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Mixed Chicks Kids Leave-In Conditioner, 8 Ounce

This nonstick, lightweight product. Leaves your hair inviting to touch. As it defines and locks moisture into every curl.

Key features

  • This nonstick, lightweight product
  • Leaves your hair inviting to touch
  • As it defines and locks moisture into every curl

Honest reviews


this was no good for me,,

this was a complete waste of money for me.. hopefully i will find something for my bi-racial child …. i don’t recommend this

Dora Fairdale, ND

Use for me not my baby – Dimethicone

This product I originally bought for my baby thinking – they’ll leave the dimethicone out in the children’s version – not so….So while I cannot use for him and his cute curls, I am now using it for myself. It is so much cheaper than the adult version in the bottle, with the only real difference being no perfumes in the ingredients list, that I simply save myself the cash and buy for my hair versus the larger adult version, which doesn’t even come in the handy squirt nozzle bottle.

Anita Fombell, PA

Why did I wait so long to try this??!!?? Great stuff!

I have a biracial son and have tried MANY products on his hair. I’ve tried both drugstore and $$ brands. I thought I had found “the” one but it lacked something. I had heard of Mixed Chicks but had put off trying it as we were okay with the one we had.Then I saw the kids Mixed Chicks here on Amazon and decided to try it. It is fantastic stuff. My son has curls that need moisture and lift. This product does both and it is not heavy or smelly either. The other thing we like is that it lasts all day long. It’s not stiff or crunchy and the pump makes it easy to use.So bye bye to our previous leave-in and Mixed Chicks is here to stay!

Althea Richfield, KS

not worth the price

my toddler has lovely ringlet curls which dissolve into frizz as the day wears on. This came highly reccomended on here and so I shelled out more than I am likely to spend on products, and to my dissapointment this didn’t help much.My 2.5 year old has fine but curly hair. This product accentuated her ringlets right out of the shower, but within a few hours she was back to a frizzy mop atop her head.Not worth the $.

Frances Cook, MN

Works great!

This is the only Mixed Chicks product I have tried so far and I like it a lot. I purchased it at the beginning of November 2013 and wasn’t sure how long it was going to last but we still have almost half a bottle and use it all the time!My daughter is mixed and even though I’m white, my hair is really thick, coarse and curly…so between both genes of her dad and I her hair is super curly…and even though she is only 3 and doesn’t have too much hair still…it’s already "fun" to try to comb through 🙂 It even works putting it on her hair while it’s completely dry, which it nice. We were using kinky curls leave-in but as her hair texture changed it stopped working like it used to so we switched to Mixed Chicks and it has been working great.And of course, I love the prices and ease of ordering through Amazon…best deal I have found on this stuff!

Phyllis Staunton, VA

excellent for thick curly hair, didnt work for my little one!

I truly believe this item is awesome on thick curly hair, in my case didn’t work too god. my 2 year old baby girl has different hair texture,she is mixed with white American and Hispanic, her hair is straight when wet and when the hair is dry it is straight at the root but little bit curly on the ends, but yet very thin, so when I put this leave in conditioner on her hair it made her looks thinner, it looks very moist and very nice curls, but it made it looks shorter and thinner, made her look like a little boy, is not the results I was wanting for her, I just wanted a nice leave in conditioner that can make her hair moist when I blow dry her hair, so even though this didn’t work for her, it is a vey awesome product!

Nelda Sandy Hook, CT

Love it

Just as I love the regular mixed chicks product for myself, I love this for my son’s curly hair. It keeps his hair moisturized and not frizzy with no build-up. Great product for kids

Lizzie Lusk, WY