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Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls, 8.5 Ounce

The name says it all. Miss Jessie’s pillow soft curlstm is the new styling lotion that borrows fabric care technology and marries it to haircare. It is perfect for achieving static-free, big, soft, curly hair that we all dream about.

Key features

  • It’s the first “fabric softener” type styling lotion
  • It spreads so smoothly and feels as light as a feather on your curls
  • Easy to apply

Honest reviews


I heart this product!

First off, I am just now realizing this is a product designed for African-American hair. But I am caucasian with curly hair, similar to Sarah Jessica Parker early-SATC (I’ll try to post a picture above).Anywho, I got a sample in a birchbox and tried it out. I use a big ol’ gob of it after I wash and put leave-in conditioner. It’s really amazing!! It kicks any gel, cream, or mousse’s butt (my last fav was Bed Head Curls Rock and this is 10 x’s better).I have to agree about the smell. I am so NOT a fan of it. It reminds me of an old lady going to church. My DH doesn’t like it either – so much so that he’s commented on it several times. But since I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, I’m willing to live with it those few days and not deduct any stars (I would take off a half star if I could). Miss Jessie, consider a better fragrance!Overall I really love this product and encourage ANY person with curly hair to try it.

Jewel Fairmount City, PA

Loved it for my 4C hair…

This product made my hair so soft. I used it on Wednesday, and it lasted until Sunday morning. Please note that I was pineappling my hair at night, and I exercised three times (intense cardio!). In the morning, I used a bit of oil and fluffed my hair. I got compliments on my hair. I really really love this product. It may not have the best ingredients but somehow it works on my hair.

Margery Watson, IL

Smells like downy fabric softener !!!!!!!

I got a deluxe sample size of this pillow soft curl cream from my monthly Birchbox subscription. I’m Latina and I have curly waist length hair. I usually use mousse from Pantene, Dove, Suave or Herbal Essences. However, they all give a wet look that leaves my hair crispy. I just wanted my hair to feel soft to the touch but still curly. When I use those expensive leave in conditioners my curls look weighed down and not bouncy. I absolutely loved this! I used a little and my hair did not frizz at all. The curls were long but bouncy and curly. (Think Shirley Temple). I could cry I am so emotional about having grown up curls and not looking like I’m 19 anymore. I pinned up my curls when I went to bed and when I woke up today my hair still looked great but my hair no longer smells like Downy 😉

Serena French Camp, MS

Okay – Not Worth 5 Stars

I have super fine, 2C/3A white girl hair. I was hoping that this product would provide soft control and definition for my curls/waves. I was hoping that this would produce an overall bigger curl. This product kinda does those things, but doesn’t have nearly enough hold. My hair looked decent for about 30 minutes before it completely dried, then become a frizzy mess. I’m still experimenting with it – with slightly better results when I mix it with some cheap gel.The scent – it does smell kinda like fabric softener. I did not find it overwhelming at all, and just smells clean to me. My new husband thinks it smells good – and could only smell it if he put his face in my hair.

Leona Farmingdale, NY


This stuff was DISGUSTING. I have very thick, coarse hair that rarely gets greasy, but this stuff took it to a new level. I felt like I just poured a tub of Crisco in my hair. I would never recommend this to anyone, unless you’re prepping your hair for dreadlocks.

Justina Nevada, TX

Smells Like Sweet Fabric Softener

We’re big fans of Miss Jessie’s at our house, and love 99.9% of their products, but we won’t be buying Pillow Soft Curls again unless they change its fragrance. It smells like a very sweet fabric softener, and the scent is heavy enough that people around my daughter comment on how her hair smells when she uses it — and not in a good way.That said, we enjoy the styling benefits of Pillow Soft Curls and would purchase it again if Miss Jessie’s changed its fragrance.

Guadalupe Baring, WA

Good product for curly girls. A little goes a long way. Does have a fabric softener smell.

I was intrigued by Miss Jessie’s products since there is so much hype around them. I’m Caucasian and have naturally curly hair. As other "curly girls" will understand, I regularly have to layer 3-4 products to get my curls "right". Even though the bottle says to apply generously, I think you should use this product with a light-hand or it does build up. It creates more of a loose curl. I think this would be great for women w/ wavy hair.

Francis Imler, PA

Soft Hair

Ths is a little too light for my very fine curly wavy hair. It would probably work better on fine dry hair. My hair dresser loves it.

Opal Grand Marais, MI

Not sure how I feel about it

I’ve used a lot of products in my day…and I’m not sure where this fits it (not so helpful, I know). I have curly 3A/B hair, thin, and I typically use Aveda’s Phomollient.I’ve used this a few times and I’ve noticed that it weighs down my thin hair. It does hold the curl, but it feels "dirty" (hair doesn’t feel clean, can’t do anything with it the next day when I want to put it up b/c it feels gross). It’s blue (why!?) and doesn’t smell great.I use it on the weekends when I don’t really care what my hair looks like.

Kelli Titusville, FL

Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings about this product. Lately I have been on a mission to find the best products for my type 3a curly hair and decided to try this product after having read the reviews. A few things:- Some reviewers have complained about the smell. It is not unpleasant, and definitely not that strong. So don’t be intimidated by the smell. I don’t think that you can even smell it a couple hours after applying it.- This product definitely makes hair very soft, and does not make it crunchy.- A small amount goes a long way, be careful about not applying too much of it on hair.- Unfortunately, it did weigh my type 3a hair down and did not define my curls, took away from my hair’s natural volume, but this may be a great product for denser curls to ease them more.

Bertha Independence, OH

works well on frizzy hair

I have frizzy hair that can’t decide to be wavy or curly. I put a tiny bit in my palms (about nickel size) and work it into my damp long hair. I could use more, but the smell is quite strong. I find that a small amount works. When it dries, it has a nice beachy wave look to it, and it’s soft (not crunchy) and clean feeling to the touch.

Shari Ellenville, NY

Okay for the hair, but harder on the wallet

I had been dying to try this & ran into very poor customer service from the Miss Jessie’s site. When I received some as a gift (it was on markdown at a local store), I couldn’t wait to use it. When I followed the directions on the product by using it on freshly shampooed/damp hair, I was a little disappointed at the "crunch" left behind – and the fact that I had to massage and comb out that "shellac" setting when my hair dried; however, when I used it on dry hair, I had better results. The funny thing is, the results get better after the second day – when you re-scrunch the hair with dampened fingertips. So, yes, it does help "encourage" (their claim) the curls, and it does make the hair feel soft. HOWEVER, I’m not sure that it’s worth the price. For moisture, I find that the very reasonably priced StaSofFro works MUCH better (without a residue). If I can find the other Miss Jessie products in a trial/sample-size, I will try them, but I won’t be paying the full-price for the Pillow Soft Curls. I’m sure that there is a product out there that will "encourage" my curls without making my wallet sob.Basically, the PROS:helps achieve a nice curl; provides "just okay" softening (when compared to StaSofFro); will let you re-style for a few days before washing. CONS: price; instructions poorly given, causing user to have to rinse out/comb out the hard coating when it dries; leaves behind a bit of residue for the first couple of days; and, finally, doesn’t quite live up to the hair-softening hype.I do think that this is worth a try, just because some of the poor results I experienced may be due to my hair type (between 4a &4b). Maybe it will work better for those with a bit finer texture?

Jane Newell, AL

Perfect for my white girl fro!

Helped to make my hair less ‘fro’ and more FABULOUS! It made my curls into voluptuous, barrel curls. Love it!

Cheryl Chestertown, NY

Pillow soft curls

Bought this for my SIL who has curly hair and she really loves it. She says it makes her curls soft and not crunchy like most curly hair products.

Susan Benedict, MD

It took me a while to get it right

I have 2c-3a colored, right above the shoulder length hair. Without product my hair is very flat, frizzy and droopy. Not so great. The products I’ve used in the past always leave me with the wet or crunchy hair look, or they don’t hold enough to manage the frizz.When I first tried this product by itself, about a quarter sized amount, it did not provide enough hold to give good definition. My hair was still a little frizzy, but at least it didn’t look wet. On my next attempt I used more product, ~half-dollar amount, which I scrunched in, then towel-scrunched to absorb excess, then diffused. It was way too much and my hair looked greasy. Next try, I used a dime-size amount of Pillow Soft with a dime-size amount of AG Recoil (which I was previously using, but it gave the wet look), scrunched into wet hair, towel-scrunched, diffused, et voila: I found the right combo! The AG Recoil gives just enough hold, the Pillow Soft gives great soft-curl definition and smells very nice. I also have the best second-day hair I’ve had with any other product. I recommend giving this one a try, it may work well for you on its own, or in combination with another product.

Kimberly Woodbury, TN

Amazing for unruly curls!

I purchased this product after receiving a sample through a subscription service. I have generally unmanageable hair and needed something to help define my curl without weighing my hair down. This totally fit the bill! A little goes a long way in damp hair, and curls can be quickly refreshed with a quick spritz of water. I’ve also found that this product practically eliminates the need to condition my hair after every wash. I’m very happy with the purchase and will be reordering as soon as my bottle runs out.

Jaime White Marsh, MD

Love It!

I just finished a bottle of this product, and it works great. I ha e naturally curly hair that I wet-set for manageability. This product leave my hair so soft, and it smells great- like baby powder. This will be a staple from now on.

Suzanne Scottsburg, IN

This is a must try….

I can’t think of enough words to describe how good this product is! After searching and coming up short my stylist recommended Miss Jessie’s to me….it is perfect. Fresh scent (may be strong for some), light weight, and minimal build up. I normally bought at Target but they are almost always out so I ordered from Amazon and the product was delivered very quickly….and TG, I was running on fumes.

Peggy Hanover, NM

One Star

Very heavy, weighs hair down.

Susie Byrdstown, TN

Smells bad.

This is okay as far as setting my twists but the smell is absolutely horrible. It never fades. It makes me wonder what’s in it that makes it stink so bad.

Gay Gideon, MO

OK Product, But Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype

While an OK product, it doesn’t really lengthen or smooth curls. I’m not crazy about the fabric softener smell, either.

Letitia Sydney, FL

Three Stars

Did not make my hair curly but smells great.

Rosella Naponee, NE