silky relaxed curls/waves or very straight silky hair. I’m pleased with the Mizani.

Lina New Boston, MI

Very Good

i havent used it yet but this tub is so big you can at least perm 2 heads with it

May Harris, IA

Good relaxer

This is a nice mild relaxer that help to keep the hair healthier. It does not relax the hair to a bone straight texture. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and can’t imagine using anything else. I have much healthier hair than I did when I used Affirm.

Merle Shady Grove, FL

Give it a try!

Used this as a touch up to new growth. Hair did not turn out bone straight and I experienced some scabs due to burning, but I know it was due to leaving it on too long. I will definitely use it again bc I bought the big size (as there was no choice) but I will make sure to pay attention to the timing.

Mallory Kingsley, MI