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MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA Plus # 21, Light Beige

Originally developed as a salve for patients after laser treatment, BB Cream’s soothing and regenerative properties were adapted for cosmetics to improve skin while providing coverage. The M Perfect Cover BB Cream is Missha’s most popular product with over 30 million sold worldwide. Combining cosmetics with skin care, this product promotes natural-looking coverage while providing sun protection, treating dark spots, and preventing wrinkles. The M Perfect Cover BB Cream is suitable for all skin types and can be used as a makeup base or foundation.

Key features

  • Excellent coverage
  • Light weight
  • The M perfect cover BB cream is suitable for all skin types and can be used as a makeup base or foundation

Honest reviews


Not sure

Well, it does work well as a toning lotion. I have no idea if it’s working as an SPF and PA. I used it on a boat, and it didn’t seem to do a good job. Looks like it doesn’t last very long on my skin. I keep using it, but I am not sure if it’s working. I have sun damage even more since I started using it…..

Mayra Mc Daniels, KY

Can’t believe my skin could look so good!

I don’t write many product reviews but this product deserves one…Background: I’m a 56 year young woman who worshiped the sun when I was young(er). I have aging, dehydrated and sun damaged skin with noticeable hyper pigmentation on both cheeks. Tried every kind of makeup under the sun (no pun intended) to try and cover this and not look like I had on a fake face. I was desperate because most of the ones that had truly opaque coverage were also greasy (like Graftobian, Krylon, La Femme, Mehron HD and Ben Nye )even though some of them did not have additional oils. I’d shine like a headlight by late afternoon.Enter Missha Perfect Cover in bright beige. I’m a light-to-medium-light neutral color and this color is perfection.Pros:- It looks a bit pale going on but then it settles in and somehow miraculously morphs into a PERFECT skin color.- I actually think it’s helping my skin discoloration.- It doesn’t move once it sets. My measure for this is if I blow my nose or if I blot my makeup and there’s makeup on the kleenex ; there is NOT.- It is extraordinarily natural looking yet provides unbelievable coverage (and yes, I’ve tried expensive brands as well as professional brands and this beats them all hands down).- It is not greasy at all (and yes, I wear a light moisturizer underneath).- And last but not least; it provides the appearance of flawless skin! I’m completely in love and my skin hasn’t looked this good since I don’t know when!Cons (really just adjustments):- Took a little getting used to applying (it’s NOT like regular makeup foundation). I tried finger smoothing it on which was fine, but I don’t like pulling on my skin that much (it is a bit tacky). I tried the makeup brush also but the product dries quite rapidly (compared to regular foundations)and this was not the ideal application technique. Finally, I tried applying it the way I apply many of my skin care products…I put some on my fingers, rubbed them around a bit to warm it up and quickly pressed the product into my face, around eyes and forehead. This works fab and then anywhere I need a bit of extra coverage, I just pat a little on or (in the case of my under eye area) I use a small brush.In summary: I’m already getting compliments on my skin and I’ve only had this about a week. Where has this stuff been all my life!

Elma Plattekill, NY

Awesome BB Cream

I really love this BB cream. I don’t really use foundation except if I have visible scars in a particular area or anything, and for this job, this is a great product. It gives a lot of coverage without feeling or looking cakey. It also doesn’t appear to have an overly gray color like lots of BB creams. It’s also great that it actually comes in more than one color. I’ve used this cream as well as the Skin79 Gold and Pink label ones, and this one is lighter and less oily and heavy feeling. It kind of smells like baby powder too, but you wouldn’t really notice unless you actually tried to smell it. This is going to last me a while, but I plan to repurchase.

Ester Prestonsburg, KY

Favorite BB Cream

I received Missha’s BB cream through my box subscription at GlossyBox, and this was the first product I was extremely happy with.I have a few other BB creams but this is the first one that maintains a nice even coverage without caking or feeling sticky and uncomfortable. I haven’t had any issues with it not lasting, I actually found that it lasts quite long throughout the day if you apply a powder foundation on top.The cream appears a grayish tint but once you apply to your face it matches well with your skin tone. I have fair, sensitive skin and so far NO. 21 (Bright Beige) was perfect for me.This is definitely something that I will continue to buy!

Susan Stoy, IL

Best BB cream!

I’ve tried many BB creams and they all fall short of this one. I’m very pale and cool toned and shade 21 matches my skin perfectly. My skin type is very oily, sensitive, and acne prone and I really think this cream has made my skin better over the last year. It doesn’t make me a shiny mess, doesn’t need a primer or powder, doesn’t feel heavy, but still gives nice, buildable coverage. A lot of BB creams (particularly Asian brands) are heavily scented but this one not so much.

Noelle West Milford, NJ

Great coverage!

A lovely BB Cream with great coverage and excellent wear. Fair toned, but no grey cast at all. I will buy again.

Gussie Harrells, NC

it was ok

i bought this, but decided to return it. it was ok. made skin color seem darker/grayish. i think there’s better bb creams out there.

Angelina Washington, OK

is this real?

many people swear by this bb cream saying its so light, hydrating and easy to blend, but maybe that’s just no. 23. I have no. 21 and i find it thick and after blended it can still look a little dry. i don’t often reach for this product anymore. it leaves my skin gray and horribly pale (and i’m already pale as it is) and doesn’t do anything for healing, wrinkles or fading acne scars. maybe I did not receive the true missha bb cream.

Millicent Phillipsville, CA

It’s o

It’s okay, the application is good, but the color of the base is way off my face. Looks like washed out.

Sadie Clarita, OK

Best BB Cream

Don’t know if you’ve ever used BB cream, but this stuff is wonderful. Apply before foundation which will hide imperfections and give some sun screen. I loved this so much I ordered 2 more tubes.

Joni Lyles, TN

Missha perfect cover

This stuff is great! It covers blemishes and redness extremely well and I swear it helped clear up some of my acne. You MUST use a powder to set as it gets a little oily but otherwise I have no complaints. I will be repurchasing many times over.

Trisha Willow Lake, SD