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MISSHA M upgraded BB B.B. Cream

1.69 fl oz / 50 ml tube 4 In 1 Magic Cream Soothes + Moisturizes + Protects + Covers the skin It provides excellently concealing any types of pigmentation or discoloration area on face including acne, couperose, vitiligo, age spots, sun spots and dark circles. ¡¤ For all skin type even for acne skin type ¡¤ It can be used as a makeup base or foundation. ¡¤ Containing substances for Soothing the skin (Na-complex) MISSHA M BB Cream Contains natural ingredients that do not damage or irritate the skin. With Continuous use, your sensitive skin will be calm, protected from redness and keep its health. MISSHA M BB Cream is a natural care cream for sensitive skin, naturally covering the irregularities on the skin as well as improving skin texture. Botanical ingredients, such as mugwort and pumpkin, and the nutritional ingredients keep skin moist and silky. MISSHA M BB Cream is a multifunctional product that can be used instead of makeup base and foundation. Directions: After basic skin care, apply an appropriate amount all over the face following the skin texture. Then, complete the makeup with powder.o cover your skin perfectly, apply additional foundation after using MISSHA M BB Cream) INTRODUCTION to BB cream Blemish Balm, also call BB Cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to soothe and regenerate the skin. -Helps to soften skin texture -Prolonged used of product may help to improve overall texture of skin & fade acne scars -Act as a makeup base & foundation -Helps to cover the irregularities on the skin, even out skintone, camouflage undereye circles, scars & add radiance to face

Key features

  • 1.69 fl oz / 50 ml tube
  • 4 In 1 Magic Cream
  • Soothes + Moisturizes + Protects + Covers the skin

Honest reviews


Doesn’t work if you don’t have oily skin

I didn’t read all the reviews before I tried the product simply because I just really wanted to like this product. I am a normal to dry skin person, with brownish-tan skin and yellow undertones. The color of this product does not match my skin tone. It is meant mainly for people who have very light, white, porcelainish skin tone. Also, if you have oily face, this will matte the oilyness on your face making it look less shiny. If you do not have oily skin, like i didn’t, it made my face look a little more oily and shiny than usual. Also, I noticed that I sweated a little more on my face and found that to be very unusual since I normally don’t sweat easily, especially on my face. Overall, I don’t like this product very much and will be giving it away.

Shelly Walker Valley, NY

works well but

it is very matte and not like other bb creams that glide on it is also a bit white. it really does not match my skin tone but with a little setting powder works great

Bianca Barnsdall, OK


It is a bit on the oily side. I have not worn it enough times to tell you if it does all that it claims. Maybe it would work better on someone else. It’s decent, I am just not in love with it.

Janell Mccutcheon Field, NC

Good service but skeptical about the product

Timely shipping, and I am happy with the entire process of ordering. I will order again from this seller.Not sure about the texture of the product, and definitely need a bit something under it before putting it on. Some Caucasians friends of mine tried it on and loved the skin texture afterward, but found the color refused to mix in with their skin tone.Also a bit tight to the skin, feel like there is no air flowing in and out, if you get what I am talking about. Still going to use it occasionally though since it is very photo-genetic.

Jeannette Steedman, MO


Coverage isn’t all that great and it definitely did not keep my face matte. Sorry oily girls, but this ain’t it.

Tammy Inez, KY

dont love it

much lighter coverage than meisha perfect cover and for my skin tone ( very fair with pink undertones) its a little too beige. I don’t see anything about it that’s matte…if anything the consistency is more of a tinted moisturizer. I use it for days when I don’t want to wear makeup but still want some spf

Jade Landisville, NJ

Um, where has this stuff been my whole life!?

I have VERY VERY oily skin, and I have always used dry mineral makeup because of this. However, even the most expensive mineral matte powders would become oily by midday and smear about on my face and look unnatural. I would continue to use them though because liquids are to heavy and I break out from anything but powders. This stuff however, stayed matte all day and left my skin not too dry and not too moist. I also did not break out at all, and touch ups did not cake up. This also blended very well with my light skin tone without making me look unnaturally dark or like a china doll in any way. Because this was such a strange brand I had never heard of before I was worried, but I am glad I listened to the majority of positive reviews and ordered it.

Marguerite Hope, NM

Very nice

I like this better than the classic red tube one from Missha. This one gives more dewy glow and it lets your skin shown as opposed to the complete coverage look.

Doretha Conshohocken, PA

Very pleased

I ordered this for the price since I was running low on my Skin79 pink bb cream. I have combination skin, with dry acne prone cheeks and an oily t zone so I’ve tried a few bb creams and cc creams. I like this best for texture and coverage. It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t shimmer or feel tacky and I don’t need a concealer like I did with skin79 not even under my eyes! Since it took so long to get through customs I just ordered 2 more 🙂 Highly recommend for combination skin that wants a no fuss way to cover uneven skin tone and scars.

Marian Salome, AZ