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Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner – 33 oz

Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner Conditioner

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Not a good leave-in conditioner

I was so excited to try this product based on the reviews….and it is NOT AS GOOD AS THE REVIEWS…I’m mixed Caribbean – Cuban, Jamaican, and Puerto Rican…A lot of people think I’m Dominican because of my hair (medium length- about 4 inches past the shoulder). Based on my experience- This product is NOT a good detangler at all! Most leave-in conditioners I have used are good detanglers. Expect to use another product to detangle first before applying it if you so desire. EXPECT to have very small white flakes if you mess with your hair once this product dries. I would only recommend this product if you wash your hair everyday (not 1-3 times a week like many people with ethnic mixed hair like me). EXPECT YOUR HAIR TO LOOK DULL – you must add another product if you want shine.The first time I used this product: After Shampoo & Condition with Mizani products…I tried a Roller / Wet Set with this Mixed Chicks product with 20 minutes under a hooded ionic hair dryer (neutral air temp- NOT HOT)….when I removed the rollers the hair was so stiff like it had gel in it. It looked horrible so I had to spray water on my hair to soften it…then proceeded to detangle the hair AGAIN with a Mason Pearson detangling comb…next I let the hair AIR DRY for nearly 3 hours (and the product still wasn’t dry! I couldn’t believe it…) so I did a DOMINICAN BLOW OUT. The hair was finally looking decent yet it was not shiny and it only gained volume because of the brush I used. I had to add other products for shine- Semi Di Lino Diamante…because this product was not successful at moisturizing the hair. The only thing I did find good about this product is that it leaves the hair feeling soft and almost weightless after it dries.So…this product must ONLY be good for you to toss it in your hair after washing it without any detangling and just leave it in….so that you look like Mel B/G (Scary Spice) back in the day…Because thats what my hair looked like when I used this Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner and DIDN’T detangle the hair and just applied it and waited all day for the product to dry…IN CONCLUSION:DO NOT…. I repeat DO NOT use this product if you plan on detangling, roller/wet setting, blow dry, wrapping, or doing a Dominican blow out.ONLY use this product as if it were mousse on wet hair and let it air dry all day long.

Lillian Tununak, AK

blob mess

This is the worse leave-in conditioner I have ever used. I have long curly hair which frizzes and this product just left it a mess. Too little is not enough and too much just leave clumps of your hair weighted down.

Kristin Playa Del Rey, CA

I have super thick hair, now curlier than ever. Love this stuff!

I was transitioning for about 5 years and just did the big chop about two months ago. I’ve been trying a lot of different products and this is by far the best for my hair. I have tried some other expensive products that others raved about. They were ok, but their curl-defining and conditioning abilities don’t compare at all to what Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner does for me.My hair is very thick, very thirsty, tangles easily. I conditioner-wash my hair in the morning with the MC leave-in. Just wash and go. It defines curls I didn’t even know were there. My hair naturally gets very dry by the end of the day, but much less so with this product. I highly recommend this for big, thick hair!

Loraine Hartstown, PA

I’ve been a loyal customer for years: Not for people without Curly hair

This product works best on naturally curly hair. I wouldn’t recommend it for course or kinky hair types. Somehow people without naturally curly hair think this will miraculously turn their hair naturally curly. My hair is very thick and curly and this is the only product in my 39 years that tames it without chemicals.I only use Mixed Chicks when I wear my hair natural and it grows like crazy. Love it!Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner – 33 oz

Shana Memphis, TX

Genuine product, cheaper than salons, perfect for 3b curls

I used to switch curl products every few months with hugely varying results, until my salon used mixed chicks on my hair. This will define you curls better than anything else. No need to use a gel with, either.Caution! There is a learning curve. You can ONLY use this product with soaking wet hair. Apply in small sections, then quickly barely-rinse over it all to make it coat every strand together. Scrunch and if you want, finger twist fuzzy sections the direction you want with a tiny dab of product each. Crunch hair with a used clean, old t shirt or a microfiber or shammy upside down. NO TOWELS! Then diffuse for volume or air dry. After it dries, it will be crispy and defined, if you want it looking softer, scrunch only after it is 100% dry.I can’t get the exact results my salon can from this, but it’s darn close. I can get 4-5 day hair with this! (usually up in a bun last 3 days). The only other curl product I like is pillow soft curls by miss jessie!

Kimberly Mayville, WI

After I tried a sample I was hooked!!!!!

I tried a sample of this product first, never hearing about mixed chicks products before. It took me months to even use the sample but once I did I was hooked. I loved the way that my curls looked and how they felt. They looked amazing in my opinion. Now because its winter time and cold I dont leave my hair in its naturally curly state, I blow dry it and straighten it, but I still love the way this product makes my hair feel! Now I only gave it 4 stars because of the price. But other than that I definitely recommend it!

Deena East Longmeadow, MA


I can tell a difference from this product vs other products. I can also tell a difference with the moisturizing aspect which is what i was looking for.

Etta Blue Rapids, KS

Best price!

Lowest cost+shipping price I could find anywhere online! After trying out the Trio sample package of the Mixed Chicks line (shampoo, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner) I fell in love with the last two items.This product line is a bit expensive and since I’m tight on money I opt to just buy the one product I couldn’t do without, the Leave-In Conditioner. You don’t have to be of mixed ethnicity to use these products and if you’re unsure you want to dish out the money I highly recommend buying the sample trio to help you make up your mind, the pouches look small but I got at least 3 uses out of each pouch. I’m multi-racial and my hair texture is just as varied; looking at a single strand the texture ranges from coarse, medium and fine (and not necessarily in that order). My curl type is a 50/50 mix of type 2B and type 2C (I figured out my hair type using the website).I have struggled for a long time to find a lightweight, non sticky, medium hold product that works all day long and smells at least moderately nice and the Mixed Chicks Leave-In conditioner does all of that for me. *BTW my idea of a medium hold is no frizz, curls hold their shape even after a bit of primping but stays touchable softI recommend looking up the Mixed Chicks video as they tell you the best ways to use the products. The way that works best for me is to apply it after I’ve taken a shower; using a microfiber towel I scrunch most of the water out, then use a wide tooth comb to work out any tangles. T hen I apply about 2 quarter sized dollops through out my hair concentrating primarily on the mid section and the ends, scrunching as I go, and then let it air dry. I avoid hairdryers as heat makes curly hair frizzier but in the winter I do use a diffuser simply because it’s too cold not to!Every once in a while I need to retouch my hair after a really long day or after some sort of hectic activity. In those cases I just use water to redefine curls then add a bit more of the conditioner OR a bit of Herbal Essence Body Envy mousse. I’ve tried mixing the leave in conditioner with a bit of water and spritzing it on to “refresh” after a long day but for some reason I don’t get the same type of hold that way. IMO this stuff smells ok but I would love love love it if it came in some delectable fruity fragrances =D

Tricia Dumas, AR

great for curly hair

It’s always hard to find hair products for super curly hair. either it makes it crunchy and not good to touch or else there is frizz galore. This product is a leave in conditioner but I use it as a curl creme like you are supposed to do It helps the curls and at the same time keeps the frizz down. if you use it in conjunction with a tiny bit of keratin lotion the combination is amazing. And if you buy the quart size bottle of this it will last you at east 6 months. It really is a good buy!

Lillian Sparks, GA

One of my go tos…

I have long 3b/3c hair. Latina..Mexican and Central American. I use this with another leave-in and some oil when I want bigger, loose, soft curls. Doesn’t provide the hold I need to go dancing where I’m bound to sweat and the humidity is higher, but for every day use in the SF Bay area….it works well enough. The price here is better than anywhere else, but still a little too pricey! I was kinda sad when they won their suit against Sally’s for their Mixed Silk version of this product. It worked great (dare I say better) and was waaay cheaper! But I understand copyright infringement, small business deserves to make money blah blah blah…LOL! J/K….I will continue to buy this.

Amie West Milford, WV

Good product

I have tried a bunch of leave in/creams/gelee/etc. products. I really like mixed chicks because when it dries my hair is not frizzy and the curls are really defined. The only problem is that it leaves my hair a little crunchy almost like a light hold gel. I prefer soft, supple, springy curls with movement. Also you can’t mess with the curls once they are dry. If you try to fool with them too much it will become frizzy and dry looking. I will definitely use up this bottle and keep it as my fall back while I find that perfect product. I like that unlike other products all you need is the shampoo and leave in. Its 2 steps. Not 4-5 like other product lines. Keep it simple. It’s great for using when you are wearing a ponytail or want the wet look. The smell is non-offensive to me but it is nothing to brag about either. Its not greasy once it dries. Doesn’t leave a residue on pillows and stuff once it dries. Will leave one if your hair is still wet.

Shelly Wimbledon, ND


The effects of the moisture for the hair are very good so I use it daily.Thank you very much!

Liz Sweet Water, AL

I love it!!

I really love this conditioner! It really works well in the shower! I use it with the leave in conditioner.

Daphne Independence, LA