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Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal – Light by Miracle Skin Transformer for Women – 0.5 oz

A multifunctional concealer. It contains marine collagen to help minimize signs of aging, vitamin k to help treat vascular conditions such as dark circles and broken capillaries, plus white rose and chamomile extracts to calm the skin.

Key features

  • Plus white rose and chamomile extracts to calm the skin
  • A multifunctional concealerapply a small pearl sized amount on finger tip blend onto desired area using small patting motion to set onto skin
  • Avoid contact with eyes

Honest reviews


One Of The Worst Concealers I’ve Ever Used

This product actually enhances the lines around my eyes and is so heavy that trying to blend it into the skin is nearly impossible. I will only use this as a concealor for blemishes, but never around my eyes. The only thing this transforms is making the area under your eyes go from bad to worse. Skip this product.

Greta Talladega, AL

Did not like at all

Color was horrible. Went on cakey and accentuated lines. May be good at covering but at what expense?? Accentuated lines.

Lavonne Moseley, VA

Best one on the maret

I have tried the most expensive and the least expensive but this one is by far the best cover for skin. Blends well, says on and covers any imperfection.

Esther Harpersfield, NY

Love it!!

I absolutely LOVE this conceler!! It works wonders underneath my eyes and on other darker spots on my face. I love Miracle skin transformer face wash too!

Lacey Willisburg, KY

A little dark for medium

I do have fair skin, but I use the regular miracle skin medium as my only foundation and this is heavier and a bit darker. I found that applying just a tiny amount with a small brush works the best.

Annmarie Sugarcreek, OH

Great Concealer

I have tried many, many, many concealers over the years and this is one of my favorites. It covers great, but it is a little difficult to blend. Since there are only a few colors to choose from, color matching can be difficult. I recommend going to Sephora and getting a few samples to see what color you would need. If you fall between, get two and blend the colors. I prefer that method so I can adjust color depending on how much sun I have or have not gotten.

Dawn Julian, CA


SO its basically like BB cream. It comes on and makes your skin so smooth and hides all imperfections. I’ll post a before and after soon. The only reason I dropped a star was because I notice every time I use this stuff I break out a bit. ESPECIALLY if I leave it on over night. Definitely try to wash it off as soon as necessary. I think its thickness keeps the pores from breathing or just simply clogs your pores..makes sense since it basically makes your skin seem poreless. LIKE A DOLL. Anyways if Im in a hurry I just use this. You seriously dont need a lot at all..its lasted me FOREVER and I like it better than the foundation. But yes thats my perspective. Definitely makes your skin look perfect but may make your skin imperfect without proper removal.

Beryl New Kingstown, PA