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Mistral Men’s Soap, Sandalwood Bamboo, 250 Grams

Evokes a seaside forest where cedar wood and cool eucalyptus create a refreshing aroma. Contains organic shea butter and pumpkin seed oil Infused with extracts of white coffee and green ginseng.

Key features

  • 100% pure vegetable soap
  • Mistral shea butter soap is recommended for everyone even those with sensitive skin
  • Infused with extracts of white coffee and green ginseng
  • Does not leave a residue and skin feels soft and silky

Honest reviews


Love the scent and lather

I have purchased this for me, I am not sure they should be aimed as ‘men’ it is a nice sandalwoody earthy scent that women can appreciate too. I like scents that are non-cloying, green lemony earthy and that is unfortunately difficult to find without either going for something aimed at another gender or purchasing expensive brands.. recently after purchasing a half a dozen ivory shower gels for around $20 bucks to dump them all in exactly six bubble baths I think that going for something that one likes is better than saving money and really hating the best part of your day.. .. the seller also enclosed a gift nail file so that was a nice surprise..

Aurora Cascade, IA

Mistral soap

My husband and I are soap aficionados and this brand is by far the best we have tried. It is long lasting, leaves skin feeling clean and not dried out, and all their fragrances are heavenly. Will continue to purchase as long as they don’t change their formula!

Tommie Monroe, MI

Amazing smell, doesnt dry you out

I am a huge fan of this brand. The smell is super powerful and really wakes you up in the morning. It is very invigorating, nice masculine smell too. The bar really isnt too bad with the price either when you factor in its size. This thing is the size of a brick! so dont feel bad about paying that for a bar of soap, it will last you a long time.

Julie Macungie, PA

My Favorite Soap

I love this soap, I bought this soap and the teak wood one. They were both good, but this one smell a lot better though. Don’t hesitate to buy it, it is worth the $$$ since it last quite a while.

Ester Cedar Mountain, NC

Sexy soap

Smells quite manly. A strong manly woodsy musk.Bigger than your palm and quite solid meaning it’s packed tight and won’t crumble so it will probably last a long timeScent is all over my bathroom and doesn’t dissipate after use like most soaps doDoesn’t dry up my skin either

Callie Clear Lake, MN