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Mixed Chicks Quad Pack

A four pack filled with Mixed Chicks’ bestsellers: Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, and Hair Silk.

Key features

  • This is an alchol free formula
  • It defines and locks moisture into every curl
  • Suitable for all hair types

Honest reviews


Ive used better products..

I was really excited to use this product! For once, something for mixed chicks! I am half black, half white and I have naturally thick curly hair.-The shampoo made my hair very dry. My scalp was also became dry and flaky from the shampoo. It def stripped the natural oils from hair.-The conditioner is great though! Light and smells wonderful! No complaints there! lol-The serum is awesome too! Not greasy and thick. You dont need a lot to achieve the look you want. About 2 pumps will do the trick.-The Leave in conditioner is HORRIBLE!! It left my curls hard And Flaky!!! It was nasty to say the least. I do like this conditioner not one bit! YUCKY!Overall, Its not worth the price! Do not waste your money.

Letha Oglethorpe, GA

The search is over!

First, I should mention that I am not a “mixed chick”; I’m just a frizzy-haired “white chick” who has spent way too much time and money trying to achieve smooth, straight, “Marcia Brady” hair. When I finally made the decision to stop fighting the hair that nature had given me, I ended up spending way too much time and money trying to achieve curls that weren’t tangled, greasy, sticky or crunchy… I still can’t quite believe, after all this time, that I have finally found a product line that can turn my frizzy “type 2b” hair into a mass of soft, shiny, touchable ringlets — “Mixed Chicks” is amazing!

Lilian Petrolia, PA

Depends on your hair

Bought this for my daughter who has naturally curly hair. She was unimpressed. I have used only the Hair Serum which I actually like a lot.

Irene Williamsville, VA

Good value, nice products except silk.

I like these products, except didn’t like the hair silk- makes your hair feel greasy. Conditioner is pretty good, but the deep conditioner I loved. Made my hair feel very silky afterwards, but not greasy.

Lorrie Newcastle, ME

Five Stars


Patty Elm Creek, NE

Mixed chicks

I’m African American with very dry and curly hair. This product didn’t provide the softness and moisture I was looking for. But, I have family members who are bi-racial with soft curly hair and this product works great for them.

Jeanne Venturia, ND

Great Product

Very happy with the deep conditioner. I am natural so I wash my hair a lot and the conditioner keeps my hair nice and strong.

Florence Beaver City, NE

just buy one product at a time

All of mixed chicks products do not work well in my hair. I don’t know where they get the people who are on the advertisements with the perfect, smooth waves but my hair never looks like that. I guess it is their hair texture regardless of the products that will give them those results.The serum/oily thing – actually I’m not sure what it is or what it’s supposed to do. I tried it on my wet hair and on dry hair and it just felt as if I was putting baby oil in my hair. it didn’t help my hair look better or be more manageable.the shampoo is not sulfate-free and I was thoroughly disappointed. only the conditioner and leave-in are usable to me.

Ashley Oxon Hill, MD


This product does not do what it says it will do. I find it to be too watery and not have enough of the actual product. I would never buy this again.

Mary Akron, IN

expensive, but good product

Mixed hair needs product to help keep soft and healthy. This does well. Have to shop for best pricing, but that is not going to find you bargains on this brand.

Addie Saint James, MO